Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just A Quickie..

Hey guys!

How are you guys/girls doing? =)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just finished my final exams last Sunday and right noww, life's a lil' busy. Well..not busy as in busy in a serious kinda way. haha. Busy in a sense that I have so many things going on in my life right now. Happy things. Good things. Wonderful things. As well as weird things. Oh, and I have to deal with asrama thingy and lately I've been traveling here and there. So yeahh.. I'm gonna need a lil' time to breathe! Hee. And now that I'm back home for goood, yes, you heard me, I ain't going to be living in a hostel anymore! Weehooo! Err...not so woohoo actually. I'm gonna miss my friends so damn much! tsk. =(
So anyway, now that I'm finally home sweet home again, I think I'll be able to update this online journal of mine every other day just like last years. =)

Okayy, I just finished unload my stuff from my car to my room, now I need to unpack them and time to kemas kemas kemassss!! Ughh. Penat nyaa. =(




  1. my sis pon juz got back habis exam. angkut balik semua barang penoh satu kereta. apa la korang buat kat sana. :P

  2. wanie, u look beautiful okayyy..
    suka tgk cara u pkai scarf tuh..


  3. ida: hahaha. kami menginap kat sini selama 4 thn. harus la membawa brg yg sgt banyakkkk! hehe

    ajalalala: omg really? hahaha.. ni tudung malas i ni! heee. but thanks anyway! =)


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