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Benefit Blogger's Party

On the First of April 2010, Benefit Cosmetics organizes its first blogger party (for's followers a.k.a Miu) at its flagship store, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur! So me and other lucky bloggers, Ayna, Hanna, Reiko, Stellar, Candy and Wing were invited to attend this event! The party was called 'Tips & Tricks for Chicks', which is meant for Miu's followers/blog readers! It has been sooooo long since the last time I went to an event. Life was too busy these days (as I'm in my final year), so I always call off any events that I was invited to due to having exams or quizzes and whatnot! (I know! So sad, right!). So anyway, when Miu called me, asking me whether I wanted to attend or not, (despite having exam on that Sunday morning), like a shot I accepted the offer though I was a bit busy on that Thursday! Heee. ;P
This is the invitation card!

And this is the popular girl, Miu the owner of PluSizeKitten's blog or her real name is Tammy Lim. Benefit Cosmetics honored her as Miss Popularity and gave her this sash! How awesome, ey! =)
(Note: My dear bestfriends, please please give me this sash written youknowwhat when that day has come - although memang lama lagi! hiks ;p )


This party was held in conjunction with the latest Benefit's new product launch for this season, Stay Don't Stray..

It is an eye shadow primer and concealer. I have been told that this product is to replace the other Benefit eye primer or base that has been discontinued, which they called it F.Y.Eye

Let me just briefly explain to you guys what does this new product has to offer.
Well..this product is pretty much a multitasking primer. It works 360-degree all the way around your eye - from the eyelid to the under-eye area, to prep and primer. How? By telling your eye makeup to stay, and don't stray! This dual-action primer works around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows REALLY stay put. Your concealers never crease and eye shadows stay vibrant and true! So your eye make up will stay fresh all day!

So anyway..back to the party..

The party was supposed to start around 7.30 pm. But I left my place after maghrib and went to clinic first before I arrived Pavilion. So I arrived a wee bit late. (Sorry Miu!)

Zang Toi was the food provider for our refreshment! I love their pink guava juice!

 Make up class has begun!

 Matt, Benefit's Regional Make Up Artist was doing a make up demo..

Some of their products that they let us try..

Excited bloggers who were listening to him..

I was trying some of their products..

Pencils for the eyes..

Oh look! There's a brow bar!

The tools and stuff used to wax off your bushy brows!

Scissors, wax strips, cotton, tissues, tweezers, brow brush, alligator clips and some stick to apply those wax..

The Pearl Wax. It's a special kind of wax that's skin friendly as compared to the other wax around..

Some water, alcohol, sanitizer, etc..

Miu wanted to wax off her brows!

They will need you to fill in this 'Waxing Release Form' before doing your brows.. (How particular and professional, ey?! Of course Wani, it's Benefit! Duhh.. ;p )

Wax being spread out in between her brows..

and at the end corner of her brow..

And... Zapppp!

Cai had her make up done by Matt too!

Done! Cai posing with her goodie bag..

Some fabulous lippies!

I tried about 6 colors..

..and settled for this one called 'Lady's Choice'. So true! Ladies, this color is verrry nice, I tell you! I think it should be in every woman's purse! And the texture of their lipsticks are so smooth and creamy, which I love so much! You wouldn't regret buying this! =)

Happy me!

Snapping session..

Me and Cai (met her during Nuffnang Event in Singapore)

Each and every one of us received a very chic eye mask, that has some very cute statement on it. Stellar's mask is Sexy and Candy's Wild.

Ayna's Flirt and Cai's Wild

And me! Look what's written on my head; SINGLE. They gave me that eye mask! Cehh.. Macam tau-tau je.. But yes, I am. haha ;p

Pretty blushers

I use Benetint and Sugarbomb for blushers. Loving Benetint so much!! =)

At about 10 pm, the event has come to an end..and it's time for...

A group photo!

I am the shortest. haha. Ayna thought I was taller than what she expects. She said I looked 'tall' in my pictures. hehe. Honey, a picture can lie ;p

So these are inside the adorable goodie bag. A cute pillow, eye mask, notebook, and some make up pouch

And these are the things inside the make up pouch: Benefit magnet collectibles, sample size High Beam, sample size Posie Tint, sample size That Gal, a purse spray of My Place Or Yours Gina perfume and 2 complimentary cards for brow arch at Benefit's Brow Bar..

This cute little charm bracelet was received as a Gift-With-Purchase. (We have to buy any 2 items and get this charm bracelet for free!)

Inside my goodie bag..

Ohhh..and know what I was lucky enough to get two polaroids picture taken! Actually only one for each person. But I begged for another because I hate that pose. Heee. ;P (Thank you mister photographer!)


P/s: Picture credits to Miu. =)



  1. The bracelet is soo gedik! Hehe.

  2. bestnya ke sana ^_^ dni semua event tak boleh pergi.. kesnya duk kelantan :'( kalaulah kan.. huhu..

    p/s: ni masa wani saket kaki ke? isk3... moga cepat sembuh ye kaki cik wani.. errr.. geram tengok charm bracelet ^_^ comell

  3. Best la entry ni...suka girlie and the goodie bag best..:)
    hope ada more of this kind of entry in future..klas!! :)

  4. tringin nak try benefit.tapi i tak confident.totally needto go the benefit bar..hehe

  5. cantik nyaa jacket wani! n i love your ring!!

  6. reena: kan!!! I likey! Dah la ada heels. comelgedik jerr. heh =)

    dini: alohh..sian nye dengar..tskk. kalau dini duduk sini, boleh lah kite ajak pi mana2 event sama2.. hehe =)
    erm..masa ni kaki tengah sakit la ni. masa tu terseliuh..and effect dia kat peha. tapi selambe pakai heels. haha.. sebab pakai tak pakai, rasa sakit dia tetap sama.. so..sukahati je pakai jugak ;p

    Ita: thank u. well..kena selalu pergi to any events lah lepas ni kalau nak ada entry mcm ni lg. hehe.. tp tu la..kadang2 takde masa nk pegi..tskk

    cik kedondong: for me, benefit punya barang best yg mcm base ke, concealer ke..ha benda2 mcm tu dia best lah..kalau colors, as in eye shadow ke apa..i kurang sikit.. i still suka stila. =)

    anonymous: thank u!! 2-2 beli kat vintage shop. that ring i bought in bangkok n that jacket dekat kl. (ehhh..tibatiba taktanya pon..haha) ;p

  7. hehe, i pun x berape nak tinggi, thank god for high heels, @_@ anyway, i love ur outrageous ring too but kind of hard to find it here in KL, huhu~

  8. ayna: hehe.yup, god bless those who invented heels! anyway, that kinda ring, u can get them in diva. diva byk jual ring ala2 mcm tu.. =)

  9. ooh goodie bag!! loving the party~~


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