Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Make-Up Girl

Remember this post? Well well well, in that post you've seen a lil' transformation of me since I was a little girl up until today..right? But you've never really seen me in between those times, specifically while I was a teenager (still am! haha - I would like to believe that I am still a 'teenager'. LOL) right? So in this post, you'll about to see the changes on my face from as young as 15 till 21! Hee =) goes.. (Please don't laugh! huhu)

 I was 15 years old. This was my very first time having a full make up on my face. It was from Clinique. It was the day after I got my PMR result. I got 8A's, so I went to KLCC to get my make up done and sort of 'celebrate' it. hehe ;p 

 I looked funny, don't I? With those bushy brows and boring hair. huhu. I hate what they did to my hair. Too plain! They only twisted the upper part of my hair, and then clip. That's all! Ugh. I want to have curlsss la, kakak.. heheh ;p
Oh..btw, my mom said I look like Chinese in this pic. haha. I don't think so. Eh wait.. do I? ;P

This one, I was 16 years old. I don't have this picture of me, alone. I have accidentally delete it. Sob..sobb.. This picture has been edited by my sister years ago. (My sisters' makeover was from; Iza - Lancome and Hanis - Kosé). This make over is from Clinique too. Clinique was my first high-end make up brand that I bought with my own money. But then I stopped..because for me their make up are not as cool as Stila's (in terms of colors)

 I did this with my sister, Iza. She was 21 and I was 16. But with this make up, both of us looked older than our age! I don't quite like this look and this make over session, actually. The make up artist was very rude to me! So, nak posing pun macam serba salah pulak dah jadi. haha ;p
And I already told her that I do not want to arch my brows. Tapi dia degil jugak, nak jugak paksa buat (instead, she was being sarcastic with me) and then suka hati dia je main cukur sampai nipis!! Balik rumah, kena marah dengan my parents. hehe. Yeah, I hate having kening nipis too. Macam hapeee je. Ishh. (Okay Wani, you can stop being emo, right here right now) =P

This one was from Stila. I was 17 turning 18, I think. Can't remember. This make up was done by a make up artist from Britain. Her name was Caroline. She was so nice to me! (Hence, I could still remember her name and face! hehe). I asked for a softer look (because I don't like those two makeovers that I had earlier). So there I've got it.. A softer look on me..hehe. Urmm..I kinda like this look. I looked plainly normal. =)

And this one when I turned 21. From Dior. This look too, made me look a bit soft or girly or err..schweet (heeee) - with the colors and tones, I think.. ;P

The theme for this make over was a "Miss Dior Cherie". So that explains why there's a Dior Cherie girl on that dressing table =)

And...lastly, a make over from Chanel. I was still 21. I love loveee this make up and this look! It was so dramatic, which I like so much! Anyways..I haven't had any make overs since then. Twenty one was the last age that I went for a make over. 

And a picture with my sisters. This is the best make overs that I had as compared with the others. I love my make up, I love my look, I love Chanel, I love the setting of that place. I have my sisters around me. Everything was just perfect for me! =)

P/s: Heyyyy...we should do this more often la kakak-kakak! Cuz I wanna show my kids (when I have one, of course) how her mommy transformed during her younger days. haha ;p



  1. love ur make up when u were 21..heheh..sudah menjadi matang dan pndai bergaya.itu pasal la.

  2. chantik la... tp u oll dah memang cantik pun.. mmmm

  3. wow rajinnya u guys pegi make over! i love your chanel make over too. nampak sweet but daring gitu. hehe.

  4. ok. memang ratu makeover. :D

    the first picture. sekali tengok macam amoi, dua kali tengok macam siti nurhaliza pun ada.

    i segan nak g mekap2 n amik gambar la wani!

  5. wow!
    i like makeovers n having makeup being put on my face ;)
    n i agreed that eyebrows shouldn't be too thin, nmpk mcm alien or something, LOL!
    maybe the 1st makeover (15yrs young) yg ur mom ckp nmpk mcm cina sbb the pose, background, the makeup yg mmg sgt common dgn chinese punye style..hahahh..i think ;)
    n yes, hang out with sisters is the most fun way to do girly thingy.

  6. hi wanie, u look so cute masa 17yrs (the makeup suits u)

  7. Nice photos dik. Been following your blog for a week now.Enjoy reading your posts.

  8. A'ah la..Makeover Chanel paling meletops vavavom!

  9. Wany,
    Kak za suka tgok pix yg below skali-wif ur sisters..kind of like msian sopan version of..destiny child?? hehehe..
    wat a lovely fairy tale u have dear..have a good day..n yeah all the best for ur exam..dah abis blom?

  10. Memang transformasi habis! Yeah i think Chanel's makeover the best antara semua :) Yg Stila tu nampak cam Iza skit :p

  11. ur sister iza yang paling cantik

  12. I don't like my Clinique makeover pic too! I think my fave makeover is Chanel kot. Sbb masetu haku dah slim ;p

    I should really have a makeover pic with Ayra!

  13. haku paling suke chanel punya nmpk matured huhuhu jom mekoberr

  14. haku paling suke chanel punya nmpk matured huhuhu jom mekoberr

  15. cik kedondong: hehe. thanks! i pon suka yg 2 tu je.. yg lain mcm hapee je. haha ;p

    iena: alhamdulillah, terima kasih. =)

    lea shmea: kan! i pon suka chanel je. hehe

    swit@kon: 3 kali tengok pulak? mcm wani. hahaha.
    a'ah my mom pon ckp mcm amoi..
    alah, takyah segan la kak, pergi la make over yg tertutup punya...haa baru la tak segan nk posing2 depan camera.hehe ;p

    bspotgurl: terima kasih. make up je yg membantu meng-enhance kan kott..huhu ;p

    honeys: kan kan kan!! i pon x suka tgk org kening nipis. mcm pelik.. huhu

    mimie: thank u.. i rasa time tu nmpk cam budakbaiksopansantun jer..huhu

    TK: thanks kak!! welcome to my blog! =)

    reena: yup, i love my chanel look! make up mmg boleh buat muka org nmpk lain kann? hehee

    shaferlicious: haaa? destiny's child? hahaha klaka la akak ni...tak sesuai lgsung kott.. heee
    btw, exam saya sudah habis dan cuti saya pon makin dah nak habis. aaaaa! tak besttt =(

    anonymous: kan??! lucky her! =)

    along: tu lah.. baru smlm aku jumpa yg clinique tu yg version kita dua buat rambut pulak. omggg! bapak burukkkkk! sumpah 2-2 buruk! hahahaha ;p

    hanis: jomm!

  16. cantiknya iza...muka dia cam suci giler... suka tgk!

  17. anonymous: kan kan! muka dia sgt innocent! =)

  18. cam best je. teringin gak tapi maul la. much does it cost you for each makeover???


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