Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Fifth Day in Perth

Okay. So here's a little update on Perth. =)

On this day, we only went for shopping! Yes, shopping for the whole day!! So most of the time, we were indoors. And I was busy browsing and shopping that I forgot to take some photos, for me to share it with you guys here.. So, nothing much to share/show though in this day. sob sob.. =(

So anyway, on that day, Aunt Maria and Uncle Abbas brought us one whole family to the biggest shopping mall in Perth, Karrinyup Shopping Centre to feast our eyes and feed our hands.

It is SO biggg! The shopping mall is only a 2-storey building..but there are so many shops in there! I almost got lost in there! There's a lot of big departmental stores like Myer, David Jones, Woolworths, Big W, anddd more than 60 specialty shops/boutiques in that shopping centre! It is indeed, not enough for me to spend a day in this mall..cuz, there's just so many interesting things to seeee!!! (and maybe buy!) ;p

The first shop that I went in was a departmental store, called Myer. I looked around to see if I need to do a lil' pit stop.. And then..my eyes saw there's this bag section...

So I went there. And tried some.

I almost wanted to buy this one mustard colored clutch, cuz  I think it looks so pretty on me! hehe. ;p
I was trying it in front of the mirror and was imagining it to wear with some of my old t-shirts and at the same time was making some calculations in my head and then came my brother..  
 "You like the clutch, huh? How much?" 
"60 bucks only, after discount. Cantik kan?"
"No. Not really. Come on, you have your LV, Celine and stuff, and now you wanna wear thisss? What brand is it again? Ahh, trust me you're only gonna wear it for a couple of times je lah. Forget it. Don't buy. Listen to me, nanti jadi lagi macam dekat Amsterdam, and I'm not gonna pujuk you no moree! So, dengar cakap I and put it back!"

Hmm..so...my brother didn't allow me to, and said that I won't be wearing it often and it'll be like membazir and stuff (sometimes I think he's my big brother for having to scold me always! haha) but heyyy..it was only for $60 after discount and the clutch is so bigg which I like so much! I don't care about the errr...unknown brand! in fact, I do have some unlabeled bags in my collection. So I don't really care about the brand.. Plus, the design it's just so pweeety.. And the size is very much like this big.. Cantik kan besar-besar macam tu? I love big clutches! They are so chic! Hmm.. I could use that for a movie date with you or somethinggg lah, adikk..
Oh whyyy did I listen to youuu? Sob. =(

Hmm..nevermind. So I put it back on the display rack and walked away from the mirror (and the clutch).

And then I made a deal with him, to go shopping by ourselves and to meet me back at 3 pm somewhere in there. (Because I do not want any one to interfere with my decisions when I'm shopping! Especially him! - His words can be so annoying sometimes! hehee)

So next, I went to the perfume counters, tried and tested some. Asked for the price after less and the price in their airports. And then compared with the price in Kuala Lumpur.

Hmm.. much much muchhhh cheaper in KL. So I walked away and tried some other perfumes that are not available (yet) in Malaysia, like Lola by Marc Jacobs, Avril Lavigne Black Star, Christina Aguilera, and so on. They let me tried so many perfumes. I think people who walked past me must have thought I soaked my whole body in perfume on that day! haha. But seriously, the SAs there are so nice!=)

One thing I like about shopping in overseas is that most of the SAs are so friendly and niceee whether you buy their products or not! I really like how they welcomed you, how they assist and serve you and even how they say their goodbyes. Unlike in here, most of the retail assistants especially those who worked in a so called 'high-class' stores or boutiques, they will only provide full service or rather give you an A-class service to those who looked like a billionaire or something, you know what I mean? Sometimes they don't even bother to look at you, and what more to say hello or goodbye to youuu..

Well..I hate those people. Seriously. Why must you pilih bulu? That's your job! You freakin' requested to work there, as in to SERVE PEOPLE, and then when people hired you, you treat people with no respect and malas nak layan? Ugh. IT'S YOUR JOB. IT'S A DUTY. You can't just simply choose nak layan siapa yang pakai baju nampak mahal, kan? Customers is customers la. Beli tak beli, lain cerita. Kerja awak, hanya melayan. Kalau tak suka melayan orang, jangan mintak nak kerja situ, betul tak? Nama pun, Sales Assistant. You have to ASSIST the customers yang tengah browsing ke, tengah pilih-pilih barang ke apa ke regardless what bag they carry, what baju they wear, cantik ke tak cantik, etc. Kena ASSIST jugak sebab awak tu Sales Assistant. Heh. Sorry. Emo pulak ;p (sebab teringat my friend tweeted about it recently).

I'm not condemning any sales assistants here, nor am I saying siapa kerja jadi SA memang teruk ke apa. No, that's not what I meant. It's just that, I feel very sad to see most of our SAs here, macam pilih bulu and poyo sangat dengan customers kadang-kadang. Those yang kaya raya, I'm pretty sure you never came across to this kind of situation, right? Lucky you. Well, I banyak dengar cerita my friends/family yang kena to this kind of situations where the SA memang sangat poyo or berlagak macam company tu bapak dia punya or malas nak layan or layan customers macam ta*k. So I knowww. And I too, sometimes get this kinda things. So I know lah. And I compared when I travel/shopping overseas. Memang sangat jauh berbeza. Sometimes I wonder, why do we say "Budi bahasa budaya kita"??  Macam tak kena je. (I rasa lah.heh).

Eh jap.. Why am I talking about SA nowww? haha. I'm supposed to talk about my fifth day in Perth. haha. Sorryyy sorry! I won't talk further on it anymoree. Ter-lari topic pulak cik bedah ni. hehee ;P


After I got out from Myer, I went to a few shops..and tried a few clothes on, but nothing seem to catch my attention..until I saw this..


It's a shoe shop!! They are on sale!

Oh my goshhh... When I see up to 70% off, I instantly got an adrenalin rush.. Because there are so many pretty styles, with perfect price, but I had so little time to try everything on! Time was ticking, and I had only about 2 hour to try every shoe in the shop and to visit some other stores in the mall some moreee!

So I made like a quick browse and scanned the whole store to see if there's any shoe I like.. Masa tu terasa menyesal sangat masuk kedai lain-lain tu yang tak beli apa-apa.. Terasa macam buang masa sangat..haha ;p

I took and tried about 12 pairs of shoes to see if they look nice on me. But after spending like an hour in there, I only settled for 3 pairs of shoes and a clutch. (Tu pun dah kena marah with my parents. haha. Yelah, On Day 2, I did buy a pair of shoes too). Heeee ;p
I almost take another one pair, because this store really have some great shoes with some great price tags!! Satu pasang, average around 70-80 dollars after 70% discount! For a kasut yang cantik sangat and the material that they used which are all high quality, for me boleh consider affordable la tu! Sebab their normal price, sama harga macam Nine West diorang kat sana. So, I guess...sama standard la kot? Hmm..I dunno. (But for me, their designs and quality are almost the same as Nine West, Guess, Aldo, etc.)

So cantikkk! I like!

Anyway..after being served by a sales assistant named Anna, I thanked her and got out from the store with a really big smile on my face. I just couldn't stop smiling. I smiled all the time while I was in that shopping mall. I was just tooo happy. I got some really nice feet..heeee =)

So anyway, I went to a few shops..

...and buy some other things like a hat, scarfs, a pair of slippers from Roxy - for my best friend - Oh another pair for the feet! haha. (Btw, Roxy kat sana harga mahal sikit from sini! Pelik gilaa. Padahal that brand datang dari sana kott.. It should be cheaper! Adeii...), Adidas shoes for my best friend too (anddd another pair! LOL), some tops for myself, some really cute stationary sets from Smiggle for my roommates and best friends (seriously, their stuff are too cute not to buy! Go and view it, to believe!), and some other things that I couldn't remember what I purchased..

So after I've made a quick one round in that shopping mall.. I started to feel very weak and hungry.. So I went to a delicious bakery shop and purchase my all-time favourite: Choc Eclair! Nyummmey! =)

So I continued shopping and browsing.. Well, actually masa ni dah tak cukup masa sangat dah..It was almost 3 pm already..and I didn't really get to go to the other department stores.. tskk! Banyak lagi kedai tak masuk sebenarnya..haihh.. If only I had 2 days in there! haha. Tapiiii...nanti duit pun habis banyak la kan..haha

So we met again at 3 pm. And since everyone was starving, daddie said we should have our lunch first before going back home for our prayers. I suggested the place that we had our dinner on Day 3, which is at Agni. The food there are just too marvelous. And I was craving for their lauk pauk. Memang sangat best!

So we ordered and had our late lunch..

And then before going back, my parents stopped at this Muslim butcher to buy some meats - nak masak kat rumah nanti...

They bought some chicken for that night and tomorrow's meals..

And then, at about 5 pm we arrived home..to put our shopping stuff and to take a bath and to pray..

My brother was saying.."Heyyy..enough with the pictures la! Angkat barang barang kau tu!" haha. Yer adik, sabar lahh.. I'm a blogger..So I need to take some photos first, before I do my things! hahaha. Yes, I'm weird! Heeee ;p

After we prayed, and relax a bit, me and Aizat decided to continue our shopping..(but not at the same mall) So we asked for permission to go on our own by bus.. And daddy allowed us to..

Was waiting for the bus..

And then we arrived our destination..

I went to this one vintage store and bought some really nice accessories (Sorry no picture because Aizat was outside the shop and was holding my camera while I was in there).. And then when I walked out of that vintage shop, I saw a really cool bookstore, selling some old books.. It's very interesting! So I went in..

I didn't buy any of the books though. Because I recently bought 3 novels, but still ain't got the time to read them yet! So...I don't wanna spend for things I don't or won't use/read!

So anyway..we walked around that area..Keluar, masuk, keluar masuk kedai.. -It's an open area shopping centre, btw..

And took some weird random photos..

We went there in December, so..it was Christmas timee! So there were many cute lil' Christmas deco for sale!

Cantik sangat! Terasa nak beli, tapi taktau nak buat apa..huhu

And these are nice toooo!

Oh!! And this is my most favorite rack!!! Look at those items!! Aren't they so classic and pretty?! Ohhh I wantt!! Especially the pail! 'Soaking Bucket'. It's gonna look SO cute in your bathroom! I could use that to soak my tired feet.. Danggg! I wish I buy that thingg!

And then, after spending some time (and money) in that shopping centre, we stopped at a cafe to have a break..and watched this ermm..sort of Christmas Carol and some performances..

There were soooo many people! So we watched the performances from far while sipping our coffees and had our chocolate chip muffins..

And then...it was time to go home..Nak dinner kat rumah pulak..

So after dinner, I looked at all my purchases of the day, and tried them on! I was sooo happy with what I purchased for myself.. Yeayyy! =)

For now, I will only show you guys the shoes that I bought.. (There will be an entry on what I bought, while I was in Perth. So stay tuned! heheee) ;p

This pink shoes are for my dearie big sister. (As a super belated birthday gift cum souvenir from Perth). Hehe. The name of the style is Sunset. There were 3 colors available. Fuchsia, Black and Cobalt Blue. I chose the first one because it complements her blog name. =) Oh..sorry sister, couldn't give you the gift together with its box. My luggage were full! haha

And these are mineee! It's 6 inches tall. Heee. I likeee! Her name is Centrix. And according to the descriptions, this one is in Gold. But I believe the color is more like Bronze actually.. =)

And this one, a Centrix too, but in Gun - a silver tone. Among these three, this is the most expensive one. I dunno whyy. Padahal sama je dengan Centrix in Gold. Probably because it's their latest collection among them, I think.

At first, I was hesitating to buy this because the design is just the same like Centrix in Gold...but after I tried so many pairs of shoes, those shoes that I interested with, are mostly in black color or maybe white. Those color are just too boring noww, right? So, I opted for these two babies instead, even though they both look just the same! Hehe

Anyways.. I bought the Centrix in Gold together with it's matching clutch.. It's only $30 from Zu!!! How awesomee! It would be nice to wear this on a date night.. hehe =D

And for the Centrix in Gun, I'll wear it with my Fendi Hologram Suede Clutch.  =)

P/s: Haa...matching tak kasut saya and clutch saya ni? Hehehe ;p

Okay peeps! That's all for today! Cheers! =)



  1. :) excited nak baca n abiskan entry ni :) hehe

  2. wahhh...entry u slalu pnjg gler=)

  3. hi wanie,
    sgt cantiknya those shoes. I wish that i could also where that kind of heels. How you manage to wear ya? I pakai 3 inch je kaki sudah sgt lenguh.

  4. nice post :)
    gotta agree with the sales assistant in msia. dorang kadang2 ingat bagus sgt keje tmpt2 camtu :)

    bestnya pergi bookstore tu! range price dkt situ berapa eh for old books?

    damn x penah pegi Perth. cantik kan?

  5. hye dear...ur hijab patern look so niceeeee..where u get it from?

    i love ur jeans too...what brand is that? mind to share with me? =)

    u have a style dear...!!! i like it very much...

  6. hahahha i can't stop laughing tgk gamba aizat marah sambil angkat paperbag ko tu. argh i miss holiday-ing with u guys!

    eh which yellowish satin top are u wearing? apsal aku tak penah nampak pon b4 this? nak pinjammm! (eh lupa tgh pregnant perut tak muat ;p)

  7. hi sis,erm bestnyer gi shopping2 kat perth tu......especiallly the killer 6inch heels......menikam kalbu....have a nice day sis.put up some more nice pics for us ya

  8. salam wani...kak gina baru sampai Adelaide bulan lepas, ikut husband buat Phd. Memang tak tahan tgk kedai-kedai kat sini, even masuk Target, Woolworth or Coles pun mcm nak terkeluar bijik mata melihat all the products.

  9. entry2 u panjang...tp best! i suka sgt baca apa saje yg u tulis!

    btw, nice shoezzzz!

  10. wahh..kenyang dgn nice pics :)

  11. bagus sgt aizat x follow time u borong those shoes. mmg betul! sometimes kata2 *mereka* (including my hubkins) mematikn semangat kita yg berkobar2 ni...n sllunya kita x beli but bila da balik rumah menyesal!!! * u ve made d right choice, kalau tak sure u menyesal cos kena go Perth lagi to shop on ur own..huhuhu

  12. A'ah paling nak tergelak pic ur bro suruh angkat barang tu. LOL. Pasal SA kat Malaysia tu, selalu kena :( Maklumlah masuk tak pakai designer bag. Pakai seliper je. Memang ada yang pandang sinis. Tak pandang langsung pun ada! Tapi ada yang layan dengan baik (contoh ada sorang SA Anya Hindmarch KLCC). My bf sampai tak mau masuk langsung designer boutiques ni. Btw, nice shoes, Wani! And love your top too! And that bakery shop, aaaahhh nak makan semuaaaa!

  13. Wany...
    bestnya pegi aussie..
    lgi best dapat shop byak kasut..
    oh kak za mmg suka~lov~lov~lov~shoessss..
    hve a fab day dear..

  14. u amik pic dlm shopping mall...nasib baik xde security guard nmpk..sbb sebenarnya kt perth ni diaorg ngada skit, xleh amik pic...

    mcm nk sepak je diaorg..

    i byk kali snapped pastu security kejar..sabo je la..

  15. u wore that heels untuk shopping...wahh giler tinggi...kagum kagum

    clutch tu sgt lawa (hihi nak menyibuk gak)

  16. hi wani..

    i baru je stat nak follow blog u ble i bace kat intrend aritu...fyi i pon ade 1 box of shoes yg i letak kat dlm bonet kete i..hehee..btw nice to know u..i ske gile blog u..sbb kasut2 u best n cantik sgt2...and i nak tnye u skit,u xpenat ke jalan2 pakai heels??

  17. bspotgurl: yup! indeed!

    hafizrahman: panjang sgt2 ke? mesti u dah tertdo bila baca kan..haha..sorry! i suka bebel panjang2..tak reti nak buat summary =P

    mariahafiz: heheh. yeke? excited? comelll jerr.. i pon excited nak tulis panjang2..hahaha ;p

    ceritacherita: well well well..sakit tu sakit la..tp sbb maybe dah biasa kot. i dulu pon pakai takat 3 inch je. but once u choose 5 inch, u'll never want to go any lower than that! heheh ;p

    elynnzo: kan kan..i pon tak suka SA kat sini..berbeza sungguh dgn overseas..
    anyway, books at the bookstore tu umm..ada je less than 10 bucks..tp ada je jugak sampai 80 dollars mcm tu..it depends on what book la..
    perth cantik, tp nothing much to do. I teringin nk pegi Melbourne!!

    anonymous: awww really? thank u dear.. well i bought the scarf from tie rack while i was in amsterdam.. and the jeans was from my fave designer, Victoria Beckham. =)

    along: that top i bought while i was in perth. it was from one of their designer brands kot..sbb tulis kat situ..
    masa aku masuk kedai2 lain nak shopping masa haritu pon, SA diorg puji baju tuuu..hehehe. I love the color! mustard me likeyy! =)

    malaysian hijab blog: thank u. yeah2..i pon sgt suka dgn my kasut tuu! tu yg beli smpai 2 pasang tuh! hehe =)

    kak gina: yeke? best nya best nyaaa! aah i suka target. their bajus murah yet so cantik!!! mcm ala2 topshop pon ada! =)

    anonymous: thank u! i merepek lebihh..haha ;p

    lily lotus: heeee =)

    snowwiffy: yeahh..lelaki2 mmg tak pernah fahamm perasaan insan wanita apabila kami melihat kasut2 yg cantikk! heheh ;p

    reena: biasa lah tu, mentality org sini.. haihh
    btw, thanks! i pon suka baju tu =)

    shaferlicious: yeahh..mmg best. rasa nak pergi lagi.hehe =)

    farah: aah tau.. i amik sorok2 jer! hehehee ;p

    eisha: errr..yeahhh..i pakai one whole day..pastu balik penat ya rabbi! huhu ;p
    thanks, i pon suka! ala2 tiger punya corak..

    wani: hello twins! ;p
    thanks for following, n welcome to my blog!
    btw, i gotta admit, mmg la penat kalau dah jalan one whole day kan..heheh..tp entah la, i dah biasa rasa penat yg tuu..heh
    sbb i penah je pki flats one whole day berjalan, n penat jugakk..so basically, penat j jugak kalau jln pakai apa2 kasut pon! heheh ;p


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