Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Is Why I Believe In Giving..

Just when I intend to give my lucky lovely reader a perfume, I received one for myself! Heee. I'm SO happy! This is why I believe in giving! Cuz I know, I will get something in return in the future.. =)

Anyway.. one of my best friend gave me these, for my belated birthday prescent. Thank you babe! You're such a doll!

It's a Famous Amos cookies anddddd a Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom fragrance, y'all!! =)

Such a pretty bottle, ey!

 I love the scent! Smells gorgeous and lovely! Super thank youuuu for these lovely prescent! Mmmmmuax! I wouldn't mind getting it a lil' late cuz it's such an awesome gift! =)
Love ya loads!

P/s: This week I have received quite a number of 'some nice things' from some nice people..all because I have given them something so they returned the favor. Or I should say, God return the favor for me..heh. Am I making any sense heree? I don't think so, but nevermind ;p
But anyways.. Let us all do good, because really, you will get more than what you give! Trust me! ;)



  1. this friday, sat and sun ada malaysia international shoe exhibition kat pwtc:)'wink' 'wink'.....

  2. Hi..lepas tengok pic perfume you, I went and buy it myself...memang best sangat bau ni...covet ada 2 types tapi this one yg the best one :) memang feminine habis :)

  3. that is what we call good karma ey? good for you!

    P/s:the bottle is so pretty!! dan sgt sgt wangi!

  4. so true,what comes around goes around.

  5. wahh..mcm i pun tertarik nak beli je dat perfume..

  6. notti netti: oh yeahh that. yup2 i tau. tp x pegi pon. busy, ada exam. hehe

    anonymous: omg..terus pegi belii? hehehe.. sedap kan bau dia? =)

    niknuradila: yup! indeed the bottle is so pweety!

    mrs k: so true! thus, be good ALWAYS! heh =)

    lip: beli la.. mmg sedap bau dia.. (for me la..). bau dia lain dr lain..


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