Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Third Day in Perth here goes my story on Day 3 in Perth.

Nothing much to story, actually. Cuz on this day Aunt Maria brought us to a place called AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia). So basically tengok-tengok haiwan (dan sesi hairan terhadap mereka je la..) It's like our Aquaria in KLCC. Only thing, dia kat tepi laut. So feel dengan alam air tu lebih sikit la. heh =P

Anyway..I let the photos do the talking kay, like they say..a photo can say a million things.. Plus, I'm actually quite tired to story morry. haha. Oh yeah mind youu, this entry is full with photos, photos, and photos. Heee. Seriously. So please don't feel bored or something, kay! Kalau bosan, tidur je. Saya tak marah. heh. I just want to give you guys a little bit taste of Perth ;P here goes..

Just arrived. I like seeing all these boats. There's this feeling macam calm or something..

These are called Old Wives. Because when they are annoyed, they'll grind their teeth and make a grumbling sound that reminded fishermen of their wives! haha. Siot je..bagi nama sebab tu =P
(Note: To my future husband, don't you dare named something after my grouchy nickname! haha. Kalau nak bagi nama, bagi yang comel-comel macam Young Wife ke.. Cute Wife ke.. Honey Bun ke..or better yet, Shazwani Hamid! haha) Ok..aku merepek. I should stop. =P

Oh yeah thiss.. Do you guys see what I see? At first I seriously thought it's one of the daun-daun ke pokok or something.. Rupanya binatang! This is mister leafy Sea Dragon. Seriously macam rumpai laut or something! Bentuk dia memang macam dragon kalau tengok betul-betul. Mula mula ingatkan pokok.. Tapi bila dia gerak gerak sana sini baru perasan yang tu binatang! (Masyaallah..Cantik!)

Feeding the fish..

Bila tengok Ikan Pari ni, teringat cerita Nemo pergi sekolah tumpang dengan dia. Cute! Anyways.. its amazing you know to see all these creatures.. Made me realized and think that God is The Most Powerful and is The Greatest! Macam macam ciptaan Dia. Insaf + kagum gila. Tsk.

I am wowing at God's little creatures..

And another amazing thing that I am so fond of! It's Moon Jellyfish. They're pink. They're shiny. They're bouncy. They are jellies! They are AMAZING! I stood in front of this huge tube filled with beautiful jellyfishes for quite some time, appreciating God's creations. Macam terpesona gila. =)

(Okayy..up to this point kalau kamu dah boring tengok gambar-gambar dan cerita cerita binatang saya, maaf ye! Saya pencinta alam! I just love to see all His creations. heee)

Ok nextt..

These are coral stones..
Let's have a closer look..

Much closer now... Beautiful, ey? =)

Nicee. Lupa nama apa tah.
Aizat was looking at the creatures up close..
Guess..what is thiss?!
These are Daisy Coral y'all! The color is baby pink. Veryy cute color, ey? Kat dalam air pun ada daisy! Best kan? =)
It states there: Daisy Corals are one of the few corals that live in caves and feed during the day. The petal like tentacles aren't for decoration - they capture food as it drifts past! How cool! =)
Si kecil comel Seahorses! Despite their name, a seahorse could never win a race because they are the slowest fish in the ocean, you know! And wanna know something else? Seahorses can curl their tails to hold onto seaweed! They must be so damn light, ey? Macam best je buat pet. hehe. And oh, it is the MALES that have the babies, you knoww! Kalau penguin, the husband who takes care of the eggs.. Comel je kan.. Kalau manusia pulak? Siapa yang selalu jaga baby? heh =P

Bentuk macam bunga Rafflesia pun ada gak kan. Tapi ni kecik je ni sebenarnye.. And ikan ikan tu pun kecik jugak
Another beautiful sea creatures
Just trying my luck..
This is AQWA's Touch Pool. There are baby sharks, baby eagle rays, some other fishes that I am not quite familiar with, and starfish!! =)

Saya dapat tarik/pegang ekor baby sharks! *Geramm* Pastu dia libas balik. haha. And pastu kena marah dengan Aizat sebab mana boleh tarik tarik ikan kat dalam tuh! Ape laa. hahah

Happy dah, dapat pegang starfish! Yang ni friendly =P

Pastu bila saya nak letak balik, saya pergi letak atas ikan pari punya badan. Pastu ikan tu pun libas jugak. haha =P

It already states there: Touch Us? YES. Keep us underwater? YES. Pull, Poke, Squeeze, or Bite us? NO! heeee (Sorry Little Shark, I pulled your tail. You're just too cute) =P

And I don't know what this is.. Dia lembik lembik slimy.. Macam lintah..Euww.
Siapa tahu apa benda ni? Can someone fill me in? =)

This woman is feeding the baby sharks! Mereka sangat rakus!
This is what they eat.. Sotong, ikan kecil kecil..
Next, we went to the Stingray Bay
And this is Coastal Lagoon.
Corals and more corals!

Wish I could own one of these.. =)

Baby crocs!

Mama stopped by at this AQWA Souvenir shop.. buy some fridge magnets! =)

Okayy..dah keluar from AQWA. to Sorento Quay Boardwalk. It's a shopping and dining area.

While we were on the way to Sorento Quay tu.. I saw these houses by the ocean. Macam best je duduk tepi laut. Ada banyak boat! heh =)

So..this is it. This is the Sorento Quay
There are a lot of shops and restaurants in here. Belakang tu semua kedai kedai..

Ohhh.. THISSS has got to be one of my favourite shops! It's vintage store! For homeware. I lovee all the stuffs they sell here!

Look, look!

I love this vintage little piece of a furniture
Candles. Great for special occasions
Luxury soaps!

I love thiss. They smell amazing. But didn't buy any of it because I prefer to use liquid soap rather than sabun buku
Cute lil' aprons!
I should have bought one of these lah.. (Cuz I'll be learning how to cook soon! So I need an apron, no? hee)

Next.. I went to this amazing shop. They sell things like ketchup, oil, herbs, jams, chocs, etc etc.. well, things like that lah. Basically for cooking..

They made it looked so irresistible!

Chocolates and Nougats!!!
And these are bags which full with chocolates! =)

And then I stopped at this Cold Rock ice cream counter.

And oh goshhh.. I must say that this is the yummiest ice cream I've ever tasted in my life! Seriously! Sedap gilaaa.. Creamy, pekat, tebal, penuh, puas and did I mention creameyyy? heh. Kalah BR or HD or whateverr.. (at least for me)

After that, we went for our lunch. We dine at Portofinos.

Starters: Bruchetta (I don't quite like, actually)
Aunt Maria and Mama
Aunt Maria/Mama's Fish & Chips. Very huge portion. Diorang tak habis pon..
And this is mine and Aizat's. It's salmon something something with spinach something something.. Hee. Can't remember the name.
Done with our food! Saya pun tak habis makan. Kenyangg la. tsk..
Oh heyy.. saya baru terperasan, (lepas siapa tah tegur bagi tahu saya) yang whenever I drink, I'll always put up my little finger like that, while the other fingers grab the glass. haha. Dia kata, style minum pun cam nak gedix. Sumpah tak prasan. haha =P

Okayy..time to go noww..
Aksi gedix saya yang tak berapa nak gedix =P
Aksi adik saya yang konon konon macho

Verry nice view.. I could sit here all day.. Just enjoy this beautiful scenery..

After we've done with our food, Aunt Maria brought us to a place called Fremantle. It's like our port Klang lah. Only 250% better. haha. Ni tempat kapal kapal berlabuh, tu je persamaan dia. The reason why I said this place is 250 times better than our port Klang is because the city contains well-preserved 19th-century buildings and other heritage features. It's a vibrant city! They have such beautiful heritage buildings, fine restaurants, vintage stores!!, markets, museum, art galleries, and lots more attractive places! Whenever you get the chance to visit Perth, please please don't miss out to visit Fremantle! Seriously, it's something different (at least for me).. It's like you're entering another world.'re back in the 60's era or something.. I love love all the buildings. Sangat cantik.. I wish I was wearing my pillbox hat, my lacey gloves, my 60's sunnies, my classic tweed jacket and my classic quilted bag while I'm out and about in this town! heee =P

Lalu sini, teringat scenes dalam cerita The Notebook =)

Cool looking hotel!

It's an old church.. I like this kinda building.. Very classic.

This man is sculpting my face! =P

Another old buildings..

Old Police Station

The sky so bright..

Next, we're going to see all the boats and ships embark/disembark

We stopped by at this E Shed Market first..

Cuz mom was looking for another souvenirs for her friends

This is a cool Juice Bar!
Another cafe..

Okayy.. next we walked to the harbour..

Walking in my 5 inch heels.. (Yup, I am not a practical person! Still on heels even when I travel. I just refused to be short. haha)

This ship is SO biggg!

Panjangnya! Wonder what's inside..

Wish this was real.. Teringin gila nak pegang sealion after watching 50 First Dates! =)

And around 5 pm, we went back to our apartment sebab nak solat, mandi, siap siap for dinner..

Even though I brought enough clothes for each day, but because of the time constraint that I had, so I wore the same top that I wore on Day 2 cuz I haven't iron my baju and tudung. But I accessorize it with black belt instead, to make it look a little bit different, than wearing the top with my fave Mr. Owl chains =)
(So which one do you think look okay? Belt or chains?)

So we had our dinner in a fabulous Indian Restaurant called Agni. (It's halal. Dan sedap gilak!)

So this is Agni Restaurant. (Sounds like Wani. Oh heyy.. I just found out that Wani / Vani is an indian name! heee.)

The menu..

So this is the restaurant. Quite big.. This place would be great for a romantic dinner with your partner.. =)

(I don't know whyyy I have a thing with candles! haha. Wth?) =P

The table setting.. I like this antic bronzy plate..
Ordering.. This Indian waitress is from Sg. Petani y'all! =)

While waiting for our drinks and food to arrive.. We took some photos (as usual) =)

The sister and the brother.
The family.

The mother and the daughter.
The son and the (sleeping) father. =P
Aunt Maria and Auntie Kasmah. Eh..I mean, mama. hehe

Oh..and our mango lassi are heree!
Air dia sangat pekat! Me likey!
Whenever I drink mango lassi, I'll remember Mekah. Dunno why maggo lassi reminds me of Mekah. hehe. Probabbly cuz whenever pergi mekah, mesti abah beli laban and mango. Pastu campo. Sedap gilak =)

Starters: Samosa. Its jam packed with meats and meats!! Puas gila makan. Kalau kat KL, susah nak jumpa yang banyak daging. Depa bubuh banyak kentang je. Tak besttt.

Andd..makan time! I did not take each and every lauk punya gamba. Sebab segan nak amik satu satu punya gamba. Sebab banyak sangat lauk. Ni first batch.. yang second and third tak snap sebab leka makan sedap sangat! hehee.. This is by far, the most delicious restaurant I've ever been to (masa kat Perth la). Roti dia best. Samosa best. Beriyani dia best. Lauk lauk pun sangat sangat besssst! (Adoi..terkecur air liurku while typing this! haha)

After we had our dessert, kami pun pulang.. and hibernate ourselves! =)

P/s: Sorry for the longest post! Dah macam Fotopages, ey? haha. Well..don't say I didn't warn you! hee =P



  1. nice trip...i nk ikut ...hahaha

  2. omg!!! i cam ske how you took time to actually look and capture those moments. gettit x? hee... ive been to perth before and i dont think i can able to write it down as how u did it.. hmmm, guess i just have to be more... teliti or peka dengan keadaan sekeliling.. hee.. nice one.. :)

  3. aku pon kalau minum pegang gelas jari kelingking mesti sorang2 jer tegak. apsal tah ;p

  4. i think u looked great wearing both belt or chains. u pki apa pon mmg cantik lah wani. dont worry too much on how u look k. ;>

    btw, i like seeing u wearing sling bag. u look more relax n cute!

  5. alamak. tersalah komen kat bawah la. huhu confius. :P

    ooo i think the slimy thing is gamat versi ostrolia la wani.

    and the rest of the comment sama macam kat bawah la ye. hahaha..

    kirim salam kat you mama. lama tak jumpa dia.

  6. bace

  7. you didnt try churros while in freo? those are the best churros.. dipped in white and dark chocolate..yummy!

    there's this mini theme park at hillary harbour they have this wacky golf putt thing.. dang.. i could have been ur tour guide.. hehehe.. maybe next trip eh?

  8. Hey Wanie,

    Nice trip you have there.I've never been to Perth,always to Gold Coast. Guess Perth is slightly more outskirt & peaceful in comparison to the hectic tourist area in Gold Coast. =P

  9. wahhh entry yg panjang tp menyeronokkan :)

  10. I love your sense of humour -> "Yup, I am not a practical person! Still on heels even when I travel. I just refused to be short."

  11. dear wani,

    i studied in perth wayy back in the mid 90s. wow. so much has changed. i love fremantle. thanks for posting up all the beautiful pictures with beautiful you in them! i salute you,wani. you boleh jalan with those heels! kalau i satu jam je tahan kot!!

    take care!

  12. Dear, I'm still amazed of how you managed to walk in those heels. Kalau pergi event, tu biasa lah, but melancong.. emmm.. kalau I dah lenguh2, berhenti every a few meters...hehe...

  13. Been to PERTH last year...banyak statue kan kat Fremantle.We all had fish and chip kat tepi laut...adusssss bessttt and one more thing...Perth is very very mendamaikan la utk pergi bercuti.Their people cam so rush like us kat sini.Plan to go again this year.My sister stay there so banyak duit dah save tuhhh... - alin

  14. WANI!






  15. Hello there!

    Nice sling bag u got there. I wanna NEW sling bag *tetiba*

    I have a question. DO U still have the FLight Toilettries to sell?

    Thanx for ur time...

  16. mak aii..lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng entry!!!beh giler tgk pics byk2!!!waniey...u look so stylo n gorges!

  17. U still in Aussie ke.. besh2!! btw... do u need visa to go there? I ingat nk g cuti when blk dr UK..

    Ps~ I have some tierack to let go.. do visit.. :)

  18. Salam Wani.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. merasa la melancong ke Perth dengan Wani. hehehe.

    nice jeans! yang tu jenis boyfriend jeans ke? sedang mencari jeans yang loose like that.

  19. hi wani =)

    woah, that's alot of piccas =O
    but i like it !! lol..

    omg, i really like ur cropped blazer/jacket tu...

    oh, dont worry la bout minum dgn jari terangkat tu..
    i pon same camtu n even my sis pon same gak...mmg x prasan bile die berdiri sdri mase kite minum..hahaha..

    ok, take care dearie =)

  20. dear,

    yr sling back really nice, may i know what i brand. fall in love with it lorr

  21. waaa, g western australia la
    nape x g wave rock?
    & countryside dia.
    lawa ok. :)

  22. those thing adalah sea cucumber...
    something like gamat..but gamat is one of the species for sea cucumber...

    i tak suka pegang that sea cucumber everytime pegi fieldwork..

    anyway i love ur style...


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