Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wish Upon A Star

I'll continue my story on Perth later, ya! I have another 6 entries for another 6 days in Perth to story you! hehe. Still resizing pictures sambil buat assignments! Heee.
And for right now..I just want to post this thing up, since someone said..my birthday's coming up in a few days time (ish.) and I still didn't mention and list any "Birthday Wish" yet, here in my blog..

Well..to be honest with you. I really do not want anything fancy. Not like last year. I have more than enough already of those kinda things. I really do not need them. What's the point of having pretty things but you still don't feel pretty, ey? =(
(Naz and Girl..if you know what I mean..)

Well..anyways.. I'll be turning 20-ish something, this weekend. Double ishhh. Eventhough I am just in my early twenties..but I don't know whyyy I feel so damn old already. Seriously, I hate aging. Probably cuz I don't have that thing kot? Entahlah.

For the first time ever, I know what I want on my birthday. But I can't type it here. It is so priceless. hehe. Can't even mention and share it with anyone!

But anyways..since you people insist me to list it down jugak jugak.. I just type it randomly kay.. Can't think of any particular things la! hehee . This is more like merepek je. =P

*merepek* =P

Oh hey.. Tiba-tiba dah tahu dah nak apa..

Saya nak Basikal yang ada Bakul.

Saya nak Yacht =P

Saya nak MacBook Pro.

Saya nak Camera G11 or S90.

Saya nak Blackberry saya balik.

Saya nak Kereta Baru. Nak VW. ngehhh =P

Saya nak kamar tidur yang baru.

Saya nak MiuMiu Coffer Bag in Beige.

Saya nak bercinta. ;P

Saya nak awak.


Ehh..tapi ada ke orang nak bagi hadiah macam tu on your birthday? haha. Mengarut je. Ok lah, birthday wish biarlah realistic sikit kan..huhu

Umm.. (seriously..can't think of anything laa! Adeii..)

Ok dah tahu dah..

'21' birthday candles will do. hehe.
(Yang lawa lawa, lah tapi..) =P



  1. benCInta nak?..hehe..mcm lagu faizal tahir :p

    still wayyy toooo young la dear :-)

  2. bencinta? hehee..

    way too young to bercinta? hmm...really? i thot its the other way round? i think i am too old to be in love? haha =P =P
    org lain semua dah pernah bercinta sejak kecil2 lagi..saya je tak.haha ;P

  3. ..haha..i mean early 20s tu still young...bercinta ok je,at least there's experience for u :-)

    u're verrry innocent n immaculate....untung sesapa dpt wani ni :-)

  4. oh..hehee ;P

    lagi untung kalau dia tahu masak! haha. ni tahu makan je! =P

  5. wani,been ur silent reader for quite long time,now baru nk tulis,huhu..i tau...u nak someone yg bleh bg perhatian kat u kan...sooo caring,romantic,bleh bg ape yg u nak n sooo in love with u kan..fyi,dis year i da 25 years old tau...da tue..huhu,b4 ni i pnh bencinta kejap,2 bln je,at last,rupa2nya,dia xikhlas pun,xpe,sabar je...i pun slalu gak rase sunyi membe2 da ade bf sume tp i pikir xpela kalo lmbt sket pun asalkan bhgia,baik n syg i...untilla one day,alhamdulillah,i have met someone who i think is d most precious person in my life,tu pun da dkat2 nk masuk 24thn,dat means hjg thn 23,n till now,our relationship juz 1 year n 1 month n feel very happy besides him,eventhough he cant give me all i want,u knw material things tp die punye sifat always make me fall in love with him everytime we have been together,he's very nice,good looking(puji bf sndiri)haha,n plg penting die saaayang sgt kat i,all i can sy is wani kena sabar sgt2,if u dpt semua criteria yg u nak alhamdulillah,it's good for u bcoz bkn semua org dpt tau,hanya org yg bnar2 bertuah saje..n hrp wani bersabar,berdoa moga dipertemukan org yg baik n saayang kat wani,moral of d stori is smakin lama kita sabar insyaAllah semakin yg sesuai dgn wani Tuhan akan bagi...sori terlalut pjg sket...huhu

  6. cam xcaye je u xpnah bercntun...kih3x...so i hope this year,aftr ur bzdy...someone insyaAllah will come to brghten ur life with a lot of love=)haha

  7. dear wani,
    wish god bless on ur coming birthday.
    & wish kamu cepat2 ketemu ur mr right oke! LOVE is so much FUN & so wonderful.


  8. wanie dearie..happy-happy becoming birthday. happy getting older, happy getting wiser, happy getting sexier bebeh! :)

  9. hepy birthday wani..
    may all ur wish come true..

  10. Moga apa yang Wany wish akan tercapai! :)

  11. may all the love & happiness be with you all way long..amin

  12. i like the "spoil me!" quote. ngeh ngeh!

  13. geheee...best nye jadi u=)

  14. dont worry wanie..u have great people surrounding you..
    i am pretty sure that they will do the needful ;)
    hope you will grow old beautifully and in style!


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