Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey guys! How's your weekend?

Mine was great! But for right's a little busy. Sobb.. And I barely have time to breathe and relax. So..this is just a quick update, k!

So anyway.. I would like to thank EVERYONE for the birthday wish!!! Really appreciate it!! I really had a blast weekend. Thanks to my friends and family! Muahh muahhh.. Love you guys!! =)

Saturday, 16th January 2010.

Party with AF celebs in Sunway hotel. Theme was to wear hawaiian-ny outfit. I didn't have any flowery tops/dress anymore..and I don't want to spend for a dress that I know I will only wear that beaming blue top it was! (Lantak lah. Janji ada colour sikit.. hehe) =P
I met or rather berkenalan with quite a lot of AF celebs that I never knew they existed! huhuh. Lepas ni kena tengok Astro Ria selalu. Katak bawah tempurung betul, asik tengok E! News je..haha. =P
Anyways.. it was a great night. Everyone seemed so enjoy and happy! Thanks again Naz, for inviting me! =)

Sunday, 17th January 2010.

My birthday!!!

Oh myy.. My brother,and my friends really did surprise me! heee. I seriously thought that they have canceled it, after I somehow figured that they are going to do 'something' for my birthday which I don't quite like.. and I tweeted "Adik aku tak reti simpan rahsia". So I thought dah canceled. Tapi rupanya, ada jugak.. huhu. =P

The most kelakar part was.. when I stepped into CPK, and saw my sister wearing the EXACT SAME BLUE TOP AND TIE RACK SCARF! hahaha. Sumpah kelakar + malu! Macam tengok cermin je! (Nanti I'll upload the pics, k! huhu). This, had happened know! We seriously need to stop buying the same clothes lah after thiss! huhu. (Read here.."Clothes Catastrophe". Dulu pun dah pernah jadi macam ni! I can't link to the post tho, so you have to scroll sampai bawah to read it, kay!)

Anyway..I gotta say..throughout that special day of mine, the best part was the presents I received! They are really nice and sweet! Very sweet that I almost cry. heh. Thanks, you guys!
Thank you Rashdan, Rizman, Zainul, Nazirah, Along and her family, Aizat and Radzik for the birthday surprise! hee. =D

(And thanks for the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream cake!!)



  1. ur story makes me smile,pernah terjadi tapi ni pasal baju kurung yg sama corak masa tgh jln2 nak ke kuliah.

    tak tau nak rasa apa,mcm nak gelak pun ada n mcm malu pun ada..hehe..

    anyways happy bday wani,stay cute n stylo! :-)


    weei u not yet reply my sms! i need ur address.. i wanna send ur bday gift to u!!!

    btw.. that cake looks like my birthday cake!!!

  3. hahha..upload la gamba pakai bj sama..mesti kelakar

  4. Happy belated birthday miss wany ;)

  5. Happy Belated Fabulous Birthday Dear Wany =) May Allah Bless You..

    owh, bout pakai baju same..yeah, i can relate to that cz my sis dgn i ade same taste bout clothing, shoes n yeah, of course kitorg pon ade baju

    sometimes kitorg beli color lain je cz nk try elak dr beli baju yg exactly same..

  6. wani - benda slimy tu gamat versi ostrolia kot :D

    i just love it when you guys never failed to pose masa g holiday. as for my family, susah gila nak suh amik gambar. hehehe


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