Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hidup Ini Bagai Roda


Life is like a wheel. One minute you feelin' like you're on top of the world..and the next minute you'd feel like a complete loser. least that's what happened to me.

Umm... for right now, I don't feel like I'm on top of the world, neither undersurface of the wheel. I just feel..umm..better I guess. Alhamdullilah.

The reason why I've been acting so weird for the past couple of days (or maybe months) was because I was (and still am) confused. Well, not just confused actually. It's bercampur aduk kind of feeling. Upset, unhappy, confused, angry, stress out and all the negative things. I seriously do not know whyyy.. and what was wrong with myself. And I really hate myself for doing that to me! (and to them!) =(
I guess..I am too uptight kot and too emotional about things, that made me like this. Yeeesh.
Sampai kena pergi hospital, you know! Ishh.. Not good, not good! =(

Well..Of course I couldn't write and tell the whole world about the things that has been bothering me here. But I'm glad, after months of being like a complete jerk with them, I managed to overcome the sorrowfulness and anger inside me and at least be a lil' bit normal again. I'm really tired to feel this way. And I'm tired to act abnormal and a psycho girl.
Plus, I miss blogging so much. So I don't want that feeling to interfere with my blogging mood and make my readers missing me! heh =P

Hmm.. I just wanna laugh again.

A real good laugh.

Hati sudah penat lelah dan lesu.


Okayy.. enough about personal stuff kay. I do not want to scare my readers away. hee.
Oh..on a different note, my super bestest best friends gave me these two cute notes! Well, actually..the first one was given by Girl aka Nafizatul (last April), and the second one was stolen by me! haha! I found this note in Naz's textbook last year and decided to keep it! It's her speech that she prepared for my birthday last year, btw! But ended up benda lain yang dia cakap! Lagi sewittt..sampai dua-dua nangis! haha. Gila drama! =P

The biggest card I've ever received! It's from Girl, to me. We had a fight. As usual, I am the jerk actually. And I'm sorry too, Girl. =(

And this one was from Naz. Cam comel je apa yang dia cakap tuh. huhuh. Thanks Naz. Aku tatau nak cakap thanx for being my friend macam mana dah lagi. Hang banyak tolong aku. Especially bila aku selalu menyusahkan & kacau kau. Sakit la. Mengada la. Lapar la. Boring la. Nak manjagedik la. Nak buat bising melalak dalam bilik la. Nak suruh tolong zipkan baju la. Gantungkan towel bila aku dah lambat la. Suruh kejutkan aku just in case aku tak sedar la. Bila time aku nak menangis la. Bila aku banyak tanya soalan-soalan pelik la. Dan macam-macam lagi. Kau layan je kerenah aku, kan? Never fail to say no. Haihhh..
Naz, next time when I'm being a psycho crazy girl lagiii, you should just slap my face! haha.


Ok lah.. Enough bout that..
So since this is the first entry of the year.. I guess it is still not too late to wish y'all..

A very happy new year!!

(and err...Merry Christmas?)




  1. Awww u are lucky to have them a your best friends! Sangat sweet ok :) Ya, hidup ini bagai roda. Tak selamnya kita berada di atas, dan tak selamanya kita berada di bawah :)

  2. I'm loving your blog.

    Feel free to check out mine!

  3. btul ke aku bley tampar ko wani? hehe..kidding..nak marah pown aku x snggup ni kan plak nk tampar kawan aku yg gedikcomelmanjasangat neh..hihi...

  4. reena: kan?! =)

    naz: heh. tampar je.. ko kan brutal =P


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