Thursday, January 14, 2010

Siapa Nak Ikut?

Hey hey girls!

One of my friend joined the Astro Series Kau & Aku contest, and lucky thing she won! And the prize is that, Astro will throw her a party with her other 60 friends! How cool is that??! I wish someone throw me a party! haha =P

And guess what?? She invited 4 lucky bloggers/readers from my blog too! So who wants FREE food and partayyy??!

The details of the party:

Date: 16th January 2010, Saturday. (On the eve of my birthday! eheh =P )
Time: 6.30 pm till 10.00 pm
Theme/Dress code: Hawaiian Night (BBQ Buffet Dinner)
6.30 - 7.00 pm : Arrival of winner and friends
7.00 - 9.30 pm : Dinner Buffet Style
7.30 - 8.00 pm : Performances by Akim, Mila and Aril (AF)
8.00 - 9.00 pm : Best Dress Announcement & Games
9.00 - 10.00 pm : Mingle, Meet and Greet with the fans!
10.00 pm : Disperse

So if you're interested to join the party with us, please leave me an email with your phone number, to book your place at Siapa cepat, dia dapat! (Sorry, it's only limited to 4 pax/bloggers! So hurry!)

And I will contact you tonight to confirm!!

P/s: My sister, from thepinkstilettos and her husband will join us too!

So see ya!! =)



  1. alaaa bestnyeee!

    tp jauh, so i pass kt org lain =P

  2. wohh.. best nyahh.. partayy!!!
    if only i could go :P

    have fun girls!!

  3. plss plss splsssss take a LOTTTTT of aril's pictt.

    preetttyyy pleaseeeeeee

  4. cik chelsea: heh. free food mesti la best! hee ;p

    ida: indeed! =)

    kak julia: okayyy! will do! nanti mms to u! eheh =)

  5. bestnyaaa. wanny, please put up the pics of what ull be wearing for the party. and have fun! i'm sure it will be an awesome party :)

  6. mau ikut. tapi segan. :P

  7. Salam wani,happy birthday girl!hope you got the gift i passed over to Naz's friend,lupa nak ask for her name.
    Also hope you like the gift :) You looked great semlm,thanks again for inviting me. Me and my baby had a blast!

  8. happy birthday birthday mate... fyi we share the same birthdate ;-) enjoy ur day~!

  9. Alamak! terlps la plakkan....

    Semlm pegi jek Sunway pyramid...haha

  10. Happy Birthday btw!

    May Allah bless u always!!

  11. bestnya! update lah cepat the story :P


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