Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who's your favorite celebs?

I find celebrities with brunette or black or brown haired would be my favourite! hehe..
ouh, and big round eyes too!! oh love their gorgeous eyes!!

Alexis Bledel@Rory in Gilmore Girls

Anne Hathaway@Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada

Angelina Jolie@Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Hilary Duff-singer/actress

Jennifer Lopez-singer/actress

Leighton Meester@ Blair in Gossip Girl

Lindsay Lohan-singer/actress

Victoria Beckham-singer/fashion designer/fashion icon

And for guys, I like the 'bad boy' or naughty kinda look! hehee ;)
esp. those who have thick bold eyebrows!! Ouh,that's just soo hawt!! hehee ;p

Chad Michael Murray@Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill

Chris Daughtry-singer

David Beckham-footballer/fashion icon

Justin Timberlake-singer

Nicholas Rogers@Tarabas in The Cave of the Golden Rose

Wentworth Miller@Michael Scofield in Prison Break

Ashton Kutcher-actor/producer

Kevin Richardson-singer

George Clooney@Danny Ocean in Ocean's Thirteen




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  2. darling,the price for the hamptons slim wallet is about RM 720 :) if anything,lemme know ya darling.,-anis-

  3. i love hillary duff's sense of style. so young and fresh. ;)

  4. Hi, stumbled upon yr page and cannot tahan to comment on this posting lah :)

    My favs are JLo and Angelina Jolie. Arren't they have a body to die for? Hehehe.. And for guys love to see the cute one such as Ashton and Justin!!!

    Anyway, hye schazwany!

  5. Nicholas Rogers@Tarabas in The Cave of the Golden Rose

    yup remembered the story...long time ago of the fav story..hehehe funny you brought it up...all my sis luv the story

  6. anonymous: urm..yeah..i love his brows! hehee ;p

    anis: ouh okay. 720 yeah..hmm..i'll think about it first yea.. if anything, i'll let u know.. thanks anis! ;)

    eleena: yup! but i still prefer VB's style! so posh! hehee

    sugar babe: ouh hye babe..hehe..
    yes! they got the looks and the hot bod!!! me soo jealous!!

    lulu: yeah..i was so small at that time. i think i was about 9 years old..hehe..
    He's so handsome and gorgeous. He was my first love,btw..hehee ;p

  7. Hi wani..
    Guess what, i am sooooo into Chad Michael Murray! Ada tak Malay version kat sini ek? Haha!

    TC babe :)


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