Sunday, July 6, 2008


Psst.. I received an email from Parkson yesterday..
Club 21 is having a sale!!! Starting from YESTERDAY!!
This includes Mulberry, DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs and ck Calvin Klein! Up to 50% off, girls!

Gosh.. I hope my Dr Q Hillier bag won't have any discount.. If it becomes 50% off,I would be tremendously unhappy!! =(

But, If I get to buy a new bag(Especially that Mulberry bag that I've been eyeing for months), then I would not be so bummed..hehee.. ;p



  1. hye..came accross ur blog through ur sist's(iza) geram dgn ur shoes collection

    btw, happy blogging...daaaa

  2. Hi Wani.. Juz drop by to say you have flair style of writing, juz like ur sis Iza.. :). I prefer to say Sophie-Kinsella-like... Keep on writing cutie!

  3. esperanza: hey i love ur nick name! or maybe that is ur real name..hehee..
    hey just so u know, I always imagine my daughter wud be named something like esperanza, esmeralda,..u know something like that..hehe.. ;)

    hmm..sophie kinsella like? really?? huhuhuh.
    hmm..i think my sister is way wayyy better than me. she writes good stuff.
    and me, well..i am so new to this whole blogging thingy..huhu.. and sometimes i feel like i write crap stuff..huhu.. ;p

    anyway, thanks for visiting, esperanza! =)


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