Friday, July 25, 2008

Lollie Lippie

Lipstick and Lip Gloss
For years and years now, I always find myself stand before the makeup counters at the department stores and stare dazedly at the lipsticks(and other make-ups as well). To me they looked like crayons and chalks and a set of watercolor pallet ready for painting activities, standing at my attention. hehe.. They were all so darn cute, how was I to pick the perfect one? hehe.

Turns out picking the right shade of lipsticks or lip gloss isn't so complicated, after all. Of course it would take me 8 years of buying the wrong shades of lip color to find this out.

The most flattering lip tones will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color, according to makeup artist Bobbi Brown. (hey, I thought about this even before I knew this! hehee)

Well for me, I think dark skin tones should wear dark reds and browns, brown-reds for olive skin and pinks for lighter skin tones. And your eye make-up and hair color also play a role in your choice of lip color.
Trust me, u would look so weird if u choose the wrong shades of everything! Be it your hair, your eyebrows, the color of your iris, and your make-up look..
Everything must be balanced and complement with each other. So that it would enhance your gorgeous-ness.. hehee ;p

And speaking of make-up.. I love to mix and match colors to make my very own signature lipcolor! hehe.
U can make your own unique color combinations by mixing lipgloss and lipstick colors on your lips to define your mouth, add color to your face and balance your overall look!
That way you can customize your lip color to create the effect you want and to match different clothes. =)

Anyways, I've tried a few colors of my lipstick and lipgloss just now..
and these are the results..huhuhu ;p

Please excuse the cracked skin!

 color do u think suits me the most?

I still prefer not to wear lipstick/lipgloss/lipbalm or anything on my lips...bcuz...pakai sekejap je...dah ku jilat bibirku ini! haha ;p
Plus, I'm blessed to have a natural pinkish lips(well,the color vary according to what I ate for the day, the weather, and the situation.huhu).. So I don't really need to apply lipstick every 1 hour or so..heh
Ingat lagi mase kat skola dulu cikgu tahan sebab ingat pakai lipstick gi skola...penat ku tenyeh dgn tisu sampai koyak..baru dia pecaya..haha

P/S: makan Nivea Lip Balm yang strawberry tu sedap la!!

P/SS: Please ignore my misai ok! I haven't really got the time to shave...haha.. and also, ignore the terkopek2-ness of my lips k!..iskk..
I seriously dunno how to use photoshop! I know,lame! haha ;p



  1. i think pic #2,3 and 4 would be the best color for u!! hehe

    hey, keep on blogging ya shuzzy!
    love yr blog! =)


  2. i find them all pretty!!!
    i'm gonna get them!!!
    thanx for the tips dear!!!
    keep on posting..
    how bout mascara's?
    i was looking for something that volumizes instead of lengthening..
    can u recommend a brand?
    thanx dear =)

  3. i am now misai-less, thanx to Dermagenesis! ;D

    pics #3 and #5 suit u the most btw.

    p/s: ko kne tahan sbb lips. aku dulu kne tahan ngan Penolong Guru Besar sbb kening. padahal dia sendiri yg cabut kening ;p

  4. wow, nice tips. keep it up gurl!

  5. wani,
    i think claris in illusion + clinique: air kiss looks good and more natural like on you..
    less is more ;)

  6. mimie: ouh, yeah, i like #2,3,4 too! and 5! hehee ;)

    naz: thank u!! =)
    hmm..for mascaras..urm..well..i like Bloom Full & Flirty mascara.. it volumizes as well as lengthening ur eyelashes! and Dior Blackout is great too!
    ouh, and stila also make good mascaras..try Multi-Effect Mascara.. or..maybe the new one.. Major Major Lash Mascara..
    The name says it all!! It surely gonna be Mayjah!! hehee ;p

    along: haha yeah i know about that..and even tho i hate my misai kucing...but dunno y i refuse to shave it..huhuh.. maybe cuz i think its just a minor thing and malas la nk gi dermagenesis lagik..peha aku pon tak abis laser lagik!! sakit dowh..huhuhu... appointment asik ku delay! haha ;p

    kak eleena: thanks! lepas ni i buat pasal ubat gigi pulak la..
    asik psl makeup jek..hahaha ;p

    kak shay: yep! i think so too! hehee ;p

  7. chanel and dior range are great ya sweetie.ayohhhh.sume chantekkk laa ;)

  8. hi..just jumped here..nice blog..lots of inspiration la wanie..hope to read more and more bout ur beauty tips!!

  9. hey babe. i found your blog. boleh i link yours on mine kah?

  10. anis: thanks. =)

    katak_78: hello there..thanks for the compliments..and welcome to my blog! huhu

    miasuraya: yeah..sure thing babe..anyway, wellkam tu mai blog! hehe ;)

  11. Chanel in Samoa.... suits you best.


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