Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not really in the mood

hmm.. I hate PMS!

I don't feel like doing anything!! Anything at all!
I don't even bother to iron my baju kurung/tudung before I go to class, and I don't feel like going to class(but I forced myself to go,anyway). and I don't feel like eating real foods. All I eat is junkfood.
Lots and lotsa chocolates and ice creams and Chipsters and Vanilla Cokes. Oh, what a healthy diet I had!!
and I don't scrub my face nor do all my daily facial routine anymore! The only thing I use is my cleanser.

...and.. ouh, some powder too. and.. eyeliner. and mascara..and...
Anyway, the point is, it's been a week now that I've abandoned myself!! Gosh! No wonder I've got 4 zits already!

God.. this is so not good. It's so unnatural and abnormal. I couldn't sleep properly, I won't eat real foods, I don't wanna see anyone after class, and I quit being myself! =(

Ughh.. but how can I be normal again, when I feel so miserable and fugly and bored and always feel hot under the collar!

But the weirdest thing is, it's like I wanted to be like this. I mean, of course it's me who chose to be this way. But somehow.. I want to feel miserable. I want to be sad. I want to be alone and invisible. And cried whenever love songs on the radio.. and being extra sensitive. haih..
I am so a weirdo.

hmm.. Is it just me, or is it my PMS?

I really hope it's just my PMS. I know some of my friends had to bare with me, these few days.. and I am soo sorry guys!
I'm not being myself at the time! =(
and god knows when I'm gonna be back to the usual me.

Hopefully the polished nails of mine and the comfort food, and the book that I bought yesterday would make me happy again.

Oh.. Could someone make me laugh pleasee..?

I really missed you. =(



  1. rindu bgt sama kamu!!!

  2. hayyoh darling.what happened?do not spoilt ur happy mood!~lets enjoyy ur day ya darling ;)as now kan so many,lets shoppe darling ;) cheer up :D

    btw darling,i'll quote the price for the item that u asked me b4,very soon ya. darling.-hugs,anis-


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