Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Places To Buy Your Baju Raya!

Have you gotten your Baju Raya yet girls? I can't believe it's almost Raya now! Sorry for the lack of updates! :( I've been really really tired this Ramadhan. I've used my free time during this month to either sleep, or solat/reciting Quran or watch the latest sad news...or erm...do a little online shopping. heh. You know, cuz I'm not really in the mood to go out for shopping these days. Traffic jam. No parking. Queuing. Walking for hours. So yeah, shopping on the bed will do...cuz I'm lazy like that. haha. Well it's my first time celebrating Raya with my husband in Kedah, so of course I'm excited! Finally, I can wear matchy Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu with my husband for Raya! hehe. Plus...since he couldn't get us to Jakarta and have my dresses made there, he gave me the green light to shop online! Yay! God bless him! hihi ^__^

Anyways, with Hari Raya being just a few days away, you guys too must be as excited! Gearing towards Syawal, I'm sure many of us will be busy cleaning the house, planning our travels and of course finding the right outfit to wear for the first day of Raya, right?

Have you thought on what color and style should you wear this Eid? Whether you’re picking out fabric for your own custom-made design, or picking something off the rack, in case you want to save time and tailoring costs (Read: Me! ^__^), then let me just share with you the six places to shop for the perfect Raya outfit! The last minute shopping rush is ON, girls!

Jovian Mandagie, Rizalman Ibrahim, Rico Rinaldi, Syomir Izwa, Zalia, Melinda Looi, and Nurita Harith are my choices for this season. Not all of these are for Raya though. Some of them are for future occasions like weddings, dinners, events and such. hehe

Number One: Zalora
Ok...to be honest, I had a bad experience buying from them, the first time I made a purchase with Zalora. It was almost quite a nightmare. However the problem has been solved now, and I've had quite a few transactions and purchases from them ever since..And it has been so wonderful! Maybe it was just not my luck the other day. Zalora is quite fun to shop at actually! Their service is really really good, I'm impressed! I ordered at 11 pm, I will get my item at 10 am the next day! How fast! And I even returned some items that I don't like, and I get back my refund credit within a day! Plus, they have A LOT of brands, styles and colors to choose from! I do like Zalora now! hehe (I used to curse them! LOL :p)

Number Two: Fashion Valet
Shopping at Fashion Valet has been lovely too! They stock up a lot of Malaysian/Asian designer lines like Melinda Looi, Nurita Harith, Khoon Hooi, Innai, Yadotsa, Pu3, Alia Bastamam, and many more! But mostly the good ones are always out of stock! tsk. So if you like what you see, don't just put them in your Wish List, you gotta act fast and get them in your cart! I personally like Nurita Harith's and Alia Bastamam collection. If you're looking for an understated elegance, look no further than those two designers! I love Nurita's ever since I wore my lovely Bridal Shower dress she made! This Malaysian designer offers couture, and ready-to-wear collections. Alia Bastamam's Raya 2014 line is pure feminine chic: chiffons and silks in subtle shades that make these pieces instant classics! But my most favourite range from Fashion Valet for Raya, would be the Nora Danish collection simply because they're cheap, and very pretty! ;)

Number Three: Mimpikita 
An intimate boutique in Bangsar Telawi, Mimpikita stocks a range of elegant ready-to-wear baju from their own label. Their beautifully embellished fabrics are perfect for traditional occasions, but the modern cuts and pops of colour give their line a fashion-forward appeal. You can also shop their collections online via Fashion Valet, but the designs are quite limited there. So it's better if you pay a visit to their boutique in Bangsar to have a better view for yourself!

Number Four: Modvier Bangsar
Modvier is a concept store that features young designers like Kree and 14November by Yuna. Expect to see close to thirty brands strategically placed in this hipsterly decorated concept store. Here, the options are plenty! Hijabs, abayas, skirts, baju kurungs and dresses? Modvier has got them covered! Price differs according to the designers and brands, but with RM 40 could get you a nice hijab! 

Number Five: Other Online Stores
If you’re patient and don’t mind not being able to try before you buy something, even if you don't know the brand that much, then you should shop from the comfort of your own home! Forget the hustle and fuss of driving down to crowded malls and just shop your Baju Raya with just a click of a button! Bear in mind though that delivery times vary, so order well in advance of the occasion. There are so many online shops these days. You can get your Baju Raya from Pop Look, Rakuten, Nile, Modish, Kriza and many many more! All of them sells a range of traditional wear to complete your Raya look!

Number Six: Jakel, Gulatis, Harrisons and the like 
If you’re a fabric hunter like my mom, then walking into this kinda place is an absolute joy for you. She could be in Jakel for 4 hours, scoring some fabrics! Well... that's what happened for my wedding last December! haha. Thank God they have a surau there! Otherwise shopping wouldn't be as pleasurable for her! hehe. Anyway, fabric stores like Jakel, Gulatis, Maya, Kamdar, etc in Jalan TAR holds a decent selection of fabric to make your Baju Raya. They offer a hugeeee range of fabrics! From cotton to rayon to silk to lace, and etc, you would definitely find what you like! Some of the shops I mentioned may also have a ready-to-wear collection for a last minute Raya shopping!

Do you know any other places to score some great baju raya at attractive prices? Tell me in the comment section below for the readers to find out and do some last minute purchases! :)



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