Saturday, July 5, 2014

Raya Shopping

When you're not fasting and having period cramps the first week of Ramadhan, the only thing to do other than bed rest is to window-shopping online! hehe. I haven't really been visiting online websites for a year now (because of planning my wedding and stuff). So....lately, I just started visiting some shopping websites again, and I forgot how therapeutic it can be! I spent hours and hours browsing the websites! haha. I hope I won't be as addictive as my sister though. She's such an online shopaholic freak! LOL. She practically buys every week, and window shopping everyday! hahaha. She buys stuff from our local brands/websites, US, UK, Japan, Hong Kong or wherever she feels like buying that day.. I always refer to her if I'm not sure about the shipping stuff or taxes, payment terms and etc. (I rarely buy online. I'm one of those old school girl who likes touching and seeing the stuff first, before I make a purchase). So she's like an online shopper guru to me! hehe. Anyway, so these past one week, I have purchased some Raya stuff for myself. And I notice a lot of blue shades this year. I guess that's our theme for the first few days of Raya..maybe?

My mom was the one who's always in charge of the theme color for the family every Eid. So I guess being married now, I'm in charge of what's me and my husband are gonna wear as a family! Oh, I'm excited! hehe

Shades of Brown, Blue, Yellow and Black

Anyway, this year I don't think I would custom made my Raya dresses like I would last years. This is my first time of buying the ready-to-wear for Raya dresses/baju kurungs to be honest. And I'm just as happy! Well....there are some reasons why I'm not gonna make my dress and just buy the ready-to-wear collection for this Eid. This is because....

  • First, I totally forgot to start making the dresses 2-3 months earlier before Ramadhan like everybody else. So ordering dresses to any tailors in KL one month before Eid, would be totally impossible to get a slot! I've tried... It's hopeless! I mean the good ones la.. Even the designers whom I thought can still take my request also couldn't take anymore orders for Raya! Designers are so high in demand for Raya apparently... Sobs. (I even asked my husband to go to Jakarta instead, to make my dresses there since in KL everyone is fully booked. But his schedule won't allow that to happen.. T__T

  • Secondly, I don't really wear baju kurungs that much. Only abayas or jubah, as we Malaysian called it. So because now that I am married, I think..I want to start having my own little collection of baju kurungs too, instead of always borrowing my mom's! hehe. Last time when I was a bachelorette and living with her, I would be borrowing my mom's baju kurung most of the time, since we are about the same size and I don't really have that many baju kurungs! Lucky me, she's a big time fan of baju kurung. So I have a lot of choices to choose! - She practically wears baju kurung everyday, no kidding! So I always borrow hers if I'm gonna attend weddings or islamic ceremonies or whatever. Hence, for a start now, this Eid I want to start collecting quite a few pieces to call my own, and that means, no more making RM 2k a piece of baju kurung if I wanna make that happen! haha. - Normally I would reserve some money around RM 2 to 4k to make my Raya dresses with some fabulous designers, but of course, I will only get like 1 or 2 pieces (or if I'm lucky, maybe I'd get 3 or 4 dresses, courtesy of dad! ^__^). And the rest of the Hari Raya, like I said, I would be borrowing my mom's. Thus, no need to do so many dresses! haha. But now that I'm starting to have my own collection of baju kurung, I gotta buy the cheap ones and work my way up to having tons of baju kurung like my mom's! hehe. Hence, no more made-to-order dresses and instead, just wear the ready-to-wear ones! After all, I only wear baju kurung occasionally. (My husband said, "I'm so proud of you. You've changed to become more wise in your shopping choices. I likeee". haha. Rrrright)

  • Thirdly because... I have spent a lot for my wedding dresses last year. Altogether, I have about 9 dresses for my wedding! I won't state the total amount I have spent here though. It's embarrasing! haha. ;p And I still have yet another 2 dresses that I didn't get to wear for the wedding due to some reasons! Gosh...makes me feel so bad just thinking about it. So...making yet another couture dress would be such a waste of money because I could just shorten the dress' tail or something, and wear them again. (But not for this Raya I guess. No tailor wants to alter my dress in this short period of time! T__T

  • Lastly because.....there are SO many beautiful pieces of the ready-to-wear collection in the market now that you wouldn't want to miss!!! I love most of Jovian Mandagie's design. Simple yet very classy! Very much my taste! And most importantly, VERY affordable! Me likey! ;)

Hmm...Looking at my collection, I think I'm lacking of the color green and pink/purple lar. Should I be looking for more dresses? haha. How many baju kurung do you girls actually buy/make for Raya?? Two? Four? Eight? Ten, maybe? hehe. Do share! And let me know what websites to visit for Eid stuff! I would love to browse! 

....and maybe buy! LOL ;p



  1. if u don't mind to share...beli online kat website mano???Its sooo nice

  2. assalamualaikum Shazwani,

    been reading and following your blog.. I like what you wrote and the bahasa & gaya penulisan.

    This is me, tau:D..I am in a middle class community. Buying only 1 baju raya range from RM100-150.Itu pun dikira mahal..hahaha. Biasa, first raya je melaram, 2nd and 3rd raya, usually pakai je baju kerja/apa yg ada..

    Website sekarang banyak juga pakai designer. You should visit (many designer there) and maybe

    Happy shopping :D

    1. Wow i think you have a great taste.hahaa.enjoy reading your stories

  3. Wow. You should show us the pic of the rm2k baju raya. I know wedding dress can reach that price but never knew baju raya can also reach that price.

    Anyway, you should check with doctor on the period pain. Last time, my doctor actually advice me to get pregnant once I get married. Even some of my friends who suffered from period pain also received the same advice. Better safe than sorry.

  4. Whos this anonymous my god .how low can u get

  5. just cant wait u to upload wearing all the bajus this hari raya


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