Monday, July 7, 2014

Free Meal with uMobile Prepaid Top Up!

People say that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" in economics, as they say somebody else is paying for the lunch! Oh well, I'd say, not necessarily! - At least, the consumers don't need to pay for the lunch this time! hehee ;p Because in this case, there really is a free meal for you when you reload your mobile prepaid with uMobile!

There’s this Free Meal promotion going on from uMobile from now on until 31st August, 2014! To get this free meal is actually really rather simple! All you need to do is top up your mobile prepaid, and head on to the nearest 7-Eleven shop, and redeem your free meal! With a top up of RM 30 you’ll get a free Revive Isotonic Original 500ml bottled drink. Great for quenching your thirst! ^__^

Just buy the prepaid card...

...and hand it over to the cashier at 7-Eleven to redeem the free meal


...and there you have it! Your free meal! 
A set of Mamee Express Cup Curry Flavour and the Revive Isotonic Original 500ml drink!

With a top up of RM 50, you’ll get a Mamee Express Cup Curry Flavour and the Revive Isotonic Original 500ml drink! 

The redemption can be done at all 7-11 outlets in the country from now until 31st of August, 2014 while stock lasts.

So just head over to the 7-Eleven shop, and hand over your used RM 30 or RM 50 reload card to the cashier, and you'll receive your free meal instantly!

By the way, the redemption is not a one-time thing. Which means, each time you reload your uMobile prepaid for RM 30 or RM 50, you'll get the free meal every time! Ahh....Best things in life are free! To find out how to top up and the listing of top up locations, head to




  1. why is it that the amma cashier look much slimmer than you??

  2. this is really a nice stuff....thanks for sharing this great post.
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  3. love this layout Shazwani, much better than before. Looks more organizer, neat and clean. Keep updating your blog. Sunyi sangat dah skang ni.. huk huk huk

  4. nice info. selama ni topup online je. so nak kena terjah 7E lah lepas ni

  5. Mano plak free kalo kena bayor topup.. Boto la tu "No such thing as free"..

  6. wah this is what we call value for money. my phone usage was around 150 per month. i can collect few bottles of revive odi. :)

  7. oooooo...this is good! this is what we call money make money! =)

  8. Selalu gi 7/11, die cakap rm 30 takde laa, beli 10 + 20 bolehh...


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