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The Bridal Shower

So my Bridal Shower was held on the 1st of December 2013, which was 2 weeks before my wedding! The beautiful party was held at the Orchid Conservatory Room in Majestic Hotel on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Ah, the place is so lovely!! Have you been there? If you haven't, you really should check it out! It's really gorgeous! Made me feel like I'm in a botanical garden or something! Perfect setting for an afternoon tea session! ^__^

The theme for that day was a Parisian Chic Tea Party and it was hosted by my best friend, Farhana (she has a blog too, Go check her out! ^__^) -- Well, she practically co-hosted my wedding too! She's great at planning and coordinating events.. I would really suggest her to quit her current job and be the event planner because she really IS awesome at it!! Just look at her Baby Shower that I posted last time! It's beautiful! She did it all by herself! Awesome posum! And my friends who were involved with my wedding said, she managed the flow of the majlis and everything like a pro! Awwww...thank you sweetie! I love you big time! ^___^ (Hey, I heard you wanna plan my Baby Shower next, when I have one, someday? Wahhhhh! What are you, a fairy god mother??! hahahah. But I accept that offer anyways, thankyouverymuch! :p) 

Anyways, the ambiance of this room is very romantic. The Orchid Conservatory Room is really amazingly beautiful, with sun shining through the glass atrium and walls.

It just feels so dreamy being in that lounge, especially with lotsa beautiful purple and pink shades of orchids in there with beautiful sunlight beaming through the room too! The whole room smells so refreshing and the temperature of the room is just perfect as well! Ah...everything is wonderful! It's just amazing! :)

Cantik kan?!

What's a tea party without a proper and pretty tea set? :)

Beautiful setting...with beautiful people to celebrate with! How I wish most of my friends could attend that day! - This is the sad thing about growing up (or should I say... being the last batch to get married among your friends! ;p) is that, either most of them are heavily pregnant or still in confinement or just got pregnant and having morning sickness all day long, or is living outside KL! Ishhhh. So sad! :(
It's VERY hard to gather everyone on one date these days! Sorang free, sorang lagi tak free/tak ada/missing, etc etc.. Huuuuu! But anyhow, I still had fun meeting all the girls on that Sunday afternoon! We really should have this kinda session quite often! I'm missing the good old days! tskk. The girls are from my high schools, uni mates, blogger friends and my then-fiance-now-husband's friends by the way. It's always nice to have a little get together among girls like this.. Glad I got to meet them before I got married, cuz even just a 2-hour catch up that day was fun enough for me! Hmm...Dunno when la we get to gather everyone like this again! Everyone is busy nowadays.. With kids, husband, families and work! Ah....I hate growing up! tsk.

Ok lah, I say less talk, more pics ey? Enjoy the lovely pictures captured by the talented Hafiz Ismail, my official wedding photographer! 

Each of the guest received this pretty box, that consists of some cute little spa products that my mom bought while she was in Jakarta last time. - Thank you mom!!

Very chic table setting!

I invited both my sisters as well, Along and Hanis. But Hanis couldn't make it that day... my sister invited her two beautiful daughters to join the party too!

Ayra was TOO excited for it! “Tea party? Like a princess tea party?”, in her American accent. hehe - She kept on calling me princess ever since she saw me trying on some veils and dresses with long tails. hehe. Cuteness! I want a daughter too please! ;p

"Ladies, would you like some tea?" 
*in british accent*

By the way, I wore this beautiful white dress by Nurita Harith called Jones. It's from her Bridal Collection for 2013/2014. Gosh I love the sculptural detailing! Simple yet elegant dress..just how I'd like my outfit to be! 

I've always love her designs! Classy!

And I love this cake too! Farhana ordered and bought it for me! (Not sure from which baker though)

Isn't it lovely? Love the flower! I don't know why, but I think this cake really speaks my style somehow! Thank you babe! You're an awesome friend!

The Queen for a day!

That's the queen! ;p

Time for some afternoon tea!

I googled the delicious menu they served us.. Well they're quite a lot actually, although I did not quite realized it that day! Probably because I was busy talking to my friends and also because the portion is too cute as well! But I think, mostly because they're really scrumptious, that you stuffed 'em in your mouth very quickly and never really realized the portion and serving size! hehe..

The appetizer were Skewered Chicken and Cream Cheese Stuffed Tomato, Aglio Olio in Martini Glass and Nibble of Quail Egg and Lumpfish Caviar

Simply yummy.

Let's eat!

Then comes the Afternoon 3-Tier Stand set. Each of us got our own little dessert stand. Very pretty looking setting, I love!

There's some Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Preserve, finger sandwiches like the Smoked Salmon, Foie Gras in Brioche, Beef in Rye Bread and pastries such as Eclairs, Cheesecake, and Tartlets. The set also comes with some hot savouries like the Breaded Cheese Ball, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll, and Chicken Mushroom in Puff Pastry.

What a beautiful menu in such beautiful presentation! Love it!

While the girls enjoying the food, Farhana ask them to give a little speech for the bride-to-be




These are some very nice kakak-kakak! Love you guys! hehe.

Group photo!

We were then led to this Drawing Room as they called it, which is just across the Orchid Conservatory Room as our time was up! - We were given about 3 hours only to enjoy the orchid room. 

This room is pretty cool too!

 Farhana continued the party by asking them to leave some love letter for me and fold it into origami and put them in a box for me to read later at home..

Some of the sweet notes I got - Thanks you guys!

A toast for the Bride-to-Be!

Then it's cake cutting time! Sayang nak potong..this cake is too pretty!

I felt like it was my birthday for having everyone gather all around me while cutting the cake! haha. The cake is delicious by the way! Thanks Farhana! Mmmmuacks!

We ended the party with gift opening session..

I got more than 20 lingeries! Aiyo....malu laaaaa! 
Bila masa nak pakai each and every item tu pun aku tak tahu lah! hahaha xD

Lovely gift from La Senza! Yay! Thanks Tammy!

They asked me to put it against my body for each of the lingerie that I got. haha. Adoi korang ni kannn... Luckily you guys didn't ask me to wear them there! LOL

This hand cream and a make up set given by Zarina and Amy are the ONLY items I got that day which is not 18 SX! Oh, thank youuuuu girls! Finally, something really useful that I can bring to my honeymoon that does not involve with laces! hehehe 

Thank you everyone! I had a really great time here!! 


P/s: Sorry for turning my blog into a photo album! hehe :p



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