Friday, May 2, 2014

Ooh la laaa...

Who doesn't love scented candles?! I know I do! I wear perfume just about everyday because for me it is one of life's little pleasures to smell good and yummy. There's just something about sniffing something that smells good, don't you think? I love making my room smell nice too! 

I opened one of my Diptyque products a couple of days ago. It was this scented candle called Jasmine. Really excited to try it, together with the massage Satin Oil! They've been in the box for 4 months now. They're one of my hantaran gifts from my husband. We exchanged Diptyque products on our wedding as one of the "bath & body" hantaran tray. Well, honestly....we did not really "exchanged" them! They're all mine anyways! haha. What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine too! Ever heard of that phrase? ;p Cuz you know, all these bath and body stuff just don't work for my man. He knew when he bought them last time, they're gonna be mine anyways! So he let me chose whatever I want to put in that tray for him - They're scented candles, cupboard soap, roll-on perfume, bar soap and hand lotion. LOL. Obviously those aren't for him! hahaha. So he gave everything to me! Ahhh..such a good husband I have! Thank you for giving me "your" gifts sweetie! haha. 

This French Perfumer produce scented candles made from a high quality vegetable/paraffin wax mix, that burn cleanly and evenly with a lead-free wick made from cotton and a unique mix of natural ingredients to produce incredibly evocative scents that are reminiscent of exotic destinations. There are around 50 different fragrances available that are split into five categories: Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Spicy and Woody, all packaged in the clear glass tumblers with the trademark black and white labels. Yummy.

Anyway, so one night I decided to get in the romantic mood, hence I lit up the Jasmine scented candle..put it on my bedside table, and slathered on some of that Satin Oil...and straight went to bed! 

My goshhhhh. I've never been so happy going to bed before! I swear, the scent just gives you this one kind of serene feeling! Like you're in a really happy place! It changed my mood tremendously! I felt so relax...and comfortable and happy! It's amazing how scent can trigger and influence the mood! 

I know the lavender scent is for relaxing, but I never quite know that jasmine is also used to calm the nerves too! Now I never wanna sleep without burning my jasmine scented candle! hehe. 

"The Jasmine oil is commonly used as an anti-depressant because of its uplifting capabilities that produce a feeling of confidence, optimism and revitalized energy"

Mmmm. No wonder it gives me such an amazing feeling!

Some scented candles can smell differently when they are burning, but Diptyque candles are very true to the scent of the wax! So you just have to imagine your room filled with the same fragrance as you take a whiff in the glass jars when you're shopping for some candles at their boutique..

I burn it all night long, from 10 pm till 8 am! It just smells amazingggggg!!! I swear! Even after 10 minutes of burning, your room will be filled with a pure aroma that won't get up your nose or make you sneeze, but definitely won't go unnoticed either!  And surprisingly, after a few hours of putting out the candle, my room still subtly filled with the aroma! I'm in love! ^___^

I woke up with a very happy mood on my face! I even got happy dreams, 3 days in a row! I rarely have dreams in my life.. But 3 nights of dreaming happy dreams?! Wow. Now I really believe when they say, scent can really change your mood and intensify the ambiance! The nose just knows what works for you! Ooh la laaa.... I love good quality candles! You're definitely going to be on my "things I can't live without" list, cuz you gave me such happy dreams! haha

So anyway, I've been burning my Diptyque candles ever since that night... My husband knows how much I appreciate bath & body stuff...and really love anything that smells amazing. So the other day, he gave me this beautiful set from Jo Malone, another designer kind of perfumer brand, for our 4-month anniversary gift. 

Thank you sweetie!

I love pretty and classy packaging!

Jo Malone was one of the brands I tried before buying our wedding hantaran gifts last time. Actually, I wanted to buy products from Jo Malone as well, for our "bath & body" hantaran tray. But after much consideration, I think Diptyque has more body products compared to Jo Malone, which is why I chose and bought Diptyque products for both our hantaran trays. (We'll talk about the wedding hantaran later yeah. I know many of you have been asking me to blog about it!) - I refused to buy one tray of Jo Malone products, and another tray of Diptyque products because I love to "synchronize" our wedding hantaran gifts! I think it's cute. hehe. But when I found out that Diptyque has more variety of products, I decided to buy Diptyque products for each him and her tray. So bye-bye Jo Malone. Sad.

But I guess my husband just knows me well, he knew I would like to have some of Jo Malone products when we went there last time. So two weeks ago, he gave me these two bottles of Jo Malone fragrance called Blackberry & Bay, and Peony & Blush Suede perfume, and a limited edition scented candle in a beautiful classy packaging - knowing that I was so hard to decide between Jo Malone & Diptyque products, when we were shopping for our hantaran last November! haha. So thank you hubba, for this lovely gift!

I love them! They smell beautiful! I can't wait to use them! Somehow I feel like Jo Malone candles smell better than Diptyque! But I don't know, we'll see about that! Can't wait to burn it! ;)

Now I have Jo Malone to put into my scented candle collection! Yeay!
From left, Diptyque: Baies, Jo Malone: Blackberry & Bay, TWG Tea: White Earl Grey candles

Honestly, when you find a fragrance that you fall in love with, it's hard not to become obsessed with burning it every day! Considering the wide choice of scents that are available in the market, I think there will be something for everyone at the store! But then your only problem would be maintaining what can turn into a very expensive habit! - Once you are used to your room smelling divine, it's hard to turn back! Oh noo!

P/s: Next on the list: Diptyque Precious Oils and Jo Malone Luxury Candles



  1. I have to second you, I think JM burns better. I personally like the Eucaplytis & Tea ke tah ape tu, kinda help with breathing esp now when the season is changing here in US.

  2. You have such a beautiful bedding. And I bet room too! ;)

  3. you should try warm vanilla candle from bath & body works. and their calming eucalyptus candle. it's available at Marina Bay Sands.


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