Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whisper's Guide to Menstrual Cramps!

Do you experience cramps regularly during your period? Well, you're not alone. Like many women, I too suffer from menstrual pain during those first 2, 3 days. My doctor told me, that the cramps are caused by uterine contractions and can be aggravated by emotional stress, which then tend to cause headaches too. Gosh...the pain is unbearable sometimes, that I just want to be in bed and sleep for hours! It's like sharp, throbbing, burning kind of pain at the lower abdomen, right? I can't imagine how women in labor get through with the contractions and all! Oh, they're so strong! - Women are just so amazing...and definitely superheroes!

Anyway, last week I got my period and was whining for 3 days about my abdomen pain.. Seriously it was too painful! :( Poor my husband, had to hear all that grumble and fuss I made about my tummy pain and acne and feeling bloated and all.

As if having period is not hard enough, now we have to deal with cramps on top of the hormonal imbalances and the regular side effects as well, right?! Sigh.. Being a woman is tough, man! I mean although we get periods for years and years already, it still doesn’t change the fact that periods are uncomfortable! These crippling, can't-get-through-your-normal-day kind of cramps can be really hard to deal with, especially if you are working and have meetings and whatnot. Really troublesome.
And you know what's worse? When you feel icky, and always have to check your back for stains or leakage! Ugh..I really hate it when I see my favourite panty got that red stains that's hard to clean! -___- That's why you need to choose a really good and quality sanitary pad! Like Whisper!

By the way Whisper has come up with their new range of pads, the Cottony Clean. It’s Whisper’s softest protection ever! With the cotton texture with the blue-lock core, it locks in fluid for all-sides, comfortable and cleaner protection! With this pad, you will never have to worry about seeing those red stains and feeling icky down there!

So while some women take pain meds to deal with their menstrual cramps, some just take a bed rest. But I was told that cowering back under the covers won't do much to you, but doing simple exercise will relief the pain!

Exercise will revive you the most!

So last Saturday, Whisper has sponsored me and other fellow bloggers to attend a yoga class as part of the physical exercise to learn how to  help alleviate the menstrual cramps. Yoga is particularly effective in easing your lower abdomen pain. So during my yoga class at mYoga Plaza Damas last week, I learned that yoga incorporates deep breathing, which helps relieve the effects of oxygen deprivation to the tissues, one of the main causes of cramps! And doing simple moves and exercises like yoga, can really help alleviate the cramps as this will increase blood flow which will help the pain to go away!

So you may want to try yoga instead, next time when you get your menstrual cramps! It works!

Well...this looks like a simple move. But try doing it for a few minutes! haha.  

Stretchhhh that muscle! 

You don’t have to worry about leakage in the yoga poses either, not with a pad like Whisper cottony Clean. So give these yoga poses a try, since getting your body moving can really help with cramps and overall wellbeing. You should feel good and take care of yourself while on your period!  

Thank you Whisper for this lesson and opportunity! I'm so gonna start doing yoga from now on! ^__^



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