Thursday, May 8, 2014

Key to His Consciousness: Always Smell Good!

So I've learned that being irresistible or notice by the husband (or men in general) is all about accentuating every one of your strengths. Whether they're mental (good sense of humor, great personality, smart, etc), physical (attractive face/body, wears pretty clothes, good hygiene, etc), emotional, or....just something that he can detect right off the bat with his nose! - That is smelling your scent, sweetie! I'm sure any woman can do that, no?

Well at least that's what I've learned in my 4 months of marriage so far! I'd get his attention right away when I smell good! hehe. My man really loves it when I spray some cologne, or just done washing my hair with my favourite bubble gum scented shampoo or even light up a lavender scented candle in our room. Scent can really magically set his mood!

If we're at home and I was just done with the laundry, I notice he would hug me more, compliment me more, sniff my neck, my ears, my hair, my hands...and just want to be near me! Oh, I love it when I get his attention! hehe ;)

I don't know about other women, but isn't it such a nice feeling when your husband get hooked on you and your scent? I feel appreciated and loved and adored! Ooh la laa!  ^___^ I love wearing a light, soft feminine scent in general. Some days I do wear sensual/elegant kind of scent though. And some days I'd wear fruity/floral scent too. Glad my husband appreciates them all!

Now....does your man notice you?

Aren't they so cute?! Love the video! 

Well men in general is just not that sensitive to the way we look, but rather sensitive to the way we smell! 72% of women shared the same results with me, according to the poll I took last time! Oh man...wouldn't it be lovely if you could just simply be smelling like a goddess every day, and every time? I'm sure your man would be held spellbound by your lovely sweet scent and never neglect you ever!

Well you can actually! I believe smelling good starts with good hygiene. And that means, keeping your breath fresh, washing your hair often (with a sweet scent that is! ^__^), using scented body wash or soap, investing in a really good deodorant and using some body spray or perfume too, if you like! But most importantly, you must always always have clean clothes because yes, they do also have their own scent too! Although it may sound cliche that I'm telling you to keep your breath fresh and always smell good top to toe, but really, this is actually a very important aspect of your hygiene that you absolutely need to look after! Be it your hair, your face, your body, and even your clothes!

Nowadays, you can buy some really lovely washing powder or fabric softener scented like sunshine, rose, lavender and a whole lot of other lovely things.

Downy has come up with this really unique product that has the ability to “switch” scent with every rub! How cool is that?! Each bottle of Downy’s Parfum Collection has this technology that leaves tiny scent particles which stays on fabrics during storage, and releases different luxurious scent experience that changes with the natural movement of clothes, whilst wearing them, for days and days!

They come in four variant scent; Mystique, Passion, Attraction, Innocence. I personally love washing my clothes using the scent Mystique! While I get to experience a mystical scent all over me, I get to keep my fabrics soft, fresh and comfortable to wear! The best part is that it switches scent with every rub!

Stop. Sniff. Enjoy the feisty freshness that lasts all day long!

They're exclusively sold at Giant hypermarket. Recommended Retail Price is RM 5.85 for 370ml, RM 10.90 for 900ml and RM 20.90 for 1.8 litre. Go get one, and find the perfect scent that best reflects your personality!

By the way, Downy is having a roadshow in selected Giant in Klang Valley and Johor Bharu. You can buy it from the roadshow listed below to get a free Traveler’s Bag (while stocks lasts)

Roadshow Date

Giant Hypermarket  KOTA DAMANSARA: 09 – 11 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  BATU CAVES: 09 – 11 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  STADIUM SHAH ALAM: 23 – 25 May 2014
Giant Hypermarket  (PLENTONG JB): 02 – 04 June 2014
Giant Hypermarket (L/MALL JB): 02 – 04 June 2014

To find out more about Downy Parfum Collection Scent Switcher, visit



  1. First visit, linked from nuffnang. The price for the softener is really high.

  2. i love myself too when i finish the laundry hehe !! i smell extremely good :D

  3. Hello Shazzy,

    Want to ask you about your Ariston Washer. Is it good? Generally, can we dump our office clothes and delicate clothes into it? Currently i have a top load, but most of the clothes get spoilt.


  4. Always love the smell of fresh laundry..

  5. I am waiting for long time such a excellent article about the perfume. This article help me to buy the best possible perfume for smelling cologne for men


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