Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Hen Party

So 3 days before my wedding, my friends decided to throw another party for me! The Hen Party, or the Bachelorette Party as some people called it... as a symbolic gesture of the "last hurrah of fun" before a woman ties the knot! Well, I would say "it's a last chance to torture the bride-to-be" more like! haha.
Leen, my friend, loves planning and coordinating a party. She has been planning parties as a hobby for years! So she was the one who planned all of this! Together with my sister, and Fadd too. 

At first, I was quite unsure whether or not I should be attending the party, as the wedding was just around the corner! I already canceled one slumber party that my friends were supposed to throw for me on that Friday earlier, at Le Meridien Hotel , - because the timing was really really difficult for me! (I had food testing, fitting for the dresses, buying some last minute stuff, and etc. Everything happened back-to-back!) Sorry girls! T_T 

So initially I wanted to say no to this party as well, and decided to stay at home for a week before the wedding. After all, I already had two parties with the girls that two weeks before, The Spa Party and The Bridal Shower. But well...what can I say, I'm not the type that can stay in the house for a very long time! haha. Hence, I decided not to cancel this party, and just go out and join the girls that night! (Note: If you ever wanna go to a party that's just before your wedding, make sure to tell your mom and bring the sister too! Mom would definitely approve! ;p)

A week before the party, Leen and Fadd kept on telling me things like, "do you want a striper?", "be prepared to get wild", "I have a number on my speed dial that I can call to make a naughty date with you", and lots more, to intimidate me! haha. At first I realllllly thought that they were gonna do all that! LOL - I mean, I do have friends who do such things to their friends you know, so I wasn't sure whether or not I was gonna be their victim that night! And whether this premarital party would be a friendship-ruining one! hehe. But my instinct told me that these are not some bad friends, these are some really good people, so I decided to come. Plus, I think they know me quite well, that I'm not the wild/naughty type. I'm the goody, girly type of girl! haha. I'm more like a slumber party kinda girl or an afternoon tea kinda babe. Yeah, cuz I'm boring like that! haha

By the way, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole "do all the bad stuff the night before getting hitched, cuz then your life ends!" modality. I mean like..if you or your fiancĂ© like doing all those wild stuff like eating XXX cakes, going to strip clubs, or drinking with your buddies or whateverrr bad things you do, well, then, I hope you're marrying someone who's going to head to the strip club, and eat XXX cake with you on every anniversary! I mean, the "last single night" party is supposed to be a time for the bride-to-be to hang out and relax with her girl friends. I just really don't get the idea of doing all the bad stuff just before you tie the knot.  I mean, who ever says that your life will end once you get married? If anything, marriage is not the end of your life, it's the beginning! ^__^

The Bachelorette!

Well, I survived my bachelorette party. It was nothing really "naughty". Umm....just a bit actually! But nothing really embarrassing. So phew! It was held on a Tuesday night, 3 days before my wedding day. Leen planned the Fun Night Out with the girls at a Red Box, The Gardens, and it was a total surprise, as I thought we were only gonna have a nice dinner or something! hehe

My Sexy sister! hehe

With Leen, Lina, Liyana, Kak Ned, Along and Fadd!

We had so much fun that night! A lot of gossips, laughters, games and jusssst fun! Having Kak Ned around (my cousin) is always always FUN! Anyway, when Leen told me that they were gonna do it at a karaoke place, I was so nervous actually! haha. I'm a terrible singer, and I've NEVER been to a karaoke before! I've always refused to join when my friends invited me last time, but little did I know that my last single night would be held at a Red Box one day! haha. But I still didn't sing that much. But it was really a fun night nonetheless! Thank you everyone!!! You girls are awesome for making my night so amazing!

Leen even gave everyone who were there a little door gifts. They were some manicure set in a cute pink jar, a little cute brooches and a girly mug. much effort, Leen! They're beautiful, thanks!!! I love it!

Love the DIY packaging Leen! So creative of you!

Oh yeah, my sister ordered these girly sugar cookies for us too! Too cute, ey?!

Liyana, my Maid of Honor, singing her heart out! - that is a karaoke lady right there! hehe

Me...singing poorly! 

 One line was enough for me! haha

Oh, we played this game too! Man..they really like asking me with such busybody questions! hehehe. 

.......and I had this present too! Nice one, Fadd! 


We played Guess-The-Celebrity game as well!

And made my Wedding Dress made out of the toilet paper rolls!

"This is better than Elie Saab's dress!", I thought. hehe

Sekali sekala hang out with them girls, bergedik-gedik sesama kami seronok jugak! hehe

To say I felt special that night would be an understatement! You guys rawk! I love everything about that night!


They made me walked with the balloon in the mall! haha. So excited, as if I'm the last single girl in that mall. LOL

"I'm gonna get married! Weeee!"

Oh yeah..I received more gifts too! On my Bridal Shower, I got lots and lotsa lingeries that I didn't even get to wear all of them yet..until today! haha ;p
And on my Hen Party that night, I received lotsa cute panties instead! They're from La Senza, yet another gift from Leen apart from throwing me this party! - What a cute packaging/envelope, no?! Every day is a different panty! hehe..  I love it TOO MUCH!

And tak cukup dengan tu, Leen also gave me a sexy Booty Parlor gift set! -  a romantic rendezvous treats that I can't wait to use! hehe.. And the other girls gave me stuffs from Victoria Secrets, Soap & Glory, Calvin Klein and La Senza. All liquid stuff! Body lotions, bath products, body sprays etc! 

THIS! Was the only present that I got that was not sexy! hehe. And I love it! Thank you my dear cousin, for giving me these precious books and the CD! I have started reading it and LOVE it very much! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!!! - I'd appreciate stuff like this actually! Stuff that is practical. hehehe
P/s: To others, marriage is not just about that xxx part okkayh?? Pfffft. Stop giving me thongs and lacey stuff. I don't wear it everyday! haha. Try giving me things like...MacBook Air for instance! I would surely love you forever, because then I could bring the laptop everywhere and blog everyday! haha ;p

Anyway, to all the girls who has planned and attended the last-single-night party for me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I appreciate every single thing you guys did for me! Hope we can gather everyone like this some more someday! ;)
Thank you Leen, Fadd, Along, Kak Ned, Liyana and Lina!

Till my next post!

P/s: Picture credit to Lina!



  1. You must sure had loads of girl fun ! Wish I get to have a hen nite too when my time comes -_-


  2. congrats on your soon wedding day!

  3. awesome! love your blog!

    -silent reader-

  4. Omg, the best Hen's Party i ever seen so far. I wish I have a best friend like Leen, stargazzed! You are super Blessed Shazwani. Im glad you say yes to this one, so much fun reading your post, im inspired. By the way, Congratulation on your Wedding Day <3 !!

  5. Omg, the best Hen's party ever!!! Im glad you decided to go on this one, I enjoyed reading your post and realy inspired for my big sister's Hen's party. Wish I have a friend like Leen, stargazzing! Shazwani you are super Blessed. Thank you for sharing this, and congratulation on your Wedding Day ;D <3


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