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The Bachelorette Spa Party

A lot of planning goes into getting ready and prepared for a wedding, and a sensible bride should know that their beauty routines, should be ranked high on the priority list! - Right above floral arrangements and just below the reception hall reservations! hehe. I've got tons of special treatments needed to be done for my big day, blame it on the stress! So like any other bride, I needed the skin, the teeth, the nails, the legs, the hair (although I'm wearing hijab, but that doesn't mean I am entitled for having a bad hair day, no? I gotta ensure my husband thinks I have a beautiful hair! ;p), the body, and so on, are looking at their best! So for my wedding, I've been doing a lot of spa treatments in Indonesia, having made one of my wedding dresses there! - Kill two rats with one stone, ey? hehe. 

Although..I did cover most of the beauty essentials before my big day, somehow there are a few things I couldn't get my hands on it. Like my teeth for example. I was so busy running here and there, I missed my last appointment with my dentist to go get my teeth whitened! I got them cleaned, but I didn't get them whitened :( Well they're not that yellow..but you know, they're not perfect! I was supposed to get my teeth done and fixed (with filler), and whiten them on my last week before the wedding, but some things came up, I couldn't get them done! Sad. 

Oh man...I just wish my fave drink in the world, wouldn't stain my teeth so much! Ladies, don't drink coffee ever, if you wanna have a perfect  wedding  teeth! haha

And another thing that I didn't get to reach my goal was obviously my weight! I was 60 kg before, yes..obese. hahah. I wanted to be super skinny for my wedding. My target was 47 to 50 kg, but I only managed to get to lose 5 kg before the wedding. So 55 kg je lah yang mampu! tskkk - It's hard to lose like 15 kg in 3 months time, when your fiance always brings you out to makan! T___T 

Anyway, the other beauty treatments I did was pampering the skin, the hair and the body. I spent a lot of time in the spa place with my then-fiance-now-husband at the amazing Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Jakarta. Well I'm lucky to have a partner who loves going to the spa just as much as I do! Hence, going to Jakarta for plenty of times before the wedding has given me the privilege to enjoy luxurious spa treatments at their massage parlour to calm those pre-wedding jitters! I've been a bridezilla for a few with all the amazing treatment in Taman Sari, has helped me to decompress and ease my pre-wedding tensions a little. I'd spent like 4 to 6 hours every time I go to Taman Sari. It's an amazing place!

So one week before my wedding, I wanted to enjoy and have the ultimate pampering session before I tie the knot! Of course we couldn't fly to Jakarta that time, so I planned to have a pampering treat at a spa parlour that's closest to being in Jakarta!

It's Vila Manja, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that is!

The place is so beautiful and serene...

This Day Spa centre was awarded as The Best Day Spa by Expatriate Lifestyle.

I was greeted by the lovely Marianne, the spa manager upon arriving

The bride-to-be!

and her bridemaids!

Anyway, at first I wanted to enjoy the spa alone..but then I thought, why not I give my friends, a.k.a the bridesmaids a.k.a my dulang girls for the wedding, a little treatment / "thank you gesture", since they're helping me with my wedding! So those are the treatment they get to pick, for 1.5 hour. While I got my bridal spa for 3.5 hours! Ahhh bliss! 

Flower hair clip, anyone?

The session starts with steaming!

That's Tammy and Hannah, one of my dulang girls! 

...and that's me, after a steaming session! haha. I forgot to remove my mascara when I went to the steam room!

Next I was brought up to this room, to enjoy my 2 hour chocolate body scrub + massage..and a facial treatment

Man....This thing smells amazing! Marianne,  told me that they used real cocoa!  Awesome!

Then, flower bath!

I love mandi bunga! They say it's good for the skin and also to naikkan seri? Not sure about that, but I felt pretty refreshing afterwards!

Next, I had a super relaxing hot stone massage..

After all the mandi and massage session, Marianne gave the girls another treatment, the shoulder massage and foot bath!

With the girls, Intan, Liyana, Rina and Tya.. Some of them left early! (We were there until night time!)

Warm water with orange slices to soak our tired feet! (Sorry for the bad quality photo! That's iPhone camera in low light! huhu)

Rina and Tya enjoying their Orange Coffee footsie

Yep...that's how you scrub it baby!

What's a sparty (spa + party) without food ey? Marianne gave us some complimentary food some more after our 3 hour treatment! Gotta love her! The coolest and awesome spa manager I have ever met!  

We were served with Vila Manja's special ginger tea (VERY delicious) upon arrival and then when we've  finished our massage and all, she served us all with the yummy food she cooked some more! Some bihun, kuih-muih, fruits, orange juice and tea!

 I love their curry puff very much! 

We love Vila Manja!

This was one of the best girlie hang out sessions in my entire life! It's great to have girlfriends to hang out with, and talk about girl stuff, to end my single life! Thank you so much for the great time girls! We should do this more often! Next one...slumber party, maybe? If your husbands and parents give you guys the green light lah! hehe..

By the way, if you're wondering, the total spa session allocated for the party is 3-hours but the actual spa session for each guest depends on the number of guests. During the 3 hour session sparty, guest are entitled of private usage at their dining lounge which includes the following mini manja treats:
  • Free usage of steam room 
  • Shoulder and neck hot stone massage 
  • Full body massage
  • Orange coffee footsie spa (soak and scrub) 
  • Hot stone footsie massage 
  • Honey milk hand spa (soak and scrub) 
  • Hand massage 
Price Ranges from RM150 per pax or RM600 per party, whichever amount is higher. (ie: 10 pax will be RM1,500; 3 pax will be RM600). You may discuss and change the spa menu to suit your budget.

For more information about this Bachelorette Spa Party or any other enquiries feel free to contact Vila Manja :

Villa 41, Jalan Damai, 
Off Jalan Tun Razak, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: +6 (03) 2161 5418 Fax: +6 (03) 2161 5417 
Facebook :

P/s: Some of the pictures credit to Vila Manja & Reiko ;)


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