Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life Lately..

Oopss...I did it again! Well hello guys...... I really have no excuse this time! haha. I'm just simply busy lately that I rarely have time to sit down and update this blog properly. Really. :(

Just last night, as I was rearranging my clothes in the closet, my husband stared at me and randomly said, "I'm not sure if you know this hun, or maybe I have told you but you may have forgotten it... But just so you know, being married to you for 3 months now has been such a wonderful journey for me. You're an amazing roommate and a perfect wife. I just want you to know that" --- Then he continues playing with his Candy Crush game on his phone, without waiting for my answer like those words mean nothing to me -___-

I was just about to say "'re too sweet baby..blablabla..." but because he said it in a really cool, casual way,  I didn't know how should I react. Kang kalau cair kang, dia gelakkan aku macam biasa, kata perempuan kelakar sebab sensitif sangat, tu pon nak cair! haha. Sabar je lah -___-' 
Well he's that type. You know...the unromantic type of guy. hehehe..The one who's too macho (or should I say malu?) to show their feelings simply because they're men. Pffft ;p 

Plus the ambiance wasn't too romantic either..I know he was just randomly say that to naikkan my semangat untuk kemas bilik lagi. So I didn't wanna perasan. LOL. So I replied, "Oh...Ok. Cool.", as if those lovely words he said didn't matter to me. hahaha. Tapi dalam hati, Allah je tahu betapa happpppppyyyyy sangat aku, suamiku puji! Pahala oh pahala! My mission to be a perfect wife for him kira menjadi la ni kot...hehehe. Then I continued doing my chores, realizing that my husband IS the reason why I didn't update my blog lately! Heeee. Cuz I'm busy being the perfect wife for him! Happily catering to everything that he needs...

...and always be by his side 24/7! Except when he's outstation.

Well, I'm happy, mashaallah. 

Last time, I used to fill up my free time with blogging and doing random things online or any other things I like to do. But these days, I'd spend all my time being with my husband!, eating, cuddling, watching movies, shopping, driving, jogging, cleaning...or whatever! I loveeee having him around! He light up my world... Oh, nikmatnya alam perkahwinan! I hope this honeymoon phase will not end. I love being in love cuz I'm a hopeless romantic kinda girl like that! :p 

I bet you must say newly weds are so annoying huh? hahaha. I just really love being a wife! Knowing that everything that I do is pahala! Thank you Allah for lending the perfect husband for me. Alhamdullilah.

Till my next post! ;)



  1. Nice..dua2 ade lesung cute!!

  2. hi dear,,just wondering u kerja apa ya? ,mcm best jerrr

  3. Untungnya.. :') i doakan u guys sentiasa bahagia.. I am so happy gou u both.. :')))

  4. besar pahala tu, melayan suami. semoga wani dan suami sentiasa diberkatiNya.

  5. so happy reading your wonderful journey of life&marriage! :) i too, love blogging but since i'm married and have a daughter, i find myself seldom do this blogging thing. not because i abandoned it on purpose, but i was caught up doing some other things in my real life! lolx. but when i have time, i will blog more, as it is actually one of my passion.


  6. Alhamdulillah.. Happy for your lovely life.. =) Tak sabar nak tunggu dapat baby pula.. Like the way you explain all the details..

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