Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The First Date

I think I haven’t really talked about how me and my husband met, have I? Well, it wasn't really a romantic story, but it is something that I could not forget - How fate and destiny has brought us together. And how true the words, "if it's meant to be, it will find it's way" are. When I think about how me and my husband met, and how I had to go through a lot of obstacles before finding him (which was just right in front of me, all these years!), I could cry...thinking how great God is, and His plans! :)

Well, it started about 7 years ago. We were at our friend’s birthday barbeque party in Wangsa Maju. He was one of my friend, Nafizatul’s high school friends. And I was Nafizatul’s roommate back in uni. We were both invited to the birthday party. Since I don’t know many of the people there, I sat at one corner at the stairs, eating alone like nobody's business! (I’m no good at socializing. Haha) So as I was enjoying my juicy chicken all to myself, he noticed me, sitting forever alone there. Lol. Being a genial person that he is, he just loves making new friends and make everyone feels comfortable around him and have a good time. He didn’t want me to feel left out that time, so he asked his friends, “Who’s that chick, wearing those pink heels?” - I didn’t know that men do notice the little things that we put on?! (Only when they're interested with you I guess! haha) - I was wearing my mom’s heels that time, to match with my new pink Topshop t-shirt that I just bought that week. But the shoe was quite tight, so I removed it and put it aside on the stairs and went kaki ayam even though we were eating outside! Haha. Selamba.

So I guess he was checking me out and said loudly in front of everyone, “Hey…budak-makan-ayam-bukak-kasut, makan seorang je ke? Meh la duduk sini ramai-ramai..” - I don’t know him. And I don't know them.. There were like 5 guys, I think? I wasn’t in the mood to socialize and make new friends with the boys and others, so I ignored them… and continued eating my chicken alone,  like there will be no more chicken forever! Haha. (Uptight girl :p)

A friend took this picture just right before I sat alone at one corner..
(Little did I know, that the annoying guy I just met right there, is gonna be my dearly beloved husband, whom I'm gonna marry 7 years later! haha)

Anyway, since that night, we did hang out a couple of times with the gang. To Starbucks, to mamak, etc. That time, I wasn't interested with Hazim at all, as I used to think that this guy laughs a lot and it's SO annoying how happy he is! hahaha :p (Yes, I'm one uptight girl! LOL)

Also, they still call me budak-makan-ayam-bukak-kasut girl since that day. Pffft. Verrrry funny, guys. I have a name, ok?

Long story short, last year, somehow..we became closer than ever. Fate and destiny has brought us closer, to be together. We stayed/worked at the same area, so we spent time quite a lot with each other. And we became closer than ever...and I got to know the real him. Yes, don't judge the book by it's cover! - Turns out, he's not as lame as I think he is! hahah. He’s funny, lovely, smart, kind-hearted, witty, matured, nice, gentleman, responsible, understanding, and manly but cute in his own way! ^__^

......and oh! I forgot to mention that he's a Captain America wannabe too!

He's TOO obsessed with Captain America, it's hilarious! hahahah

Anyway, for years, we were just friends until one day, he had the guts to ask me out on a date! Of course I said yes to it, that time I already liked him a lot! Heee. Trust me, he is really hard not to like! Even my mom and sister who haven't met him yet at that time, (but heard lotsa stories from me), already voted for him and asked me to choose him as my life partner! - Awww.. thanks mom, dad, Along and Shida for agreeing, supporting, and letting me marry this guy! My life is now complete!

One of the many things I love about him is that he always notice the little things about me! Like my new scarf that I wear, or accessories, or my new handbag, my scent and so on! It's always nice when someone you love, appreciate you in every way!

Our first date wasn’t like any other typical date. He brought me to a museum instead of the typical shopping malls that I’ve used to go! Can you believe itttt...a museum?! haha. I thought he was gonna bring me to yet another fine dining kinda date or something like that.. But he really did surprise me! It was my first time visiting the National Museum! And he got me really excited about it and so impressed with the "not-trying-to-impress-me" tactics by bringing me to a very chillax place instead of the typical romantic restaurants! Haha. (Nice try and technique, mister! It worked for this girl! hehe)

Never been to the National Museum before! It was an awesome day!

Cinta kami baru berputik..

The message I got from him, after the first few dates. Hehehe. 
(Better late than never, huh?)

So when everything felt very right, even though we were just started dating for a few months, he took the big step and asked me to be his wife, instead of his girlfriend! Of course I said yes to it! He's the only guy who can make me feel this way! Ahhh...I love being in love! Now I know when they say, "you would just know it, if he's The One!" - Well it's true! ^__^ 

The guy who never stop making me laugh! These are the pictures when I attempted to take a selfie, but being photobomb by him at the back! LOL

- The selfie during the dating period -

Anyway, when we were in our dating period / the first 50 dates, I realized that he always observed me. Like he never-seen-a-woman-before kind of observe. Whatever that I wear, whatever that I put on in front of him, always amaze him. Like putting on a lipstick for instance, or mascara or even putting on my super high heel shoes! He would smile or ask silly cute questions to me! It's like he adores me so much, which is so cute! hehe. And always stare at me and make me feel like I'm the most desirable thing he ever laid eyes on! hehe.

This is exactly the face he would make when he stares at me admirably! LOL

So for that reason, I always love to doll up when I'm with him because I feel like all my effort is worth it because he would compliment me and say some really nice words that every girl loves to hear! Your 2-hour getting ready being pretty and wangi, would worth every minute when you hear words like, "Nice outfit", "Mmmm..you smell so beautiful!", "Lovely color today", "I love how you mix and match things!", "Wow!" "I love the way you smell", "You look very pretty today", "Is this your new style? It's lovely!", and so on! Ahhhh....the good old days when your guy is always excited to see you and compliment you in every possible way! 

Not that he didn't compliment me nowadays. Ada tu ada...tapi jarang. He barely notices anything since we got married! I mean of course, if he compliments me everyday, the words won't be as magical as it should be, no? (That was what he said to me when I brought up that topic last time! Nice excuse, sir! haha) 
Even though I partly agree with him on that, but still...we all wish that all those beautiful moments and honeymoon period would never end! 

The selfie after marriage   -__-
My man…who constantly kacau me these days. No more mister sweetie pie nowadays! hahaha

Well if you must know, the first few weeks of my marriage was total hilarious. He has never seen me getting ready, so obviously all that seemed completely alien to him! You know...like getting dressed, putting on an eye liner, take a selfie of the #outfitoftheday post, and etc. But...I guess living with this guy for nearly to four months now, has made him learned a lot of things about me as we settled down. Hence, he has passed that phase of discovering-new-things-about-me. Hence, already mastered them. Hence can't be bothered anymore. Hence.... there's nothing to amaze him or surprise him anymore. Hence, less compliments for me!! Cuz he has seen it all! ishhh. - Even if I buy new clothes, or change my make up a little, he won't say anything like he used to.....like it's totally normal for him to see that or nothing has changed. Grrrr 


I should probably take this test and see whether or not I'm normal! haha

Cuz you know, when I change my style every other day, he never say a word these days! T___T But what struck me the most is when he got REALLY excited seeing his favourite Super Hero's newly designed outfit when we went to watch Captain America in action at the cinema recently! Pfffft. That guy just changed to a little darker blue outfit, and he got super excited and can't stop talking about it as if those suits are real, those characters are real, and he knew them personally!! Ishhhh. I'm so jealous!  >__<

Hmmm..I think I have to compete with Captain America now. Or maybe I'll just change my outfit to a sexier Black Widow's outfit or something to get his attention! haha 

Happy man, just watched Captain America The Winter Soldier

However, I do have to admit that there's one thing I realized that he still does it until today... admiring and appreciating my scent, that is! It's weird though, that sometimes he can smell everything! "Ooohhhh...I love the way you smell today" is what he always say to me, - although I think I smell just the same as every other day. 

Ok la..I know that guys' noses are more sensitive than girls'. So whenever I put on some perfume, or changed to some freshly washed clothes, or sometimes haven't even take a bath yet, he'd say...I smell really really good! And kisses me a lot! hehe. Aww thank you sweetie!  I'm gonna ensure that I'll smell good all the time now, to always get your attention like how you used to be! hehe ^__^

Anyways... I answered the poll, and turns out, 72% of women are with me on this! Men in general is not that sensitive to the way we look, but rather scent-sitive to the way you smell! So I'm perfectly normal, I guess? 

"No. Your man may not notice the change of lipstick colour of your lip or your no mascara/eyeliner eyes, but it doesn't mean he neglects you. Did you know that he can easily notice when you change your scent?" - I guess so!

Come on, take this poll girls, Does Your Man Notice?, and find out whether your man is as clueless as they claimed to be!

And let's share the result with your girlfriends on Facebook!

You can take the poll here on http://www.clozette.co/downy and share your results! It's fun! :)



  1. I tau i over. Tapi melampau jugak bila i baca smbil menangis happy! Sambil senyum! Oh my... Eventhough kita x kenal.. Tapi i am so happy for u! :')

  2. Haaa yang gambar wani selfie kena sumbat hidung tu....funny. Nice candid ehhehe

  3. that face he made when he stare at u admirably was , creepy hikhiks!!
    sooooo excited to read this cuz i don't know when my time like this gonna came !! like , ok i baru habis spm kot .. gonna keep dreaming !! ahaks

  4. Moga bahagia hingga syurga sis..happy baca love story korang..ya Allah xsabar nk tggu my prince charming ntah bila nk jmpa nih haha

  5. I don't know you but I am so happy for you. You make me wanna go hug my husband right now :D

  6. grrrr..u guys r so sweet!

    I also love captain America bcos he's sooooo handsome! Goshh.haha

    p/s: Congrats for being featured in Nuffnang blogger of the month!


  7. Have a great, eternal relationship ahead, syazwani! May Allah bless both of you.


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