Friday, October 12, 2012

The awesome Mango Fall/Winter 2012 collection!

I’ve always love the Mango brand ever since I was in high school. And every season, I won’t miss out buying at least one of their latest collections of the season! My favourite season of the year for fashion, would be the Fall/Winter collection, especially! Simply because I personally think, most of the designs for that season, are more sophisticated and elegant compared to the Spring/Summer ones. And I always look forward to buy more clothes during this time of the year! Hehe..

Anyways, so have you girls checked out the MNG stores recently? The Mango's New Fall/Winter 2012 collection is in stores NOW! - I’ve already bought 12 pieces of their collections!!! They’re so ME! I love every piece that I got for myself! Hehe.. Anyway, the new Fall Winter 2012 collection offers four basic lines: Evening, Suit, Casual-Sport and Jeans plus the other designer’s collection such as the Arabic collection or Limited Edition collections. Each and every collection offers garments that are easy to mix-and-match based on the individual style/preference and personality. And guess who is the new face of Mango’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection??!

It’s the amazing Kate Moss! After all these years, Kate Moss still has it, and she makes every piece of the collection look like a must have!!! - The collection features include epaulettes, patch pockets, contrast piping, leather adornments, buttons with military motifs, padded garments, and everything that I love!! All in a colour palette in which the different shades of khaki become the neutral tones of the season!

 Let’s take a look and feast our eyes, shall we?

Anyway, this Fall/Winter Collection, is also a clear influence of architectural forms which add new volumes, with particular emphasis on volume sleeves and waists to which frills have been added in skirts and dresses. Complete black and white winter outfits are very important in these silhouettes, while deep and bright colours such as cobalt blue also add fervent energy to the Fall! Oh, I really love the colour palettes of the Fall/Winter Collection!


So which one is your favourite look? Do share! - I am definitely gonna buy the bronze/gold jacket, and the red and dark colored panel jacket soon! ;)

Ok, talk soon..gotta hit the stores now! hehe


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