Monday, October 1, 2012

Barbecue with Friends!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Zeam invited me to join the Melawatians barbecue gathering at his house in Emerald West. And I did.  - I like hanging out with these guys. These guys are the funniest and craziest people I ever met! They're fun, funny, cool and happy people. There is not one time when I hang out with them, I didn't laugh. hehe. It's fun to be around them!'s like their tradition to gather every year or so, ever since high school. They are very close with one another despite everybody has their own agenda now - some married, some engaged, some working, some studying, etc etc... Although they're not as close as they used to be when they were in high school, but they always make an effort to come and see each other every other week or so, for a drink or something.. and would do an activity or a gathering each year, once or twice, at least. And that's why the boys and the girls are still close with one another, up until today! - more than 10 years of friendship, that's realllllly nice! - I think that it's very nice to have friends that you are close with, for such a long time like that... growing up together and experienced the ups and downs with each other.. laugh, cry and be there for one another when needed. - Now.. that's what I called a true friend! ;) 

Anyway, so here are the pics I took..on that day!

The boys setting up the barbecue grill set.. 

Meet Kayroll, the chef of the day! (He studied culinary arts in Taylors)

Mmmm...marinated chickens ready to be set on fire!

While Kayroll grilled the chickens, the other guys helped him out to grill the corns....


And the other guys setting up the shisha thingy..

While the boys do their stuff outside, the girls in the kitchen made some Linguine Olio..

Meet Sarah and Tya!

My fave meal on that day! I've always love aglio olio! ;)

And this is the Honey Mustard sauce and Black Pepper sauce that Kayroll made..

...and the creamy Mashed Potato too! 
(This guy can do a lot of stuff! - Tya, the girlfriend, indeed, is a lucky girl! hehe)

Grilled vege and mushrooms..

Hot chicks

....and err..a bit hangus sausage! hehe

Raimi enjoying his first bite of the hot chick.. hehe


Me enjoying the fruit salad that Kayroll made.. - Sedap! hehe

That day it was Apai's birthday too.. So, I bought the Chocolate Indulgence cake for him, and asked them to make a surprise for him...which turned out to be not that surprise... LOL ;p

Happy Birthday Apai!

Apai  received a birthday kiss! hahah

The thing that the boys would do when it's their friends' birthday.... =_____='

I thank God that I'm not a boy. hahaha ;p
(I remember last time, Zeam had the worst surprise from his friends too, on his 21st birthday. hahahh.)

Sing, shisha,  laugh. That's what they do..

Meet Zully...

...and meet Sarah and Boy. The cutest couple!

I just realized, I took a lot of their pics on that day, and none of my own! LOL. Oh well..never mind. maybe next time then! ;)

Ok, till my next post!



  1. Muaz still hangs out with his high school friends of 14 years every week! BFFs. Pffft

  2. oh my english!

  3. Salam sis,'m missing those moments with my friends ^_^
    (love your blog!)

  4. I love choc indulgence too. Hahaha

  5. looks really meriah!! it's like those days when you're teenagers and you're hanging out at your friend's house for open house or something. nice one! :)

    oh. and i love aglio olio too!! delish!

  6. oh i know that girl sarah!, rina sarah is her full name if im not mistaken

  7. wah beshnyerrrr buat bbq...kenapakah sosej itam seket...hehehe...

  8. fuyoooo... ada apai, afiq, n sape tah that sailor guy.,,,hehe. glemer diorang woo!

  9. dah lama tak buat BBQ party.... sedap pulak tgk ayam bbq


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