Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY : Homemade Lip Gloss! (or Lip Balm)

I couldn't remember how I was like when I was little.. but recently, mom told me that I started showing interest at all things pretty and girly at such a young age...and no one even taught me that! She said, as a kid, I always had a fascination with all things girly.. and that includes makeup!  - At 3 years old, mom said I would stare closely at my aunt (my mom's closest sister), every time she applies her lipstick. And she told me that I would peek through her little makeup bag and play around with the pretty things I would find in there, whenever we visited her house! (Last time, my mom would visit her sister every week..and bring us there to meet our cousins.) One thing that I remember is that, back then, I was always looking forward to the weekend, to come over to my aunt's house because I really wanted to see her make up stuff on her dressing table and play with it if I got the chance to do so. hehe (My mom never wear make up throughout her life, except on the day she got married. So, having a mom who doesn't like make up.. or even had any make up at all in her room, was making that girly 3-year-old kid so eager and excited to see her aunt's make up collection! haha) 

My favourite item back then was her lipstick and blusher.  Even though I was a little too young to be wearing makeup, but I was always wanted to try and experiment, and play with them in her bedroom mirror every time I visited her house - Oh, and I remember.. I even got caught red-handed, stealing her mini lipsticks! I took more than 10 lipsticks that time!!! hahaa. Evil me. ;p
They were too cute, I swear..and that 4 year old kid just couldn't help, not to take them! LOL. (I realllllly wanted to wear one and have my own lipstick rather than having to wait for the weekend to come and visit my aunt's and play with hers, since my mom didn't have any make up at all for me to play with! haha. Poor girl ;p) 

Anyways, I'm all grown up now...and I still like make up very much! Make up is fun for me.. I really love trying out new products that makes me looking good! hehe. However, I gotta admit that it is not so fun for the wallet though. tskk.

So I thought a good way for me to save some money but still enjoy splurging on makeup, was to start making my own beauty products! hehe. And today, I thought I'd try the DIY lip gloss! It's super easy, and fun! You should give it a try!

So girls.... what would you do with your empty eyeshadow pots or blusher jars? 

I make a homemade lip gloss! (or lip balm if you wanna call it). 

Let's see, what would you need for this little project?

  What You'll Need :  

1. Petroleum Jelly (mine was from Boots. The kind I got has Vitamin E, so it helps condition your lips and make them super soft)
2. An empty jar (for mixing your lip gloss mixtures)
3. A spatula (or spoon)
4. A knife/cutter 
5. Honey or Maple Syrup or Vanilla Essence or Olive Oil (for making your mixture even more sweeter!)
6. Lip Balm / Shea Butter (for that extra softness!)
7. Powder Blusher (for a pop of color!)
8. Little containers (to fill your lippies when you're done mixing them!)

   Steps/Instructions : -  

Scoop some generous amount of your petroleum jelly with your spatula...

...and fill your container with it

Next, pour some honey or maple syrup or vanilla essence into it

...and some Shea Butter if you like, to make your lip gloss has that added benefit to your lips, making it super duper soft! hehe

Next, take your powder blusher.. Sprinkle it on top. I used a ball type powder blusher from Paul & Joe, (which my blog reader, Ayna, gave to me as my birthday gift. Thank you, sweetie!), which I have to smash it up until it becomes like in a powdery form - If you have any shadows or blushers that have broken, they would be perfect for this! Just grind them up until they're a fine powder...and you're good to go!

Next I cut a bit of my Lip Ice Sheer Color lip balm, to make my lip gloss color appear more natural pink, just like this lip balm did to my lips! ;) 

Mix everything up! 

This is where you can get creative! You can mix the colors with different shades, and you can add a little shimmer, or add extra powder to deepen the color! - Just like I did! I added one more pink balls inside my mixture..and I add a bit of my MAC pigment to make it more shimmery! ^___^

Mix it all together well pink!! And sooo shiny!!

Transfer it to your lip gloss containers.  You can reuse old containers that have been cleaned out, just like I did. Or you can buy some from Watson's or Guardians, etc..  

Then, clean up the edges and mess (if needed)
And you can now enjoy your new Lip Gloss!!

Oh, I just made my own makeup! How exciting! hihihi ^__^

After I did this post, I found this trinkets box my sister's friend gave me. Hmm...maybe I should put my Lip Gloss in there making it appear so much cooler and fun!!

I really had fun making this DIY homemade lip gloss, and look forward to sharing more beauty-related DIYs in the future with you girls! A soap maybe? Or some hair products? Mmm...that'd be so exciting! ;)

Talk soon! Take care girls.. Don't forget to wear your lip gloss and be pretty! xx



  1. I adore u!! May Allah bless you and ease everything for u darl!

  2. Kamo memang kretip!.....bidang kecantikan memang soooo in kamu.

  3. i suggest you try to do your own homemade soap.. it is so exciting n you can create your own soap recipe using great n beneficial ingredient n also 100% natural...

  4. hye im having major acne problem and redness on my face. could u suggest best products for me? and affordable. thank u :) -aina-

  5. ohooo... so rajin la..but, nice color eh?

  6. Aanonymous: awwww thanks darling! AMIN AMIN AMIN!!

    @notti netti: teeheeee ;p

    @diyana mahmud: omg i should! must be fun ey!! can't wait tot ry it out n share it here with my readers! hehe

    @aina: hi not sure what type of skin u have, honey! N im also suffering from acne probs too sometimes. So honestly, am not too sure what are the best solutions/products for u darling. Maybe u can consult a doctor or something?

    Or try a cleanser called Cetaphil? It's a very gentle cleanser..u can get it at pharmacies..

    @genuine1224: hehee. Yup, the color looks good on me! ;)

  7. hi wani^_^ saya intan pembaca blog awk yg sgt menarik ni. blh ke mintak tolong wani utk suggestkn produk yg sesuai utk atasi masalah eyebag. thanx:-)

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  9. omg sis!!! I love it <3
    Teeheheheh senang gilaaa :D :D <3


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