Friday, October 26, 2012

Living life to the fullest! :)

Hi!!! Do you miss me? ;p

Long time no read my blabbering session, ha? hehe. Ok! It's happening now! LOL.

Alright..firstly, I would like to wish all my muslim readers a Happy Eid ul Adha! So how's your celebration so far? Mine's just so simple. Spent most of my time in the house, talking and chit chatting with my sisters and brothers. And playing UNO as well..haha. I didn't even see any cow today. Only chicken..... Rendang Ayam that mom made, that is. ;p
But it was such a great time, catching up things with my siblings today, since the last time we gathered was during Raya in August. - Everyone has their own agenda and families now.. So seeing one another every now and then like thisss, is nice :)

So anyways, I am, apologizing for not writing much in here.. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Please don't hate me ;p
I know some of you guys have been waiting for a new post from me (I always get a private message asking me to blog more or update soon or where the heck have I gone to??!?!)


Umm...well, for the 100th time, I'm soooo sorry :( I have a lot to tell and to update in here actually! A lot of exciting and great stuff happen to me lately! But I just haven't got much time to really sit my butt on a comfy chair while drinking my cuppa coffee, and switch on my Maccie and update this blog, YET! - That's whyyy! ;p
(Heck, I haven't even chose the winner of my blogniversary still! That's how occupied I am with things lately! tskk. - Will do it next Wednesday! Inshaallah, I think I'd be a bit free after Wednesday!)

Anyhow... Just so you know, great things are happening in my life right now. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Alhamdullilah, syukur syukur syukur.... It seems like every thing makes sense and fall into place now.. (I think, and hope so) 

For now, I am taking care of some things, hence the busyness, hence not much free time, hence I'm really tired, hence I need more sleep, hence NO UPDATE! haha. ;p

But I just created a daily life & routine timetable for myself yesterday. haha.. And in that timetable I have included my time to blog.. So I would try my very best to follow my life timetable! LOL. So let's hope you'll be seeing me blogging like usual, soon!

Ok, it's late...I need to work tomorrow.. So gotta need my sleep now! Take care girls.. Toodles! Love ya! ^____^

P/S: And no, I am not getting married yet la! haha. Why laaaaa...everybody likes that topic? =____='

P/SS: I just started using nuffnangx! Please follow me there!!! Thanks! ;)



  1. Hi Wani,

    This is a really nice pink jacket. May I ask where you purchased it from.


  2. @Sally: Hi sally! The jacket is from H&M ;)


  3. Hi Wani,

    It's really pretty :) suits you well too. Is it frm H&M in KL?


  4. @sally: yes darling! From H&M in KL! Go get it! I bought in purple as well! hihi ;)
    (and mint green too! haha. but that one i purchased in H&M Paris)

  5. Hi Wani,

    Thanks again for your reply. Oh my. I hope I can make a trip to KL sometime next month to check out the H & M store.

    Have a great sunday :)


  6. its ok i hope that you always enjoy your life :)


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