Thursday, March 15, 2012

Japanese Food is LOVE

Lately I always find myself in a Japanese restaurant. Oh, I just loved their food! Like, it's a must now, every month...or maybe....every week? heh. No not really. (The high quality ones are quite expensive. Mati mak, kalau tiap-tiap minggu. hahaha. ;p)

Anyway, last time, my number one fave food ever would be Italian cuisine. - I love pasta, especially. But now...I think I have a deep affection towards the Japanese food! So the Japanese cuisine is my number one choice for dining. And Italian, would be number 3 now.. I think? Second would be Indonesian-Sundanese food.. Hmm... but what about Malaysian food, ey? 

Uhh...oh well, only when mummy cooks. Otherwise, nope! Teeheee! ;P

So anyways.. since the day I took my very last paper before I graduated, which was about one and a half year ago (you can re-read about the story here), I have started loving the Japanese food ever since that day! ^___^ 
Last time, I used to really hate Japanese food, fyi.. Like REALLY REALLY hate it! - because I had such terrible experience with it. tskk.

But nowwww.....I'm totally up for it whenever anyone wants to have some Japanese session! Yums! Just writing this, is making my saliva dribbling. LOL. Because I'm kinda hungry now and I'm imagining the fat sashimi in Marriott I had just few days ago. Oh God. O___O

Anyways..earlier this month, I had my Japanese session with my Japanese-looking friend named, Umai-Ya restaurant in KLCC

I only ordered the appetizer that's meant for 3 person! haha. 
Just having this sashimi alone, would make me the happiest girl! haha  

While Shida ordered this set.. fave ice cream ever! The matcha ice cream! 
This green tea ice cream mix with the red bead paste just taste amaaaazinggggg! They are such a perfect match/combo! (But the one in Umai-Ya I had, isn't as great like in our family fave Japanese restaurant at Marriott)

Remembering the days when we used to be so close together in our first year in uni. ;)

I had such a great time with her. We sure did talk a lot! hehe

What do you think? Turquoise and Hot Pink? Do they make a good match? heh

Anyway.. the past couple of weeks, I had another Japanese food again at Marriott.. One with my friends,  one with my family, another one with Sheila and my family.. tummy is spoiled with great food! ;p

Mine. The Gindara Teriyaki Set. Sedap tak terkata. huhu

Look at that salmon!!!!

The awesomest yummy Bento Set

Mine. I love the salads, the tempura and the chicken. 

Oh no...I'm hungry nowwww.. T___T

Sheila and me, 5 days ago..

The kepochi wani ;p

The lovebirds.




P/s: Anyone wants to bring me to a Japanese restaurant? Count me in please!! I'll definitely say yessss! hehehe ;p



  1. Hye SH,
    I love jape food too~~ go through my blog older posts then u can see my never ending jape food buffet crave. Xpenah!

  2. hai sis!i love reading ur entry..n keep coming back for more :))heee..
    btw, i also love japanese food!sushi ^^ last time i had a lunch with my friend at watami pavilion..u should go there..recommended :)

  3. Hi.. cantik bunga rose awak. Awak tak jual lagi ker??

  4. Hi Shaz, salam perkenalan. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I love Japanese food too. I love anything with unagi and nori..hehe

  5. hi SH. youre pretty. can i get to know u? :)


  6. i will take u out on a fine japanese place. what say u? would u like to join me? hehe ;p


  7. i spent whole day today just to read almost all ur entry, really really amazed with your life..especially the traveling parts, pheww..ur adorable, cute and sweet..and i wish to have that big eyes of yours, ehehe. anyway, admire your blog oredy :)

  8. Baru perasan. Aizat and Sheila ada iras la! huhu

  9. oh thanks for sharing! :)

    hidayah maznan: thank u! will update more often then. hehehe ;)
    oh ya, thanks for sharing it. will try it one day! :)

    shielapited: for now..tak lagi. maybe later. :)

    nadyabubble: tak best nya gemuk! hahah ;p

    magic chic: thanks for reading! ;) yeah i love unagi too!! :)

    edy: =_______='

    zinnirah humaira: awww ure awesome!! thank u for reading it! :)

    along: haha. kan? cam abang n adik. lol ;p


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