Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's alive.... Finally! :D

Alhamdullilah. My MacBook Pro is finally here and not sick anymore. The hard disk crashed last time. Sad. But thank God it's okay now.

Well, I got it last week, but I don't know why the internet in my area is always down lately. Thus, I can't online that often and started blogging again. Hence, the lack of updates here! =(

Anyway, the absence of my blog posts have two main reasons. One was because my MacBook was down with flu. And another one was....uh.. due to some unforeseen circumstances in my life. So I've taken my time to do a little bit of thinking. And after much thought, I've decided to start blogging again! =)

So sorry about the loooooong silence. I think, this is by far, the longest I was on a mute mode here, right?

I feel guilty now. haha.

Anyway, I have so much to tell! I'm really back! Don't go away ya! Stay tune! hehe.. Oh, I'm soooo glad I'm in my normal mood/mode again! hehehe... Feels so good to be back again, doing what you love doing! :)

But before I start babbling about my thingsss...let me just first update you girls with what I've been doing/going..

Meeting friends
Events, events, events
Taken some me-time
Hanging out
Attending weddings
Going to friend's birthday party

....and going to my own (surprise) birthday party! - THANK YOU MY SWEET READERS!


I'll talk soon ya! Will definitely blog about all these...inshaallah. Love you guys! Bye! :)



  1. yeyyy... x sabaq nk baca updates... cepat2... bosan tul bila silent....



  2. hi u,i am your silent reader(@___@)
    ske sgt bc blog u especially on your beauty tips!!!

    blh diktkan,i ske smua entry u...dr blog u also,i learnt+dpt idea how to DIY sudut make-up dlm blik tido i,he3


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