Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For the Coffee Lover like me...

Recently, we got a new coffee maker in our kitchen. Thanks to daddy! ^__^

It's from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

When daddy brought it home about two months ago...I was so excited! hehe.. Cuz for a coffee lover like me, this coffee maker is just soooo awesome! Why? Because brewing coffee is super easy now! I'm not talking like those instant-coffee-easy, you know. That's not coffee, that's sugar! LOL. (But yeah, those instant coffees contain mostly sugar than coffee!)

I'm talking about the traditional brewing coffee machine. It's pretty time consuming, right? With all that preparing, grinding, brewing etc etc...Just for a real cuppa coffee for each morning! If you're late to work or gonna miss your morning coffee! Because preparing it alone takes more than 10 minutes! Pfft. And that's not including preparing your meal! Hmm.. No wonder people these days like to drink instant coffee instead of the real ones! hehe

Especially if they're using the French Press type. Takes forever to make one. Heh. Okayy...I'm exagerating. But still, to compare that one with the one that I have in my kitchen now.. well of course mine wins! hehe.. Even the normal coffee machine too, you have to put the coffee filter first..then pour some coffee in it..then to grind the coffee and whatnot.. all that takes a bit of your time, right? hehe..

But with this CBTL machine, It's really super super easy! And what's best is that you get the real taste of coffee in less than 1 minute! Wanna see how I brew my coffee? hehe

Here's how!

The coffee for this CBTL machine, are in this form. 

They call this as capsule. So each capsule is for one cup. They have coffee and tea capsules. With a variety of flavors to choose from.. Like Italian, Espresso, Viennese, Continental, Premium, French, etc etc..just to name a few! This is the Starter Pack. 12 capsules altogether. They have all flavors in here. Including the tea capsules as well. Price: RM 30. You can view here, to know more about the flavors they have 

If you're already know the kind of coffee you like, you don't need to buy the Starter Pack. You can just buy this pack. Each flavor has 10 capsules per pack. So you can make 10 cups of coffee. Price per box: RM 21 for 10 capsules

At the back of the Starter Pack, has the coffee names and brief info about the coffee. Also, it has the Roast Indication as well. The darker/stronger the coffee, the more black bullet shown.
For today, I chose the House Brew. It has 3 bullets...which I think not so strong, maybe? It says here: Light-bodied with a subtle fruity aroma and a buttery finish. Mmm...that sounds delicious to me! 
(My favourite are: Chai Tea, French Brew and Viennese Brew so far!)

 Okay let's start brewing my coffee!

First, fill up the pot with cold water (I use Bio Aura water. Cuz it's cleaner! hehe)

Next, after you have filled up the pot with water, return the pot at the back of this machine. And take one capsule of your choice (mine, House Brew), and put it at the top part of the machine... Like so.

Just drop it here..

Very easy capsule insertion system, right? hehe..

So once you have placed the capsule in there, just close the lid using this silver handle..

And place your cup here, and choose the size of your coffee cup; small, medium or large.. And push the button

The moment you press the button, the coffee will start pouring into your cup!

Mmmm....smells great!

And that's it! Your coffee is almost done!

After it's done, you can take out the used capsule in this large capsule drawer and throw it away! The capsule drawer can hold up to 10 used capsules..

Just add some creamer or sugar if you like! ^__^

.....and don't forget the yummy biskut Hup Seng as well! hehe

Very easy, no??

Go get yours now! It's really really an awesome machine! You don't need to pop in Coffee Bean anymore after this! Just drink your coffee in the comfort of your home! hehe (WTH. I sound like CBTL promoter now. They should pay me for this! LOL ;p)

CBTL™ is an easy to use, single serve beverage system that combines the handcrafted taste and quality that is the hallmark of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with the finest Italian technology and design perfected by CAFFITALY SYSTEM. One capsule is all you need to create a single serving to savor. One touch is all it takes to brew fresh espresso, brewed coffee or tea. One taste is enough to transport you to a moment of comfort – the comfort of one perfect cup. 

Look at the review! She loves it too! hehe.

After reading some reviews and browsing their website, (they have such cool gift set and accessories!) I feel like wanting to buy the Milk Frother pulak! It's so cool! I can make my own machiatto or latte with some art after this! hehehe..

The dual function milk frother produces just the right amount of heated milk, or heated milk and froth, to re-create your favorite specialty beverages – including latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha and macchiato – like those you enjoy at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores.
I cannot wait to have this and make myself a Vanilla Latte like this! OMG...So tempting! >__<

Now... Looking at all the cool colours & designs, and awesome innovation functions, are you tempted to get a set of this CBTL machine (and accessories) for preparing your own premium coffee/tea too? hehe =D

P/s: I hope my dad approves, to have this CBTL machine in my office, later when I have my own room.. hahah. Boleh minum kopi sampai pengsan. LOL



  1. I'm a coffee lover too! hehe. erm how much does the machine itself cost? If its affordable I wanna buy one for me :)

  2. kalah ni stabak, coffee bean etc...yum..

  3. i never knew such machine existed!

  4. How much for that coffee maker machine?

  5. I know this sounds silly but I tried so hard to like coffee (sebab macam best jer suka minum coffee. wth) but I can't. I just don't like coffee.

    But tea, I like!

    Chai tea satu, ane!

  6. Went to coffee bean last Tuesday and my buddy can't stop staring at this machine!

    Every once a while, he kept going at the display, looked at it and mumbled "I gotta have this. Seriously! It's damn interesting" LOL

  7. wow,this is interesting!!how much is it babe??

  8. I prefer lagi nespresso lg kickkk!!

    I already have the coffee bean milk frothier ko nak?

  9. Hai,
    sy silent reader blog awak dr tahun lepas & baru sekarang ada my own blog. Singgahlah ye!

  10. i'm not a coffee husband yes...& he bought it...mmg bagus & easy...lagi2 i yg tak reti buat coffee...masuk yer capsule tue & then press the button senang ajer....

  11. Me n hubby such a coffee lover too. Dah bnyk kali telek kat CBTL plus the nescafe nye jagk..
    hehehe ;)

  12. The machine is about 1k right Wani? I saw it at coffee bean today!


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