Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's Age Gracefully! :)

Just had a talk with mommy about a W and M topic.. But somehow, the topic drifted to a beauty topic as I can't help looking at my mom's great skin and asked her about beauty things...

She just gave me a few tips, and I hope to follow her footsteps.. Insha Allah..

Anyways, I'm nearly reaching the age of 25, and that's next year actually..where that's like the turning point/starting point of you really entering the adulthood... And by saying "adult", the body/skin will start to show visible signs of aging... starting that age! So yeah...I'm kinda freaking out a bit here.. Heee

Do I look like my age? Or I look older? I guess I think I know your answer..tskk =/

Anyway I once heard someone told me, the moment you reach 25 and over, the number is going to increase soooo fast, and before you know it, you're already in your 30s, 40s, 50s and so on and looking like a grandma already! Erk. Really? I thought every year has 365 days? How come after 25, the number will rise very quick larr?? heh =P

Although actually, I think age is just a number, as I still feel the same way like last time, and nothing had changed for me for the past years...
But my friends who are much older than me used to say this to me,
"Well..I stop counting the moment I reached 25", 
"I'm always 26, whenever people asked my age. Haha!" (and she's 31 now, and it still the same number every year! LOL), 
"I asked my friends not to put more than 24 candles on my birthday cake, each year!"
.....and some other statements that were trying to declare that they were not that old! hehe.. They are all still in denial I guess. teeheee.. And that made me think, being older really that sucks, that you had to lie your age every time? =/

Oh well.. I guess it is! Hair falls. Grey hairs. Baldness. Sagging skin. Pigmentations. Facial lines. Wrinkles on your neck. Wrinkles on your hands. Wrinkles on your face. Crows feet at the eye area.  Dark circles. Eye bags. Feeling lethargy all the time. And all the ugly things! Eeeekk.

Oh no.. All those sound so scary! No wonder being old sucks! =(

But we all know that getting older and aging skin is inevitable. Because no matter how well you've taken care of yourself, wrinkles will eventually make their way onto your pretty face! And it's just a matter of time, whether the signs of aging appear early on the skin, or slower..

So that's why my mom always remind me to start early in my "anti-aging" programme, as she said, being old/older is a definite thing in life, but we could make the aging process slower, at least! And I guess it's true! She's been practising that mantra until now! She started taking care of her skin/body ever since she was 24! Pills, potions, lotions, creams, drinks, supplements, powder thingy..and so on! And that's why, she's still look like she's in her 30s (some even say 20s! - according to what she wears) even though she's almost 55 now! rock, mama! hehe O_o
I am sooo going to follow my mom's footsteps and age gracefully like her! ^__^

So let's start by taking supplements like these!

Mom bought for me all the vitamins I need

...and these beauty supplements and drinks too!

I hope I would still look young even when I'm already 50! Wrinkles, please go away! hehee ;p



  1. wow! bagus nih kak! hehehe..

  2. in term of skin, i think u're about your age BUT, the way u dress up yes sometimes u look older

  3. banyaknya supplement drinks. i tried kinomitsu tuh sedap gak. rasa fruity sangat..

  4. Aging is my biggest fear (T_T). eating habit also help to slow down the aging.

  5. I am fine believer that it start from inside out- eat healthy, take vitamins & drink a ton of waters. :D

  6. Agree with Sue and Delila. You are what you eat!

  7. You definitely wont look old if you can minimise the usage of make up on your skin. Morever, your clothing style pun agak spt mak - mak datin. If you can change that. U will look younger. Just giving truth statement, overall i still feel you are cool despite of your showing off attitude tu. Jgn marah. take this as a postive and constructive criticism


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