Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lipstick Pen

Last night my sister came to our house..after came back safely from their trip to Beijing for about a week. She brought some souvenirs from China like fridge magnets, some packets of nuts and sweets (dunno what they call it), brooch, tie, etc etc..

But my most fave item is this!

A lipstick pen from Marc Jacobs!

What a cute gift, ey? I love this pen! Not only it's cute, (And would make a great conversation piece! The moment you pull it out of your fabulous purse, few heads will glance over at you to see what you're holding.. and shout, "Heyy..what a cute pen! Where did ya get that from?" And I'll happily answer, "Oh, it's Marc Jacobs!" haha. Okayy..I'm babbling.), but it writes really well and smooth as well! Perfect to stuff in my handbag!

Lipstick and Writing. Both are my loves.

Thank you sister.




  1. hahaha la, ku sangkakan liptik tu transform jadik lip liner.....aahahahha

  2. nn: kan! classy and gedix =)

    notti netti: hahaha! itulah psl. tp ink dia kaler biru lah pulakk..hahah

    miss rynn: thanks!

    reena: coolies! =)

    hanis: thank u again!


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