Friday, March 26, 2010

What Happens When Shazwani Is Having A Final Examination Week?

Remember I made this post few months back when I was in the middle of final exams and stressing out myself? haha. Well..this semester, most of my examination dates are too close with each other..and I've been stressing out myself even more worse than last semesters. Heee. Well, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I've got four papers back to back in this week! And am glad those four papers are now finally over! Phewww..It's a huge relieved for me! I think I have become like a zombie for the past few days! My eyes are not as beautiful as it should be (ha. ha). And most importantly, I did not get enough sleep and rest. Ugh.

You know.. I think it's not fair for lecturers to set an examination dates on a study week! What the heck man. There's a reason why they call it a study week! They want students to have a lil' gap to study (or to relax) after their last class and before the exam week starts! Ni tak, I have started my examination two days earlier than the other students! (Well.. Mmmm okayy fine. I am not the only one. There's a lot of other students/class that have the same situation as mine). But hey, study week IS a study week! Mana acii..class baru je habis on Friday, pastu tiba tiba je nak ada final exam on MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday terusssss. Bagi la Cik Shazwani ni nak bernapas sikit..huhu =P

Well..anyway..despite not having enough time to really study well and prepared myself for the papers..I think I did okay for that kind of time line. heh. Sebab ye la, that last week before the final exam starts, my life was miserable. haha. I have presentations and projects to be submitted all week! And I mean on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!! Setiap hari ada je benda nak kena buat. So memang takde masa nak study awal. So imagine was I supposed to study for those four papers on that weekend? Ada dua hari je nak study for a total 56 freaking chapters??! huhu. Sebab tu saya freaked out. Heee. =P


Wanna know what happens (or rather happened) when this girl is having a final exam week and how she coped with the stress?

Read on! =)

1. She will buy lots and lots of mineral water (2 bottles for each day) for her brain to work and function well. (Kalau minum banyak air, otakku jalan laju sikit. Sikit je la tapi. haha) =P

2. She will take her Agel vitamins. It's a vitamin in a gel form. fyi. Very yummy. (Mom told me that the orange ones, which is called Ohm is for the brain or something. Not so sure. I just shut up and take it. Konon konon nak kasi tiba tiba boleh jadi genius la..LOL)

3. She will also take some other vitamins and supplements for her body to be functioning extra normal on that exam week. haha =P

4. And she will purchase a well stock Kotex pads & Carefree pantiliners too, since she consumes a lot of water during this week. Takut kalau nervous sangat time exam tu sampai terkencing dalam seluar ke kan..hahaha. JK =P

5. She will have her Aik Cheong coffee on the night she wishes to stay up late, to hit the books (or Gossip Girl. haha)

6. She will devastatingly open her thick yucky text books and starts to flip through and read those boring words and texts.

7. Since she can't get herself focus and seemed to know and remember what she read in those text books, so she wrote some short notes and jot down some important facts for her to memorize and make her life simpler.

8. But after she completed all the short notes on her A4 papers, she realized..her life isn't that simple actually. Those so called short notes has covered more than half of her queen-sized bed!

9. She realized that those notes that were on those A4 papers (back and front) are impossible to memorize within a short period of time! Not so short/simple now, ey?

10. With the time line that she has, she freaked out even more when she saw those notes that she made. 7 chapters for Consumer Behaviour, 9 chapters for Marketing Research, 14 chapters for Computer Networking and 26 chapters for Internet Applications. Oh. My. Goddd.

11. She got so stress up and can't seem to memorize what she reads, so she took out her note books and started doodling and writing craps.

12. And then when that didn't seem to help, she went to her dressing table and took her fave perfume and started spraying her bed, her chair, her curtains and on herself as an aromatherapy to ease the tension.

13. And then when that didn't work out as well, she'll start to take out all types of her facial masks - be it the cooling ones, the whitening ones, the peel-off ones, the pedih type, the clay or mud type, and so on, to do some sort of facial for herself because she thought this will help to calm herself down..

And then while she leaves her mask to dry up.. she accidentally fell asleep because the mask is so calming! haha.

And woke up the next morning feeling setupit and wasted her precious time. Heee =P

So..that's the story on how she coped with her final examination stress! LOL.
Oh, I have another two papers. One is on this coming Monday (29th), an English paper. And another one is on 4th April. Lama lagi. So boleh lepak lepak lagiii and main main facial! Heee.

P/s: Adik-adik, jangan ikut tingkah laku Kak Wani ni ye! Heeee.



  1. LOL! Adoiii lawak la Wany ni. Haha! Mak oiii banyak gila perfumes!

  2. this is soo funny... never in my life i read a blog entry like this...hahaha.... i loike!!!!

  3. wohh.....banyak nya nota. kalau tido atas nota tu ilmu dapat serap ok gak...hehe

  4. reena: haha.. bila stress, suka buat benda merepek.. =P
    oh perfume tu..perfume lama2 je..

    red clutch: heeeee. and i laik youuu for liking it! ;)

    kancilbiru: itulah, kadang2 tdo dengan notes skali..konon2 nak kasi terus lekat dalam pale walopon tdo. haha

  5. uhu...yg spray perfume tu comel n lawak.msti kalau ada orang tgk, kata apa kejadah budak ni gi spray langsir kerusi semua

  6. nape tak buat diet ikan?it really works..tapi kalo start awl2 la..sempat nak efek..hehehe

    good luck

  7. mini_ace: eheh.. i memang selalu spray satu bilik! haha..bagi aromatherapy sket! =)

    cik kedondong: diet ikan?? well..i amik omega 3 punya vitamin je.. efek la jugak kot.. hehee
    Thanks for the wish dear!

  8. hahahahahaha! klaka la u ni wani!!

    yg tak tahan tuh part notes, perfume n mask! haha.

  9. This is so true...esp bab makes us less stress out. Rajin sungguh buat nota...I am sure you did well in your exams judging from your amazing notes. Such a cool post!

  10. anonymous:1 eheh.. saya merepek je tatkala stress exam

    anonymous2: kan kan.. facial sgt best lg menenangkan! ;)
    errr..yeah, i kinda did okayy, i think. heeee ;P
    (doa2 kan lah dpt A. heheee)

  11. haha....somehow when i read your blog, i could relate to some of the stories in a certain way as that is exactly what i would do during exam time!! and my mom swears by AGEL, but i like the apple and grape thingy (can't remember what they are called), and they actually do work ;)

    anyways, best of luck in your exams!

    FYI im from uia too, well...more like i WAS from uia, just finished my finals last monday and graduating soon!!! hehe...goodluck going through uia ;)

  12. anonymous: yup. agel really works!!!

    btw, happy graduating! congrats! =)


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