Monday, March 8, 2010

Win This!

I know I haven't update this blog for awhile. (Andd not much of twittering as well! Tsk.) I've so many things to do! (Please bear with me kay! I'll try to update bit by bit..)

And after been busy with my uninteresting life for about a few weeks..only today, I realized it's March already! It's my blog anniversary month, y'all! Yeay! It has been two years since I started blogging! Blogging has become one of my fave pastime.. =)
How I wish I could blog every single day!

Anyways.. Last year I gave one of my lucky reader a UCB Hot Perfume! I forgot her blog url though. So..I can't show you the pictures that she took here..sob. (Dear Siti Hidayah, if you're reading this, kindly drop me a comment and leave the url for that post you've made! Thanks dear!)

Found it! Here's the winner for last year's blog anniversary giveaway! =) goes my blog anniversary giveaway for this year's!

It's Versace Blue Jeans for Man OR Versace Red Jeans for Woman!

Each perfume worth about RM 100++. Dua-dua bau best sangat! To win this, just drop me a comment with your email and your choice of perfume, either the Red Jeans or the Blue Jeans! Anyone in Malaysia can enter this contest! And I will select the lucky ones! There'll be only ONE lucky winner!! Hurry! Contest ends 11 April 2010!

Good Luck!!!


*I have the right to change the perfume, depending on the stock availability



  1. Nana nak try!!
    Red jeans!

  2. Hi Wani!
    I would love to have Versace Red Jeans for Woman.

    Wahh... tinggalkan komen semata nak perfume nih. hehee =P


  3. wohoo! the contest is back :D Im hoping to be the lucky winner :D anyway am very happy to see you blogging once more :)

    my choice of perfum would be the Versace Blue Jeans for Man

  4. omg, babe, bestnye u buat contest mcm ni kat blog u! btol2 menghargai readers la u ni.

    haha, i nak masuk jugak la! ;)
    my email and my choice of perfume (kalau rezeki la kan, haha) is the Red Jeans!!!

    btw babe, sucess always with your study yeah, and keep updating your blog, cause I love reading them. (^__^)

  5. Hepi blog anibeseri.


    Versace Red Jeans for Woman.

  6. Salam alaik wani,
    i've been reading your blog since 2008. but this is the first time i drop my comment here :D

    btw, i did enjoy your entries. you are truly great girl. and i adore the way you handle the problem regarding to anonymous or stalkers. hehehe. sgt matured ok!

    and i love to read ur traveling story. x pegi sana pon rasa mcm dah pegi sana sbb the way you convey your feeling and info tu sampai dekat i :D

    and, your ideas about fashions too. i did attract to them except for few things like ur hijab (because i am wearing a big hijab).

    i am wishing you to keep blogging and sharing your thought. sharing is caring. best of luck gurl :)

    May ALLAH bless you!

    *erk, about the perfume, it is ok if i dont win it :)
    but, i would choose blue jeans since i already have the red jeans :)

  7. haha i can belive i'm entering this contest.! haha
    the email -
    I would definitely choose the Blue Jeans because it's for guys and I'm a guy.
    Am i suppose to give a reason on why i chose this.? Lol.
    It's for casual wear and it will last ultra long and is also sensual. And yea, it makes me sexy with the aroma and all. Lol

  8. hye kak wani!

    i'm one of your silent readers..tak tau nak komen apa sebab baru 1st time nak komen u..hehe

    i admire your shoes, your dress, your lifestyle..bestnyaaa!

    bole shopping and buy anything that a girl use to wish for.

    ermm and bout the perfume..i only have 1 perfume..guna pun sikit2 je..mariah carey luscious pink..sayang sangat..

    i have to do extra work to get the perfume.. =(

    and having versace perfume is a rare thing to get as i am just an ordinary girl..

    =( baru break up dengan bf, no money and no nothing =( kalo dapat perfume ni kan best..

    and plus, there'll be only one lucky winner..

    huk..i wish i can have one versace blue jeans..

    anyways, my email

    kalo dapat, mesti senyum sampai telinga! and will u choose me as the winner?

  9. hi..
    I wanna join this giveaway..


    I would love to have the Red jeans..TQ =)

  10. I was pretty excited and quickly join this contest.
    You are so sweet like sugar or honey and you are so kind to give your readers present! and im the only who want the Versace Red Jeans for Woman.
    thanks a lot wani.


  11. contest.juz try my luck..hehe.kalau sy mst pilih Red Jeans sebab kan saya perempuan.kebetulan plak my blog name ade unsur2 merah so i prefer Red Jeans la rather than Blue Jeans..even sy xtau bau nye tetap nk pilih Red Jeans!!

  12. I want Versace Blue Jeans for Man, Ms Schazwany Hameed! :)

    Just like that is it? Or do I have to say something nicer? bahahahaha! kiddin'. Love to read ur blog, like obviously :P

  13. Salam Cik Wanie yang sentiasa stylish and trendy :),

    Congrats & happy anniversary to ur blog,

    Sila blog selalu sebab sangat suka baca cerita and kalo tidak, tengok gambar jer pon takper he he he :)

    Untuk giveaway ni,Please, please, please, kita nak sangat dapat Versace Red Jeans for Woman.

    Thanks, muahsss muahsss :)

  14. hye wani

    nk join gak contest tu memandangkan x penah pun menang apa2 contest T__T . ofcs la suka Versace Red Jeans for Women sebab kalau menang, sangat bernasib baik sebab perfume sekarang dh nazak hehe.

  15. ehekk ur silent reader..~

    trying my luck here..:) of course la mahu yg itu merahhhh red jeans 4 woman...:)

  16. hye...happy 2nd blogniversary (hehe,mmndai jer ckp)..hopefully u will be blogging for more years to come*wink2*...btw, i hope i could win Versace Blue Jeans for Man for my bf..te-heeee..

  17. Hi wani! Hope ur doing good. Would love to participate in this contest u hold. Congrats for 2 year blog anniversary ;-) my pick would be the red perfume! My email add

    take care ok, cu 1 day :-)

  18. Aww. Finally jumpa balik perfume nih! Thanks Kak Wani for reminding me back with old memories! =D

    My mum used to wear this perfume when I was small and I'll always go up to her and just smell her all the time. It's one of the smell that I remembered when I was small and sampai sekarang terbau2 lagi. Hihi.

    It would be great if I can win this thing. It will definitely bring me back to old memories. =D

  19. wawawa menariknya! nampak sedap pun iye jugak sebab macam air untuk diminum. yang pink tu nampak 'sedap'! hehe
    wani, akak takde blog, tapi boleh je kan akan tulis comment? cuba-cuba nasib. hehehehe
    nak tulis apa ye? tiba2 blur. akak tengah ada kelas sekarang. tapi break kejap la. akak saja bukak blog awak, nak tengok ada update ke tak. bila akak bukak, 'oh, ada post baru!'. jadi excited pulak, boleh tak? padahal sebelum tu mengantuk dengar seminar. haha. tak senonoh gila. okeyla wani, akak drop comment mengarut2. lepas ni update la byk2 benda ye. i would loveeeeee to read them! :)

    eh lupa kena bagi email eh? ni email akak :

  20. wani...kak maria nak join contest ni..mana tau bertuah..ops bertuah ke..huuhhuhu..sllnya tak salah kan mencuba,..apepun happy anni yek utk ur blog..semoga terus berblogging..;) Jeans coz i luv blue..

  21. hey shazwani,
    happy anniversary :) owh i like versace red jeans :)

  22. saya mahu red jeans waniiiiiiiiiiiiii....first comment nih!!bagi laa saya...bagi la kat saya...:)

  23. my email is to give earlier;)

  24. hai wani...
    i'm the first i think so...huhu
    btw happy anniversary to your blog...

    if i'm the lucky person...i want this Versace Red Jeans for Woman..huhu


  25. trying my baby's luck :), hence x kisah bau apa pun..

    -mama emma®-

  26. nak menang!* eh tiba-tiba

    ok..masa mula-mula baca enty wany teros cakap dalam hati (senang gila nak menang letak email kt komen teros boleh menang..pehhh)*nilah padah baca enty orang laju-laju..rupanya salah kefahaman..kene komen dulu baru boleh menang pefume..pastu pikir lagi, kalau kene komen nak komen apa nih kan..tengok-tengok dah bejela dah komen rupanya tanpa sedar..haha..ok itu sahaja dari saya..

    *tengok orang suruh komen lain jadinya..

    *pilihan hati saya ialah....

    drum rools(cehcehcehh tiru u nampak)


    versace red jeans for women..ngehngeh

  27. haaa tengok sebab eksaited sangat teros tertinggal nk drop email..ngehngehngeh..

  28. hye k. wanie .
    btw , i like ur blog so much !
    sampaikan tiap2 hari bukak nak tgk ada update ke x .
    kalau x der pun suka tgk all ur pic yg gojes 2 .
    haha .
    so here goes my e-mail.

    red jeans please . haha .

    i manage to read all ur post since 2008 in just 2 days !
    hope that i win because my eyes had been suffering watching all ur pic .
    hehe :P !
    i'm fourteen n don't have that much of money to but those perfume.
    bg la chance org tak keja merasa pakai minyak wangi mahal !

    haha , pandai pulak buat ayat bodek !

    ps : my name is wanie too !!!! *speciality* :)

  29. saya maw.. saya maw.. fuhh.. wangi la pasnie.. kui3..

    choice of perfume: versace red jeans for woman..

  30. hehehe...just try my luck kot2 dapat perfume...kasihani lah mak buyung ini :D

  31. dear wani,
    kak aida tak tau nak komen apa cuma apa yg bley kak aida kata kan yg wani sangat beruntung mempunyai ibubapa dan family yg sangat loving dan care each other .. terasa mesranya kamu adik beradik berkumpul dibawah satu bumbung sambil ditemani ibubapa yg masih sihat .. rezeki wani mempunyai keluarga yg mewah dgn rezeki dan baik budi pekerti .. cuma pesan kak aida, kekalkan lah sikap wani yg happy go lucky ni .. sbb keceriaan kita akan terpancar bila kita benar² dlm keadaan yg ikhlas .. :)

  32. waaah..menariknya..xpenah try lg both perfume..but i prefer red jeans..more sexy :)tq

  33. hi schazwany,
    I want this perfume! (Versace Red Jeans for Woman)

  34. Dear Ms. Shazwani Hamid,

    OMG, Sarah wants oneeeee. Heeeee.

    God bless Ms. Shazwani Hamid:):):)

    Thank you!:)

  35. I like the Red Jaens Perfume.Its because i'm perfume's collector.If I'm lucky winner please send email to me ok dear.

  36. hy
    i chose Versace blue jeans for man
    if i menang, i nak adiah kan utk my fiance

  37. wani!

    hye!kakhuda dh dpt fM tu smlm. comel sgt,pandai wani pilihkan!

    now dh bertambah byk tempat yg khuda melancong (pdhal kirim kt org~hihi)thanks again wani!

    pssst! my choice is red jeans for women~

  38. hi wany,

    thanks sebab buat contest lg.. ekceli pestime join contest u sebab nak try luck.. heheheh.. mane tau dpt plak kan, sempena my bufday this 19/03... *amboi, x agak2 kan i nih... pedulik... heheheheh...*

    klu la i termenang kan, i nak red jeans tu blh... hik hik hik..

    my email...

    pilihlah aku jd pemenang mu.. owhhhh...

  39. email:
    choice of perfume: red jeans

  40. email:
    choice of perfume: red jeans

  41. salam
    hai wani..
    i want it!!!!!

    Versace Red Jeans for Woman! my email..
    hope i'm very lucky to get this Versace Red Jeans for Woman!

    love it

  42. hye wani!saye nk versace for woman!
    i wish i can be like u.pretty and u have a HUGE collection of pretty clothes and pretty shoes and nice make up set.if i can steal 1 thing frm u i wud steal ur tie rack collection.heee.pls keep updating everyday!!

  43. Hyee!
    Versace Red Jeans please :)
    Just trying out my luck..heee..

  44. ita_miyuki9/3/10 2:23 AM

    Selamat Harijadi!! Semoga sukses selalu.

    ''Saya mahu Versace Red Jeans for Woman!!..yeyy!''

  45. hi there,

    me would like to join ur giveaway..
    my choice is versace red jeans ;)

    my email :

  46. im da 1st person who comment ur blog..!! yippie...

    i wan da perfume damn mucho..owhh red jeans women...

    huhu i love getting pressie from others (who doesnt rite.hopefully i could win..
    n dis is my 1st time joining contest..(a bit excited here)

    i will smell fantastic nt..huhu

    choose me..plisss


  47. i want blue..hehehe...

  48. Hye gorgeous..

    Happy Anniversary to your blog..

    Keep updating while you still breathing..

    It's kind of your diary don't you think?


  49. Tu la pasal nampak jarang dah Wani update ur blog or tweet recently. Bz erk.. sama la kta.. :P

    Btw, teruja betul baca ur entry kali nie. Lucky draw. Huhu..

    Winner winner.. chicken dinner!!
    Pick me girl.. hehe..
    My choice: Versace Red Jeans Perfume

    Tqvm. :P

  50. Hi Wany! I want Red Jeans for Woman please! I tak penah menang ape-ape lucky draw. Let this be the first one, pls pls pls~

    My email is =D

  51. Hepi blog anniversary Schazwany b honest,i found ur blog quite unique since u don't provide typical blog content which normally a routine of,keep up ur gud work in providing info for ppl(women esp)..
    and of course..i wan the blue jeans fer shiz!haha..

    here's my email:

  52. Hai wanny :)
    Hope more posts to come!!

    btw,i am the red jeans ;P

  53. wuah! mcm langkah kanan ke blog hazwani hamid, with the contest, contest? i dun think contest its more to appreciate your readers actually who support you for almost 2 years! well done babehh..
    back to your question, i prefer the Red jeans cuz for me, red is hot and sexy!! hee

  54. I want the Red Versace!

  55. let me be lucky one

    Versace Red Jeans for Woman!

  56. Wanie, wishing you a happy blog-anniversary! Praying for many2 great years to come! Your blog I always stay tune and I soo want the red jeans perfume!

    It rhymes? No ?Hihihi...

  57. Versace Blue Jeans for Man

    kbarazak at gmail

  58. comment.. [>,<]
    blue jeans

  59. mahukan yang MERAH!!!


  60. saya nak kaler merah.sempena besday saya april ni.heheheh

  61. assalamualaikum, wani:)

    saya suka bace blog kamu. n i hope im the lucky 1 to get ur presie.wee;p
    if i get. i want the red jeans because i love red vm;))).
    if yes. this is my email
    thanx wani:))

  62. hai that's interesting..a perfume for your lucky reader ha?..i've been reading your blog for couple of months now and definitely very catchy and interesting written especially with all the photos and shopping thingy :)
    I took this chance coz i've been perfumeless since forever now huhu..getting a new perfume would be ggrrrreat :)
    anyway take care then :)

  63. Hi Wany,

    Shazwany Blog n me is like Spongebob and Patrick, my routine to start my day with a kick, althou sometimes she can be gedix but I still adore it while she's taking her pix.

    Btw Happy Anniversary, keep blogging as long as you are happy, as long as we don't forget to shave our leg coz it's getting hairy (boleh?), eat eat and be merry!

    UCB Blue is kinda thing, please give me Wany darling!


    Kak Zatika Izani

  64. Hi Wani.. when it comes to Versace, my husband always love on Versace blue jeans... dari dulu sampai sekarang, itulah favourite perfume dia.. dulu selalu dia beli kat Car boot sale kat Shah Alam when he met this guy yg kawan dia keje pilot, bawak balik perfume dr oversea and jual dengan harga yang berpatutan... the one yg dia beli selain dr car boot sale masa dia dapat pergi Europe due to oversea projects... itupun 2 thn lepas, rasanya dah kering konrang dah botol tu, punyalah nak jimat, sekali pakai dia sembur max 3 kali je....

    How I wish I can have this Versace Blue Jeans for him.. BTW, birthday dia last month I x sempat belikan apa - apa... if this comment makes you happy.. pilihlah saya.... he..he..

    Happy - happy birthday to March peeps...

  65. Salam sis, ur offer sounds goood...
    wanna join also la..hihi..
    btw congrats for ur 2nd enibesery!

  66. salam wanie,,,

    OMG... im the first 1 to comment!! hurrah!!

    hoping to win tis giveaway...=D
    i want the Red Jeans please!!!


  67. Hi Wanie,

    I've been your silent reader for many years..your blog is very entertaining & informative..

    I would like to win your giveaway.. choice would be the RED color... i want it..i want it.. :D

    my email: i dun have a blog thou...


  68. dear adik wani,

    Harap surat ini sampai dengan selamatnya...

    Noticed the "adik" yeaahh memang you are younger than me tapi i memang adore you..seriously no kiddin...

    you wanna know why? i like the way you dress up..simple yet sophisticated...tak kisahlah yang you pakai tu branded ke expensive ke but i tell u, memang boleh jadi referance...another thing is i like abput is how you put your make up on...sikit pun dah nampak glowing glowing...the best part i like is your lashes...hihi...

    and babe your blog is a must reading blog...tapi sekarang you kurang update :( tak lengkap reading circle i kalau tak singgah blog you...wanna know why? i nak tengok apa you pakai, your latest acquisition, where you travel,your tips and many please keep blogging yea..

    last but not least study elok elok and take care...

  69. hi wany ;) happy blogging anniversary, for 2 years and more.. more years to come. keep on blogging.
    ~ if im the lucky one. i'll choose versace red jeans. wishing me luck. hehe (tak pernah ade koleksi versace perfume) haha..

  70. Versace Blue Jeans for Man!

  71. Wany,

    wah! sorry dah's not UCB it's Versace! Excited sangat kut!

    Kak Zatika Izani

  72. i wan the redjeans versace. Thank you. teeheee. this is my email

    just like this je ke? or kene bagi sepatah dua kata? hehehe ;)

    tq ;)

  73. Versace Blue Jeans pilihanku...:)

  74. salam wani,i'm one of your silent readers:)(emm..super silent i might first time comment in ur blog:p)andd..seronok sgt wen i saw dis post of urs!i have always wanted one of theeeeseee perfume!hehe.can i have the red one please:))))) thank uu:))

  75. salam.. 1st person to comment? how cool...

    of course la i nak perfume tu.. i loike blue... because i don't quite red karer... :-)

  76. hi wanie,

    Im a silent reader for both you n your sister.. both of u super duper cantik and stylish.. my choice of perfume will be Versace Red Jeans for Woman! my email is

  77. Hye,

    I had became you silent reader for few months...hehe. Actually I baca blog of all your sisters...stat with hanis, then u n then iza ur eldest sister...

    I raser u all ader karisma tok menulis..:) layout cntk, cite best2 n yg pntg suke bg hadiah haha..(LOL).

    Neway, sgt hepi kalo dpt menang hadiah yg u nk bg tu..:)


    perfume: Red Jeans for Woman

    nak yg biru tuhh...!!!!!

  79. wani..!!!
    ive been reading your blog for forever i guess..
    realy update myself to ur life..
    i think ur the best blogger sbb u are giving away free perfumeee..hehe.. btw sbb its a free stuff, i want it soooooo bad.. ahahahahahhahahahha....

  80. hye dear! finally. lama gila tunggu u update blog. teehee.

    only if my comment be choosen, i like the BLUE JEANS more. macam menggiurkan biru dia kan. hehe.

  81. Hi Dear, when people ask me how to look stylo mylo in tudung i would always answer, 'try to have a look at this url ''..heheh. and i tell them, she wears tudung n still looks so stylo!
    Keep up the style babe! u look gorgeous!

    Ps: Versace Red Jeans for Woman

  82. Hi Dear, when people ask me how to look stylo mylo in tudung i would always answer, 'try to have a look at this url ''..heheh. and i tell them, she wears tudung n still looks so stylo!
    Keep up the style babe! u look gorgeous!

    Ps: Versace Red Jeans for Woman
    MY email:

  83. happy anniversary to
    Stay kewl..
    I nak menang perfume..hehehe..

  84. Happy Anniversary to
    Stay Kewl, yeah!
    I nak menang lil cute perfume..hehe..

  85. Hi Wany!!!

    ohh another contest..below is URL for my previous entry about ur prize!

    nanti i fikir comment ape nak drop kat sini..nak menang lagi boleh?

  86. Hi Wani.
    I wish I can win Versace Red Jeans in conjunction with your 24months stylo blog anniversary. Keep writing:D

  87. Hi Wany... if you still don't have the red jeans, i still got 1 to sell for only RM79. just buzz me if you're interested ;-)

  88. assalamualaikum wani!

    why tak de sape comment nie?semua tak nak eh perfume nie..kasi i je larr..hehehe :)

    tetiba excited dpt jadi 1st commenter which i pon tak tahu apa nak comment..

    anyway,i tak sabar tunggu u cuti sebab nnt u leh update blog [more frequently of course!] :)

    take care wani :)

    [Versace Red Jeans for Woman!]

  89. hello!!!!!! excited sangat tgk adiah nyer!! honestly, i suka usual, i read your blog everyday, updated with your news and im sp glad you make this giveway. ok. since its or your blog anniversary, i guess, some speech will be sweet..

    wany, i harap u akan terus mengupdate blog you, letak lagi banyak cerita, sentiasa dekelilingi readers and stalkers yang baik macam i.. success wit nuffnang :-) happy dengan fam n kawan2 u...n berjaya dunia akhirat..... amin....

    last giveaway ( fridge magnet ), i xdapat.. but hopefully this one will be my luck! :-) however, im still u kipas susah mati reader! ok? gud ,luck!

    i'll choose the blue versace :-)

    my email :


  90. hye.. baru je Follow U and n0w is ur Blog Annivesary m0nth.. hehe ^^

    saje nak try ne tau saya ni bertuah ke kan.. hehe..

    Anyway this is my email.. and this is my blog URL

    and of course saya nak yang Versace Red Jeans for Woman tu.. hehe

    tak pernah merasa perfume mahal2 ni sbnrnye.. ^^

    that's all.. ^^

  91. hi wani!
    i'm ur silent reader & this is my 1st comment here.:)

    why i'm interested to have that Versace Red Jeans for Woman is just because it is the 1st perfume that I've bought& own!Masa tu baru form 2 & tak berapa nak berduit nak beli perfume so susah2 la kumpul pocket money nak beli yg original!hehe.honestly, the smell is really nice.

    if i ade rezeki to have it from u wani, i anggap it is a special wedding gift frm you since i baru kawen.;)the smell will remind me masa zaman remaja hingusan.;p

    anyway,keep blogging dear!:)

  92. hi wany!!!wow...perfume itu looks interesting..sangat menggiurkan..i prefer blue than red i think..always drop by here and suke bile wany buat entry yang ade gbr coz u have style!feel free to singgah kat my blog:)



  93. wanie u make me wanna blog!!!! i dont have one btw

  94. hopefully I'm the only one who comment! hihi
    RED! RED! RED!!

  95. hopefully I'm the only one who comment! hihi
    RED! RED! RED!!

  96. hai dear ....i really wanna it since my perfume pun dah habih

    my email


  97. wow...beruntung betul jadi reader wani..hehehhe.... bestnye kalau dapat versace red jeans.....

  98. i love red jeans for Woman!!

    start to know ur blog from ur sisters' blog...fall in love with ur style of writing..very the selambe..hehehe..somotimes get envy to see you dress up because u know how to mix and match...learn how to wera a tudung also from ur blog..thank you...

  99. hi Schazwany!!!

    nice to read u'r blog tau..n nice also to join 'Win This', myb i'm the lucky one..:)..For me, i choose Versace Red Jeans for Woman because i'm a women..gagagaga..n i think tis is the best smelling perfume with the spicy + flowery scene. I'ts also very feminine. The smells much more expensive then it really is tau..i also like the packaging of this perfume, the metal tin can be re-use such as for my make up brushes..I hope i win this Versace Red Jeans for Woman!!!!..Amin..

    tis is my emel =

    Tq dear..:)

  100. I wan I wan....since it on April n my bday also on 18 April as my bday gift...and my email ( and my choice will be Versace Red Jeans for Woman

  101. hai wani..

    sy mau yg keler biru.. :)
    not for me...for my hubby...
    hope he's d lucky one...


  102. happy anniversary. hope your blog will last till ever. jeans)

  103. shida sahidi11/3/10 12:23 AM

    Hai wani~

    the best thing about ur blog is when u keep updating about your heels, ur dress & ur style/fashion...especially when you put your heels in ur bro's car..amazing~~ woman will see all those shoes..but man will see the car,which is caldina..=) that is the different between man and woman right?..

    keep it up dear~ =)

    i love that Versace Red Jeans for Woman..really wanna try them..=) i love RED~


  104. hye wanie.. i'm ur silent reader..
    tiga2 blog ur sibling i follow hahaha iza n hanis..
    Just try my luck okey..
    my email


  105. hye.
    im your silent reader, and i dont know i orang keberape yang drop comments to win this perfume. actually, i like to read your blog. i jumpa url blog you from you sister's blog. Ini bukan ayat memuji yea, but seriously, your blog full with stories of your life yang tak nampak fake. its like you, are just being yourself. and its cool =). Just for your informations, if i do wins one of the perfumes, i would like to give away to my dad since his birthday just passed on 9th of march.. Daa.. same month with your blog's anniversary aite.. So, dont know what else to say. just nak you remain this blog, keep it up, be a good girl =) and have super blast life!! thnks.

    my email:

    i choose : Versace Blue Jeans for man!

  106. Hye Wani, seriously just simply drop my email here is it?

    Happy anniversary for your blog and take care! :)

  107. jeans give away?? sukenyee....been using red jeans since 10yrs ago..sgt wangi..rilex je bau die..seswai for casual use...suke suke..

  108. red it love it love...been using it since form 4 lg..dah 10yrs...the scent is so casual u can use it day n nite...

  109. Red Jeans Women

    Great original scent that last for ages!... Hehehhe

  110. wow.... nice giveaway..... I prefer red jeans.... actually tak penah bau pun).... randomly choose Red

  111. wah bestnye kalo dpt versace red jeans perfume ni...best2

    dpt wangi2....

  112. masa kecik2 dulu i ada Versace Pink Jeans. so this time i nak Versace Red Jeans pulak lah. :)

    my email:

  113. d aqila..ur silent reader..been reading ur blog since long time ago..but i dnt ave any google acc or blog coz im not good in writing i ave a chance 2 win it?if not it's email u..

  114. if im not d 1st choice would be versace red jeans 4 woman..thanx wani

  115. Ofcoz red!!
    nice blog btw!=)

  116. wanie,

    i wanna join..
    Red Jeans


  117. Hi Wani,

    Kalau dpt Versace Red Jeans for Woman pun best! Ni first time mencuba ni. Dah la my perfume hampir habis nie. Kalau dpt, you telah menjimatkan duit shopping saya. hehe


  118. happY anniversary wani!
    speaking of da choice of perfume, would to have Blue jeansssssssssssssss.


    anyway, gud luck for everything..

  119. Versace Red Jeans for Woman!

  120. Hey there gurldix@waniey sexy lady =)

    I've been your silence reader all this while (heck this script is totally cliche for u rite?) hehe anyways, its true and i think i wanted to give a try for this. I like reading ur blog, in fact ur sisters' as well. u guys are different and i love ur style so much. I love how u mix match ur tops and ur scarves and ur handbags! Handbags? They are all amazing i wish i have that much of money to buy each of them! okay now im blabbing!.

    That's it. Stay roxx lady! =)


  121. hi wany!!

    it's Farah here..interested sgt nk win one of the pefumes... my

    i interested sgt with the Red Jeans perfume..heee =p

    take care dear...

  122. i wantttttttt
    d red versace.:)

  123. happy 2nd anniversary wanie..sila lah update sll ;)

  124. salam.

    saya nn :)
    choice of perfume=Versace Red Jeans for Woman

    thank you :)

  125. hey what a tempting gift :P
    my email:
    choice of perfume: RED FOR WOMEN

  126. Blue jeans for my hubby! :)

  127. Hi Wany,

    I pun nak join contest ni..I want Versace Red Jeans because saya punye perfume dah abess..and x de duit nak beli baru pluss its like my birthday gift la sbb on 12 March hari tu my birthday hheehe..

    Btw..congratss on your Blog anniversary..i loike ur blog sgt2..nanti kalau your blog tambah popular bile annivesary ur blog kite leh buat malam gala blog wany plak..ehehehe...see ya

  128. i choose the red jeans and this is my emel

  129. Salam.
    Hi Wani..
    I'm your silent reader..
    Just try my luck!
    Choice of perfume:- Blue jeans
    Reason:- pelbagaikan perfume my other half (hahahaha..)


  130. Aaa i want i want !!~

    Saya mauuu Versace Red Jeans for Woman

    Hope i'll be the lucky winner.

    P/S : Yeah, i'm the first one to comment this entry. Wee-hoo! (Haha itu pun if betul2 first. LOL!)

  131. hai wanie..nak cuba nasiblah


    i choose RED JEANS because..i'm a woman :p

  132. keep blogging.waiting for ur next anniversary 2011.


    Red Jeans for me please ;)

  133. hi waniey.. the dateline is way too long for me to wait.. but i'll wait.. i really enjoy reading your blog even you hardly update it..

  134. today is my speacial day, bcoz it's my birthday.. so i nak try nasib la. hehehe & choice of perfume of course Versace Red Jeans for Woman..


  135. salam..

    I would like to have Red Jeans for this contest..


    Mama Zara

  136. Salam wany,
    tgh bloghop ternmpak plak ur gmbar versace red jeans!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    So i nak pilih

    Versace Red Jeans for Woman!!

    my email add is

    tq dear!

  137. hi wani...
    heppi blog anniversary to this blog..

    silently reading each day... to caching up with fashion... shopping... and cool stuffs... and even places to go...
    just drop this few words today...who know the red jeans gonna be mine .. :D

    again heppi birthday schazwanyhameed's blog..

  138. hi,dear!
    kinda interested with this just try my luck lah hihihi.

    i prefer the Red jeans because i simply love red colour <3

    Miss S.

  139. hai schazwany!
    saya pembaca baru belog awak.. ^^
    hee~ sangat comel dan best la!

    dear, i nak perfume tu boleh..?
    and my choice adalah Versace Red Jeans! ^__^

    happy blogging!

    this is my email darl!

  140. i want i want i want it Versace Red Jeans.......

    Thank you in advance :P

  141. Hepi 2nd anniversaty..Love to read all your story mory..keep writing ya!
    RED JEANS pliss

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. This comment has been removed by the author.

  144. wany there..wany. i have posted the comment before and i dun remmberr the perfume that i request for, if im not mistaken, it wa sblue but can i change it to the red one? hehehe... wany, i really want to win this, not only because i want the perfume badly, but because i want somthing from my favourite blogger.. i had no luck to win the FM before, so..i hope i will be luckier this time..
    appy blogging wany!!

    in case if u can't find my email:


  145. hi dear..
    i belek2 magazine intrend (april) ruangan klik dan blog.. normally, i tak terpanggil utk bukak pun blog lain, but when i saw your shoes collection in car boot, OMG! just like me! hehehe.. i browsed your blog, and u are so funny!
    by the way, im not the one who's interested in blogging..but i love to read your blog.. sounds sincere to me..u go girl!

    p/s: i like your shoes boutique idea.. :) i pun gila kasut mcm u.. hope can have my own walk-in closet soon!

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

    liana kori
    (find me at Facebook) see u dear!
    versace red jeans

  146. happy 2nd anniversary...

    nak jugak perfume tu...
    nk ermm...

    ----------red jeans------


  147. Love reading your blog, sis... Happy Anniversay!

    would love to have the Red Jeans


  148. salam wani...

    syoknye ade contest cam nie.. :)
    nk cube nasib jugaklah...
    mane tau ade rezeki.. insyaallah..

    i love to read ur blog.. jgn pernah terfikir untuk berhenti berblog yee..

    semoga wani di murahkan rezeki dan gembira selalu...

    my name: siti
    email :
    my choice : Versace Red Jeans for Woman!! yuhuuu..syoknye kalo dapat..

  149. Salam for my dear Wani..

    harap masih x terlambat to join this contest...mesti pening you nak pilih winner kan..sbb dah byk giler comments nih!

    Neway, 1stly salam perkenalan from me as this is my 1st time I drop a comment for ur blog eventho' I've been following ur blog since you the day you start blogging.

    Actually I start follow ur sisters blog dulu, n when you started blogging too...reading ur blog is a must for me now.

    Everytime I on9 I will hopefully open ur blog for a new post.

    I can say that you and ur sisters are really beautiful..inside and out...
    so, I just hope you'll succeed in ur life, meet ur true love, hav a glamorous wedding and bless with cute charm children... n' not to forget, continue with great blog.

    May ALLAH will always cherish you with bless and happiness.

    *I may have the blue one if you will generously choose me as the luckiest person in the world! =)
    (Sbb dah 5 thn kot x beli new perfume! kesian kan! hehe....)

    sis Suraya

  150. wani...omg best nye.tiba2 je silent reader trus terjah comment box =)

    I nak Versace Red Jeans for Woman!!!


  151. Hy wanie just want to say that i really love the smell of red jeans..
    i'm using red jeans at primary school and this is the 1st perfume that i bought and till now i still love the smell of red jeans..
    ermm..if i lucky to win red jeans perfume i will give the perfume to my lovely one..

    hope i'm lucky enough..huhuhuhu..

  152. wahhh!hey wani!mcm bes je..nk try jgak..dh lame dh jd silent reader..hehe
    of coz nk2
    Versace Red Jeans for Woman :D

  153. wahhhh!hey wani!mcm bes je giveaway nie..nk try jugak..hehe..dh lame jd silent reader nie..of coz kalo buleh nak2 Versace Red Jeans for Woman :D


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