Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hello my dearie readers!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates! Life's a little busy right now. And I may sound like a broken stereo for having to say this for so many times already! =P (Sorry!)

Anyway, I just want to update you that:

  • I've done sorting out some stuff that I wanted to give, as well as sell them. (So be prepared!)
  • I don't like my timetable for this semester. (Monday/Wednesday balik pukul 5 pm! Tuesday/Thursday pulak, kena bangun awal! And Friday got class summore ah? Haiyaa) =P
  • I think I prefer to stay off campus rather than staying in Mahallah Nusaibah.
  • This semester is going to be really reallllyyyy busy! =(
  • I'm addicted to Jonas Brothers song called Fly With Me.
  • I'm torn between 3 things right now (and it's really really killing me! God please show me some signs and please pleaseee make it come true!)
  • Aging is making me paranoid more than ever.
  • My favorite color now is dark green.
  • And my camera is broken (too!) Darn it! (I swear technology really does hate me!! Grrrrr..)
  • Lately I always have the stupid PMS although my period is about to end. (Pms sampai bila weh? penat la rasa sensitif macam ni. Ishhhhh)
  • I want you.
  • I found the mug that I got a few years ago for SPM, which I thought I had lost it. (So yeay!)
  • Hati saya terasa letih lelah lesu. =(
  • I need more baju!
  • I'll be going to Perth in about 8 hours time (for about a week)
  • And I will also be absent from class for a week! Eeeek! *sukahati je!* =P
  • I miss my bestfriends. Really. =(
  • I only wish for one thing for my next birthday.
  • I am a grumpy young lady. And I think I should stop writing right this second before I start to merepek.
  • ..And I should start packing my stuff nowww!

So okay. Bubbye!

I need a break.


  1. have a safe journey!!

  2. no 17 tu include aku tak?? =p


    aku rindu kau la wani, hope u'r doin fine wherever u are.

    take care. =)

  3. no 17 tu include aku tak?? =p


    aku rindu kau la wani, hope u'r doin fine wherever u are.

    take care. =)

  4. bestnyaaa!!

    happy holidays!

  5. rindula nak tgk muka wany...;)

  6. bestnya dh sort out baju2.. hehehhe
    agak2 ada peluang ke?

  7. wani,nnti beli fridge magnets from aussie pastu jual eh...kak suzie nak beli,reserve for me ok..hehe..


  8. happy holidays..perth is very relaxing so have fun and have a good break...

  9. suke je die skip classes.. eheh

    have fun at perth :)

  10. dear, bile nak jual the baju? takut ter'miss'....

  11. wany..nak tnye sket..u ade stock eyeliner stila n foundation die lg x..?i nak beli..

  12. hye nora, baby..always ready to test me..lucky thing i tak layan...klu tidak mesti awak merajukkan's ur day today? read on tweety u bought a lot of shoes? hope u had fun for or esok bank islam is going to inform me of my loan application...klu thursday i can get my new car..huuhhuhu cant for the 3k.. hopefully i can get it back by this week huhuhuh....then everything will go back to normal...sayang...i rindu u tau..tak mau notty2 without me....i love u..take care..cant wait to see u..

  13. Hai hai...

    I love your's so fun to read, nothing stressful and your wordings are really funky. Love it love it love it.
    Keep on writing stuffs ok...

    Follow ya!


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