Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hair Talk.

Chopped off my long hair!

Like I told you in my previous entry, I chopped off my long hair the other day. Well.. I kinda like it! It's very simple though, nothing fancy nothing modish. Just a normal trim and a clean-cut. At first I wanted to do like a bob cut or something or..maybe like Victoria Beckham's stylish pixie cut.. But then I thought the bob cut is too boring now, right? (although I know that my hair type would look really nice with the bob cut. teehee. - me, this does not come from me. The senior hairstylist in S.A.W Salon said this to me. He's a professional, and I have to agree with him.heh. Oh, and even all my friends and parents liked my hair when I had a Posh's Bob Cut 2 years ago. hee).

And the pixie cut on the other hand, does look carefree and easy to maintain the hair, but then again.. I have a really chubby face (Or more like huge cheeks). And IMO, that cut wouldn't look so nice on people like me. I have to get the pipi cekung/cengkung first then only I'll consider to have that kinda hairstyle. But until then, I have to have a much simpler haircut that covers my pipi kembong. =P

So anyway..when the hairstylist asked me what kinda style I wanted, I said, "Just make it a shoulder length and no layering on the ends, please"

Well..My new haircut is something like this. (And I do look like a nerdy high school girl, now! heee)

I hate it when they always somehow will try to nipiskan my thick hair by using that hair thinning shears/scissors. I know, it'll add a lil' bit style to the hair, but I just don't like it. Especially when my hair starts to grow.. Nampak macam tak even nanti.

Oh, and another thing I hate about going to salon, is that they will try to squeeze every penny inside your pocket by saying all those horrible and weird things about your hair hoping that you'd feel very ugly and hence will do every treatment and services that they have there to offer.
Well.. the things that they usually say to me:

Like the shampoo that I'm using is not suitable for my hair (and then later she'll start to show their products and everything), like commenting that my hair is so annoyingly thick and ask to do this and that treatment or use their special products or whateverr (which I think, they're exaggerating lebih-lebih je sebab I don't think mine is that tebal annoying pun), like pointing out that my straight hair isn't so straight and asked to do the rebonding thing, like asking me to color my black hair with some freaking orange or blonde or whatsoever tubes and colors that were on the rack, and said I look so boring with my natural hair shade. (Wth?) on and so forth. Ada aje dia nak comment.

Normally I would ignore whatever things they had to say about my hair because by looking at their own hair pun, I knowww that theirs are not that healthy pun. Tengok diorang color rambut and letak macam-macam products kat rambut diorang pun cukup lah, I know that they're not consider as a healthy hair.

Well, maybe I don't know much about hair. But I'd like to stay away from hair styling tools, chemicals and whatnot as much as I can. I know I don't have the greatest hair. But I like to think that by doing those things, my hair will never look good and it will damage the hair over a certain period of time. So I will try to avoid it as much as possible.

So, sukati la kan. =)

I mean, if your hair could talk, it would surely ask you never to color, perm, straighten, and even blow dry it! These things could cause your hair to be very dry, split ends, hair breakage, frizz and damage. (Sian dia). =P

However, at some point in your life (your wedding day, attending party/event, and etc) you might want to wear a different hairstyle or color right? So..I'd say, let's just save your styling tools and products for occasional use lah. Thus for your everyday look, I suggest that you should just let your hair be as natural as it supposed to be and free from all those things that'll damage your locks.

This implies to every woman out there. Bertudung or not bertudung. Just because you cover your hair, doesn't mean you should neglect it! A simple daily hair care will do. (Read here for 6 simple daily hair care routine that you should do)

Since your hair is a valuable natural fiber, you should treat it with as much care as you would maintain your silk baju kurung, in order to get it looking at its best. If your hair is in poor condition because of neglect, or if it has been subjected to harsh treatment, don't be so worry about it. Because with care and attention, you should be able to restore its bounce and glossy sheen.
As with skin, what you eat affects your hair. And I know that this sounds cliche, but you really are what you eat! (Just look who's talking: She used to eat McDonald's practically everyday and now her bod does look like that Double Cheese Burger! Lol)

So anyway..I was told by this one nutritionist that poor nutrition will leave hair feeling brittle and under-nourished. So, go ahead and google what stuff are great for your hair.

Ok lah, I think I should stop here. Next time I will talk more about hair care/tips k girls! =)



  1. yup yup. rrambut memang kene jaga even pki tudung . tp kkan. rambut i ni jenis mengerbang. mcm singa.kalo bgun tido lak macam hantu. but one thing for sure, i enjoy the head feels lighter when i cut my hair short...o

  2. i always want to cut my hair, tp sayaaaannng sbb lambat it will take it forever to grow back~

  3. The only time I did something to my hair was like 5 years ago - went to a hair salon to straighten it and now menyesal gilaaa! I lost a lot of hair since then *sobs*

  4. i want to see your new hair cut wani!!!

  5. mini_ace: i can't help but laughed out loud when i read ur comment! "mengerbang macam singa. bgn tido macam hantu". kelaka laaa... hehee

  6. wani, just when i wanted to straighten my hair..and then suddenly i read this entry made me think twice.. my fren pon asik selalu kena stret kan je..kalau tak, rambut dia keep on mcm nmpk rosak..

    thank u adik for the kind reminder!

  7. Oh God, macam dejavu baca entry ni! Sebab apa yang tukang gunting rambut u komen pasal rambut u tu SEMUA are exactly the same as apa i pernah kena. haha. keji la the way they try to milk out our money. betul like what u said, it's our hair, sukati la kan.

  8. i chopped my hair yesterday.. huhU~ buat treatment skali.. first time and i found out it relaxing! hehe.. rambut i mmg kering dekat hujung2.. i bought the recommanded syampoo by kerastase and serum for my dry hair.. hopefully it works because it cost me a boom!

  9. heya wanie, first time i datang sini hehe :D
    im so bored in office! internship!

  10. hehe..mmg leceh kan nak jaga rambut? but i agree with u on just let the hair be naturally..baru lah tak rosak..and i'd like to see ur new haircut!

  11. hi wani :)
    u gunting rambut kat mana ya? bole recommend. thanks :)


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