Monday, December 7, 2009

New Semester

Hello girls!

It has been like a week or so you haven't heard any updates from me, ey? Do you miss me? heh. Well I do have to say that living a life without computers (and internet especially) can make me feel almost empty and bored to death! Ye la, I was on my semester the only thing I wanted to do was to blog, blog, blog, blog and update you guys on whatever things yang I suka merepek kat sini since I tak selalu update it during my school days..tapi itulah, like I told you earlier, the notebook got corrupted and crashed while I was innocently using it the other day =P
And no, my dad's lappie is still in ICU.. So I now, is using my laptop and on a 'Safe Mode'. Eh, just a quick question though, how safe is this Safe Mode ey? Kenapa semua benda besarrr..tak best la..huhu. *Yer, saya tahu, saya bodoh i.t. And I don't speak gadget lingo. Nanti saya pergi repair ye abang-abang sekalian. Hopefully tak kena tipu dah la. haha*


Today was my first day of this second semester of Year 2009/2010. And I managed to add 7 subjects online. . Alhamdulillah sem ni tak payah nak buat manual. But..unfortunately, all subjects that I took are the elective ones. And agak tak berapa nak best. (eh..sem lain-lain pernah ke ada yang best? haha)

Ughh..meaning, more reading and reading and reading = bohrrrringg.. I'm thinking to drop one subject kot. Can't afford to study 7 subjects in one semester lah.. But still don't know which one to drop..

So anyway this morning when I woke up, I was quite bersemangat waja nak pergi sekolah - nak meet the bestfriends untuk bergelak ketawa dan bersuka ria sambil makan Maggi Goreng Pedas, sincedudukrumahsangatboringtakdelaptopselamasatuminggu.. jadi, saya pun dengan semangatnya, bersiaplah bagai tuan puteri untuk pergi ke kelas. (fyi, kalau saya siap bagai tuan puteri tu, meaning saya tengah semangat lah tu.. Semua benda nak matching.. -my heels, my tudung, my bag, my baju..and I will take my own sweet little time untuk menggedikkan diri. Lol. Kalau tak, selalunya hampeh..Siap 10 minit je and pakai selipar jamban je pi klass..Serious tak tipu!) =P

So then..after been stucked in jam for half and hour and paid RM 1 toll fee, and RM 20 for fuel..sampai-sampai je campus, was told by a friend of mine that classes were cancelled. Lecturer tu takde. Perghh.. Sabarrr je lah! Well..actually, I have another class in the afternoon..tapi saya dah takde mood nak pergi..haha. So..I went home straight, to have my lunch and then off to JJ to watch Planet 51. What a cute movie! I like that cute little dog! =)

Andd..I also chopped my hair.

Relieved. =)

Dah..tu je nak bagitau! Chioww! Selamat kembali ke sekolah, kawan-kawan!



  1. 7 subjects?Banyaknye!I'm taking 4 classes this semester.Tu pun dah busy sgt2.

  2. tak pe ke ponteng sayanggggg?

  3. nana: tu la..i nak still tak sure nak drop satu je ke or 2..huhu

    cik jijah: errr...'takpe' kot.. sebab baru 1st week. haha =P

  4. U from UIA? teringat plak dah lama tak online adding subject mcm nie.. kalau dh sampai date jer, tercongok depan PC nak add subject.. oh life.. lamanya dah tinggalkan UIA.. nice blog!


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