Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boggle Night

Last night me,and my friends had our dinner at Pan Bakery ..and we played a game too! The game is called Boggle. and it belongs to my BIL,btw.. (Pinjam ye! hehee)

The game is quite easy and fun too! It's a 3-minute word search game! We have to shake up the lettered cubes and drop them into the grid and start the timer. Then race to see who can list up the most words. And the person with the highest point values, wins! (Girl always lose,btw! huhuh ;p )

Anyway, later that night... We took some silly photos of the three of us in car.huhu

Ouh man... I still got loads of assignments to be done!! =(
hmm..I better get started..


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