Friday, June 6, 2008

Siti Aisyah Sabri.

I met my childhood friend today! Siti Aisyah. Long time no see!!
The last time I saw her when I was in form 2.. tu pun kejap je.. kat's been 7 years!!

and we’ve been friends since I was erm…… standard 3 I think..
Slalu pas skolah main same2 laa..makan same la,etc.. hehe.

We went to The Gardens just now.. She wanted to meet me.. We missed each other so much.. Dah lame sgt x jumpe.. Asik sms,call je.. So now..baru jumpe..
I fetch her at d tasek slatan LRT station this morning and then he had our breakfast at A&W Connaught..pastu baru balik umah,siap2 then gi Gardens..
we did some shopping too.. She bought MNG jeans and M&S tshirt. and I bought a black corset and pants.. =)

I ate this.. French Onion soup. Sedap!

time to go home now...

Hmm..nanti kluar lagi k!! ;)


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  1. wani....
    aku baru baca blog nie....
    windu nyerh....
    aku dah kayt shah alam...penat gler...
    ko ok?
    k la...tcare...


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