Monday, June 30, 2008

Driver of the day..

Hari ini kerja saya hantar orang.. huhuh.. =)

Being the comel-est daughter and sister, today I brought mommy and big sister to their dream destination..hehee =P

Pavillion = mama , KLCC = Along.

The other day, I offered Along a Clarins Mother-to-be treatment.. Ever since she got pregnant, she looked so restless and I always hear she said, sakit tu sakit ni.. and she also told me that she often skip her facial routine..
So I decided to give her this 2-hour treatment as her belated b-day present. hehee..


I hope you're feeling better and like the treatment, ah-long! =)

..and this morning mama wished to go to KL too.. She wanted to collect her jewelleries at Pavillion. but she doesn't know how to get there. So she asked for my service. hehee.. =)

After Along had finished her beauty treatment, we had our lunch at CPK and then later we went to Pavillion to get mommy's bling bling..hehe.


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