Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stila Girls

Today is 9th of April 2008.

It's Girl and Mama’s birthday.. So I went to Pavilion to buy presents for them… Really don’t know what to buy..
At last, I made a decision to buy makeup for both of them.. Plus I’m a Stila member, so..if I spend at Stila, I’m gonna get stickers! hehe..

Unfortunately, Girl was really new into this whole makeup thing. I’m not even sure she liked the idea of having something to be applied on the lips, on the eyes, on the cheeks, or maybe under the eyes?
Hmm… Well… since this is her 21st birthday, so I thought maybe I should give her something which is urm... womanly. hehe.
Just so you know, Girl likes to wear sneakers instead of stilettos and a sling-bag instead of a handbag. So sorry girl, if you don’t like it! I know you don’t fancy makeup, but hey… its time to change aite? Hehehe…

I bought for her just the basic ones(for a beginner.heh), a plumping Lip Glaze, a Kajal eyeliner, a mascara and a Stila notebook. And as for mama, since she didn’t really into this make-up stuff, so I decided to give her the Illuminating Tinted Sunscreen and a Daisy creme lipstick. The only face-coloring thing that she uses is lipstick. Or maybe just a lip-gloss. Other than that, nada. I guess maybe that’s why people always say she looked young. Hurm.. I wanted to look younger because I’m sick and tired of hearing people always say I look like 24 or 25 or something. Urgh. People! I am TWENTY ONE only okay!! Heesh. Since I was in high school people always thought I’m 20-ish. I don’t even wear any makeup at that time. I guess it’s not the makeup that makes me look older than my age; it’s just my very own face memang nampak mature kot. Haihh.. That’s why I can use mum’s cc even when I was 14! Hehe.. ;p

And of course, I deserve some gifts to myself too, right? Hehee.

I bought a blusher, 5 eye colors, an oil makeup remover, and a brow polish.

I got lotsa free stuffs too!! I love that guy at the Stila counter there! He generously gave me 2 notebooks(one for me & one for cik Girl), a full-sized liquid eyeliner, an 8-pan eye shadow palette with a #26 brush(because I bought 5 eye colors), a lip glaze, a #29 brush, a full-size illuminating foundie, and 2 stila containers to put all my brushes or mascaras & liners,etc.

hehee.. I feel so lucky! heh ;)

and I collected 4 stars for today.. another 4 stars to go for me to get that bag! ;D

Anyway, to my girls;

Have a very Happy Birthday!



  1. omg which stila counter u go to? why so many freebies? that's really cool of that guy lah! the freebies he give u is not sample/small size also! n the brushes r so dam expensive.. i can't believe u got 2 notebooks (i had to beg my SA to give me 1 notebook CEH) wow... container also 2, bag also got... foundation liquid, lip glaze, eyeliner. OMG i am so jealous and angry at my stila counter now. I feel that i've spent so much n they r so stingy! (that's why i dun go there anymore)

  2. shiat! i just notice u got the big diary book too??? u know i spend rm200++ the first day, n second day rm200 again = ok la total rm400 right? during that diary book promotion n the SA still won't give it to me! (wtf it's jus different day i buy things only, but still spent as much! why not just give me...CEH now i more angry at my SA duwan support them anymore)

    u better tell me which counter u go to!!! i need to change counters!

  3. heheehee...relax darling! i know u're angry.. i would too..because by reading on ur blog, i know u spent a lot for stila,huh? hehehe..

    anyway, i went at Pavillion..

    i always go maybe that's y that guy didnt mind to give me lotsa freebies..hehe..

  4. pavillion? so the SA there very nice!

    u can't believe lah..

    i buy few things also no freebies, alwiz pushing me top up to get the tier gifts baru dapat those freebies. Never was there a time they willingly throw me some nice stuffs bcoz i support them (since 2003). (2006 i was at 1utama counter as regular).

    alot of times just wondering how come other ppl get freebies while i have to beg them or ask for it. Dam memalukan coz they alwiz duwan give! even a small sample mascara! notebook pun kena beg for it. OH worst is when I needed a stila paperbag to put my things from their mother's day event (cupcake n drink), they don't want give to me a bag -stupid-!!

  5. oh my god..really? its just a bloody paper bag! durhh!! why la..they all so stupid eh? hehe.

    as their loyal customers..they shud treat us nicely!!

    especially u! u supported them ever since they arrived in malaysia rite?!

    hmm...u should write a letter to their manager! n say that how dissappointed u are with stila! n how kedekut they can be sometimes!



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