Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuck in road traffic?

I know, you guys HATE getting stuck in traffic. Everybody does. It such a waste of time and money.
We spend a lot for our fuel and then the gasoline are wasted idling in traffic jams. And unfortunately, widening roads does not really seem to help - Paving more of the planet, it turns out, that this is not the solution. These days, traffic jams are nearly unescapable... =(

Hmm.. So..what should we do then?

Crazy traffic jams!

Traffic congestion is frustrating to no end, and it fills us with hate. It’s a bad situation that too many people had to deal with every single day. Thus, this could lead to stress and anxiety, which is not good at all. But oh well.. I can say that I’m pretty calm when I drive. I never really get mad or stress when I’m driving. Maybe because I always have things to do while driving..hehee.  (IF I get stuck in traffic la, not while driving all the way!)

Okay, this might sound a lil' bit crazy, but hey, I feel good doing it! So what, if people next to my car are looking at me like I'm some kind of a weirdo. I don't give a damn. hehee.. =P

Well.. Usually when I'm stuck in a traffic jam, I would always have the radio blaring sooo loud!! And I would singing my heart and lungs out. hehee.. Sometimes I even get sore throat because I overuse my vocal cords! haha. (that's what you get for singing so loud or I should say, shouting) hehee. Sometimes I would even record my own voice while I'm singing! haha. I know, lame! ;P

And sometimes, I would do some brainwork too. Maybe like, written down my ideas for my assignment or anything..
Or maybe I would memorize my notes before the exams or anything..

And then.. when I get so bored sitting in my car alone, I would start counting how many red cars or blue or white, etc. Or maybe how many people in other cars are picking their noses! ;p

Hmm.. what else....

Oh yeah, sometimes I would kombar2 kan my handbag and see what can I do with any of the stuff to play with.heh. Camera ke, purse ke, or anything.. then I'd rearrange and organize my bag and purse, etc.

Or maybe, if I'm going out and I knew that later I would stuck in the jam, I will bring all my essential make up stuff and apply them in my car WHILE DRIVING. Heee

See... there are a lot of things to do to in your car, to make yourself more relaxed while in traffic.. So you don't have to stress out my dear! Oh, and you could do a little reading too like reading newspapers or your fave books. And perhaps call anyone, your boyfriend, your bestfriend, your nanny, etc. Talking on the phone while in jam can help you not to feel so bored. Or you can even listen to the radio or Gotcha Calls on Hitz.FM or your fave cds, while having some snacks.. You can have your breakfast if you’re driving to work/class in the morning.. chocolate or biscuits or sandwich or protein bar or something. Or maybe nasi goreng, nasi lemak, or mee goreng mamak pun boleh..hehe. Letak dlm tupperware. Like I always do if I'm running late! huhu ;p

Well.. I guess that's all for now..

Don't stress out yourself again next time you stuck in jam will ya? =)

I’m sure there is no way to make you actually like being stuck in traffic. Traffic jams are among the most irritating obstacles in our daily routines. But cutting down on stress at this point can be a relief.. Therefore, try to avoid traffic congestion. You could leave early like 6 o' clock in the morning or so, if your work start at 8am or maybe earlier.. or maybe you should have an alternate route..

Or perhaps, u should just skip classes or work! and sleep all day long! haha ;p

Okay, have a nice day people!


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