Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've got a few projects or plans during my vacation weeks.. heh. Hopefully I can get all these done in about 2 weeks from now. =)

First, I gotta qada' all my tdo that I've missed,

Second, I have to learn some cooking skills. heh. For my future needs. huhu. =P

Third, I NEED to refurbish, refresh , rejuvenante, and recondition my room. I kinda bored of having too much pinks. the curtains, the walls, my comforter, luggages, etc. Too much pink! Macam budak merah pun ade gak. huhu.
So I'm gonna have to renovate it to become a lil' bit more serious. heh. Maybe i could use more white color stuffs. hmm.. white's okay i guess. It looks clean too.
(itu pun kalau rajin la.. tah2 separuh jalan je buat. huhu)

Fourth, Aizat wanted me to do a hand-made birthday card, for his friend. A special one, i think.hehe.. and he'll pay me! woo-hoo! I am sooo going to make the card! hehee ;)

Fifth, dad wanted me to teach Aizat add maths. hurm.. i guess i'll be his tutor larh for 2 weeks.

hmm.. that's about it. I really really hope I could get all these things done before my new semester starts.


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