Thursday, April 17, 2008

Manicure and Pedicure

Today i had my homemade manicure & pedicure spa. But it was a bit difficult doing it all by myself. I rather do it at a nail bar or something..hehe. No fuss at all. =)

Every now and then, I would have a manicure treat.. and sometimes, when I have my period, I would color my nails too.heheh. For 2 or 3 days only.. For the nail colors, I'd prefer all the natural colors like soft pink, nude & skin color, beige and et cetera. These natural colors would make your fingers look longer. But, I'd still prefer the french manicure. Although some may say it's outdated, but I think it's classic. =)

Well.. I know, we muslims are not allowed to color our nails because if we were to die, the nail polish could not be removed or maybe boleh, tapi susah..
So that's why I always buy the cheap ones. The one that could be removed without using the nail color remover. It's like it became a sticker or something when the color dries.. and it's chippable too.. heh.

..And I like to see at my very own nails when it's perfectly and well manicured! hehe.. Rase mcm seronok sorang2..huhuh ;p

This is the tools and instruments for the mani and pedi..hehe

I washed my hands & feet first and make sure they're clean.

Next, I used my foot & body scrub and start scrubing my hands & feet. And massage away all the dead skin cells using circular movements.

After that, I soaked my hands and feet in a luke warm water that contains salt, aromatherapy oil, and some petals.

And then later, I put some of my body mask, and seals my whole hands & feet.hehe

After they have dried, I rinsed it off and then starts doing all the essential nail manicure things like; using a nail file or an emery board to shape my nails, applying a cuticle remover cream or softener and then gently push back the cuticles using the cuticle stick.. and if hangnails are present, I carefully clip them because this could be painful if I do heedlessly. And lastly, I'd buffed my nails until it is shine like a star. huhu..

And I also applied hand lotion so that my hands are soft! and massage them as this will help to circulate the blood.

Okay, that's all for now!


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