Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bridezilla Attack

I'll be having 4 events from my side. Khatam Quran, Akad Nikah, Casual Reception and Formal Reception. So imagine the stress when planning everything to be perfect.. alone! I'm worried all the time. Caterers, videographers, entertainments, decorators, MCs, guest list etc etc! Sigh.. Being a perfectionist, stresses me out! Pffft. If only I can just leave and can't be bothered about everythingggg.

It's mind constantly thinking about my wedding. Like I'm so worried that my wedding is going to be a big black hole. haha. It's not like it's a hugeeee wedding or anything. My wedding is just like any other weddings too..and it's not like I haven't plan and do my work, but it's just that time is my enemy..and I've got lotsa things to settle still! Like we've booked, but have yet to follow up, meeting, etc. Those kinda things made me so worried and go haywire and couldn't stop worrying whether or not I would be able to execute them during the limited time frame that I have! O___o

Yesterday, I really learn the meaning of BRIDEZILLA. And I'm finally turning into one! Like seriously, I couldn't take it anymore. I'm really stressed out. I need helpppp. Planning a wedding is so stressful, man. Oh no..I shall correct it, it's weddings. -___-

On another note, I really really really love all of my cards. Glad that I designed it! ;)

The french lace detailing really makes the whole card looks wedding-y. I love it!


"Manusia Hawa dijadikan daripada tulang rusuk manusia Adam, bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijunjung, bukan dari kakinya untuk dijadikan alas, tetapi dari sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidupnya, dekat dengan lengannya untuk dilindungi dan dekat dengan hatinya utnuk dicintai" 

Reading all the wordings in my wedding cards made me teared. It FINALLY hit me in my head, Oh my god...I'm getting married????!!!!! There's my name and his name in there! :')

So...... Hazim's MY HUSBAND? hehehe. Seven years ago, I didn't have anyyyy idea that I'm marrying that Jimbo boy! haha. God is the Best Planner, after all. Ok lah, I've got a heck of a lot of wedding works to do. Talk soon! Bye!



  1. nampak sgt nk menunjuk. sampai ada 3 kad bagai..

  2. Congrats dear Wani...=). Soon there will a lots haters and anonymous stay cool BRIDEZILLA. I believed that you hv such responsibilities to carries many events(i means akad nikah etc etc)for your side and his side. Stay positive and may Allah SWT ease your heart and days ahead..

  3. akak suka ur wedding card.. cantiknyaaa!! the frame tu. suka sangat!

  4. lawanye card wani...chantek sgt!!

  5. Wani! I wish you all the very best in planning your dream wedding. To heck with what people wanna say. Keep sharing about yor wedding! I want tips for my own wedding :D

  6. Wani, am I invited? :P

    Cantik wedding card you!

    I'll pray that all of your wedding will run smoothly and as planned...

    Congrats and *hugs*!


  7. please haters just MYOB
    manusia mcm ni laaa..
    bile buat ala kadar..di kata kite takde duit
    bile buat besar besaran..di kata kite berlagak
    we can never please others.
    enough to please people that's worth to please.
    senang cakap, kalau takde duit buat cara takde duit and no need to kutuk sana sini.
    get a life people!!
    well anyway wani, congrats. Alhamdulillah.
    i'm married and thank God i managed to go through it. But mine double the stress - documentations especially, marrying a non malaysian. but Alhamdulillah. all went well.

  8. haters,silalah berlapang dada..don't be a sore loser..Sederhana itu lebih baik..tapi Wani berkemampuan and dia nak a memorable wedding..let her be.Daripada mencerca/mengutuk lebih baik you doakan terbaik untuk Wani dan diri you sendiri moga dimurahkan rezeki dan ketenangan hati..Janganlah banyak sangat penyakit hati..To Wani, congratulations on your big day! Semoga kekal akhir hayat dan diredhai oleh Allah..InsyaALlah! Keep on updating ya!

  9. Hei...mengata anonymous ye. tak baik tau. kalau tak cantik tu tak cantiklah. takkan nak cakap cantik. Mcm kad ni memang cantik mmg sweet. so i cakap cantiklah. at least i tak hypocrite. remember beauty is pain. good job wani :)

    btw:mizlynaibrahim...ayoo cakap melayu ajelah. grammar you berterabur. sedih i baca

  10. Hye Wani,

    Just ignore what people's your wedding. Be positive and enjoy it. May you get the best in everything.


  11. Hello,

    Just ignore all those nasty things. It's your wedding. Everyone have their own dream wedding. Be it simple, extravagant's a personal choice. Those people are jealous. People will always complaining. Aren't they? If you give them A, they will complain. Then you give B,they will still complaining.

    Just stay focus and enjoy the journey.

    Keep positive and may you get the best in everything.

    Selamat Pengantin Baru


  12. Senyum tu tak payah la terkeluar satu set gigi. Gatal sgt dah ke?

  13. Congratulations Wani on your upcoming wedding! :D

    I have to say, at least mizlynaibrahim tried to write in English. She needs to practice to improve, so let her practice. Why would you tell her otherwise? No one can move forward without learning.

  14. hye wani, off topic jap. i nak tanya, boleh tak you suggest sun block yg ok yang boleh beli kat drug store selain dr banana boat? tq wani! really appreciate it

  15. Cantiknya warna hijau kad ni.and this one is more hensem than the other one.hehehehhehe.just enjoy planning your wedding.its your day.takpa la pecah kepala sikit.nanti dah habis majlis legaaaa boleh tengok gamba smbil senyum senyum.all the best!

  16. Congrats wani...luv your cards very much!!

  17. Wah...agak2 ada sampai 13juta tak cost wedding ni? boleh kalahkan rozita che wan. hahahahahahahaha

  18. Naissssss!! so pretty!!

  19. I have a few things to say. To those reader who hate/annoyed by reading anything about this girl; Just stop reading her blog and stop creating or accumulating your own sin (dosa). it's as easy as that.

    She have a right to do anything she wants. Her parent are well enough to support for the wedding. and believe me not, everyone here, if one fine day your own children want to get married, you will also tried your best to give everything to your own child.

    And do not blame or jealous with people. I believe her parent work so hard to be who, what and where they are today.

    It's not her fault of being born in well family and it's not her fault to be happy. She should be happy.

    Have a great life, people.


  20. Suka baca..write more honey!

  21. I tak pernah bagi comment kat blog you, but now I do because I pun rase ape u rase. Being my own wedding planner, mmg stresssssss. I was a bridezilla too, almost 3 years ago and being stressed out, that was totally normal. I bukan before wedding je stressed, masa wedding pun stressed sbb i tetiber x suka pulak make up i masa sanding padehal before that okay je. I pun fickle minded mcm u kot. Hahha. But what i'm saying here, wedding/marriage ni bukannye everyday thing. Once in a lifetime, unless nk kawen byk kali la kan. So normal la kite stressed pikir mcm2 sbb nk event tu klo bleh perfect. Perfect for us, perfect for everyone. Kan kita hanya merancang, jadi x jadi tu out of our control.

    My friends yg nak kawen skg ni pun asek update status emo bridezilla dier je, which I understand perfectly. Haha. Best of luck to u wani. Dah x lama kan? Semoga jadi isteri solehah. :-)

  22. mak itam kaki temberang8/3/14 4:12 AM

    Ala..x da la mahal pun aku tengok hang punya wedding ni..kalau wedding ala2 maha firaun lagi grand dari ni..yg kaya bapak..bukan hang..huhuhu..

  23. mak itam kaki temberang8/3/14 4:13 AM

    Ala..x da la mahal pun aku tengok hang punya wedding ni..kalau wedding ala2 maha firaun lagi grand dari ni..yg kaya bapak..bukan hang..huhuhu..


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