Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I have less than 10 days to be married to the man of my dreams. I don't quite know how exactly I feel right now. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm nervous. I'm grateful. I'm... I'm....STRESSING OUTTTTTTTT!!!! haha

The four months journey to plan my own wedding day is almost come to a reality now. My parents has given me the freedom to be my own wedding planner. They let me decide and choose whatever I want for my wedding. And for that, I am truly grateful. Alhamdullilah, mashaallah. God knows how grateful I am to be blessed by such amazing parents, who tried to give the best for their last daughter... Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. Thank you mom and dad! I'm forever grateful! first, it was soooo fun, planning my own wedding! So fun that I decided to be a wedding planner some day. hahaha. It has always been my dream to plan my own wedding. BUT, towards the final month of the planning process...I couldn't keep my calm anymore, so much to do, yet so little time!!! (and that explains why you haven't been receiving any updates on my wedding journey here)

This bride-to-be just couldn't handle a lot of things anymore... Time is ticking, yet there's just so manyyyyyy things to think about! There's entertainment, the caterers, the food menus, the invitation cards, the guest lists, the music, the flowers, the dresses, the favors, the decorators, the videographers, yadda yadda yadda, the list goes on and on! So many detail stuff for a wedding!! Thus, I couldn't keep my cool and lost it few weeks ago and became that bridezilla who freaks out like a crazy person! hahaha. (But it was only that one time. Now I sorted that part already! Parents took charge! Phewww... Worry no more! ^__^ ) - I mean, I have 3 weddings and 1 event from my side alone, to think and to plan perfectly! Imagine, planning 4 different menus, 4 different dresses, 4 different cards, 4 different this and that..etc. Almost every thing must times by four! Of course doing it ALONE would make me go crazy if I couldn't get everything ready/done within the limited time frame that I have, right?! It's not like it's a huge wedding or anything. Believe me, my wedding is just like any other weddings you've seen before. So really, it's not that big of a deal, I know. It's the same old, same old process. But hey, I've never been married before! I never handled any events at all...and now, I'm handling and have four events to plan and to think about??! And it's WEDDINGS. Which is a big thing I suppose?  Of course I freaked out when I know time is my enemy, and lotsa things have not settled yet. tskkk. 

I didn't want to susahkan my parents to stress out for my wedding like they did during my sisters' time. Aku yang stress tengok diorang stress last time. lol. So dah cukup bertuah I get what I want for my wedding. My intention was not to burden my dad or my mom with the wedding stress (they have other things to handle and to stress about at the moment). So I just need to do the research on my own and show my mom the quotations, the designs, the info, etc etc. Then she'd say yes or no, and later I'll decide and book. I know I could handle that, and didn't need to add on the stress for them to think, to plan, to research some more for me. Hence I took charge and plan it on my own. Lagi pun, wedding is a fun thing to plan, so I didn't mind at all! BUT......... it turns out, handling YOUR OWN wedding could be such a challenging, stressful, maddening, upsetting task some how. You DO need a planner or secretary to help you out, otherwise you'd be a bridezilla like me! Cuz in those Cinderella/Disney/love  movies you watched, they didn't really tell you the process of getting married. They just showed you the end result on the wedding day itself. LOL. So yes, if you're planning to get married, hire someone to plan for you. Don't plan it yourself! Go focus on being a glowing beautiful bride! (I'm too late for that now! tskkkk T__T )

At first, we wanted to get a real wedding planner. But then...some things happened, and we decided not to hire any. Plus, my mom is a GREAT planner herself. I love her taste and her ideas. So, she decided to plan herself (although two of my sisters did have a wedding planner for their big day last time). But this time around, my mom said, she could handle it as she already has 2 married daughters, and she knows what's she's doing. 

So okay, I let her decide and take charge of my wedding.

But.......a few months ago, after I was being "Merisik". I got really excited that finally, I have a "proper" marriage planning. Excitedly, I did this "Road To My Wedding" book, and showed to my mom some of my ideas, likes/dislikes, etc. She was quite impressed by it as the book is kinda detailed I guess? She never knew that I kinda know a bit about wedding stuff kot? lol (Well, this girl watched a heck of a lot of love/wedding movies! So that helps! hahah :p)

I guess because of this detailed book, she kinda overlooked to plan her daughter's wedding, as she thought she had a planner already! LOL. So because it seemed like my mom gave me the green light to plan on my own few months ago, so I did all the planning by myself. I put my heart, body, mind and soul to my big day... With ups and downs, and sleepless nights of course! hehe

I did all my researches. I did my bookings. I did my negotiations. I went here and there, up and down, left and right. And I did all the planning! So now...after all the dramas and ups and downs, I'm finally going to close the book...and relax a bit, and just waiting for the day to come :')

So because I did all by myself...I really cherish every part of planning my wedding...and decided to document every moment towards my big day! 

Hence, that explains The Book! ;)

Some of the parts in the book...

This was the beginning... The Chapter One, in April 2013. 

And here comes December! My wedding month! Guys.....I'M GETTING MARRIED???!!!! O__o

(The last chapter will be in January 2014)





  1. wow, I am sure you are a perfectionist one.. I hope you have a wedding happened exactly as you want, and of course the marriage that Allah blessed.

  2. semoga majlis berjalan dengan lancar

  3. gelabah gile!!!!!!!!!

  4. pergh.. details Nye document tu.. u kerja dalam department PMO ke? anyway goodluck n selamat jadi isteri yang solehah

  5. salam wani..oh my congratulations my're getting one of your silent reader i must say that i am very happy that finally your big day is just around the corner..huhu since i pun are getting 'there' too huhu your wedding journey book has become my inspirasi and i already make one i hope that you will reveal atleast the essential part of your chapters so that i can make it as refference..hehe..once again congratulations!!!

  6. Seriusly? Kenapa buat over sgt semua preparation wed u?

    Vivy Y x mcm ni pun....betulla, ank seorang businessman mmg tau cari duit & tahu kepayahan utk hidup yg senanglenang.

    Hope berkekalan...jgn tenggelam dilambung ombak. Dah bnyk belnaja ni...We all know u all bnyk duit..

    Ur dad yg bnyk duit.. ikut suka la duit u kan.. hehehee

    such a waste

  7. Congrats Wani The-Bride-To-Be!Been reading ur blog since 3 years ago. U're such a detailed person. Inspires other girls to be like u.Good job, sis.

  8. yang komen gelabah lagi laaaa gelabah gileee!! busuk ati! puii!

  9. kesian tengok u prepare wedding SORANG SORANG. I faham betapa stressnya nak plan wedding, especially dengan berlambak2 events u ada. tapi u sendiri yang nak sampai 4 events kan, maka sila lah prepare untuk 4 events. orang lain at the most 2 event-akad nikah & resepsi. then 1 event belah lelaki. i know, lain orang lain kehendak, kemahuan dan kemampuan so kalau dah benda tu kita sendiri yang nak dan mampu, why complain and whine?
    and secondly, mana KAKAK KAKAK u yang dua orang tu? diaorang tak tolong u ke? not once did u mention about them helping u out. semuanya as if u buat SORANG. i know kakak u ada teman u pergi fitting, pergi jakarta but that's it?? kesian...

    1. whine whine whine... if tak jadi kawin baru dia tau...

  10. Cant wait to read more of your beautiful wedding journey. Be calm and enjoy every moment of it.

  11. ntah..mcm syok sendiri plan sorang2...pastu merungut2..takkan kakak2 tak tolong, kalau tolong bg la token of appreciation by mentioning them in blog.nk buat grand tp plan sendiri..amikla wedding planner

  12. Kesian duit mak ayah, tahulah excited tp kurangkan sikit pembaziran..dah over sgt ni... Vivi Y anak businessman pun xmcm ni, pandai cr duit lagi ngan mniaga baju..u kerja, kalau gaji u mothly pun 5-7 k blum tentu buat sume ni..
    Tapi buat la ikut suka duit uolls kan... But.. Such a waste.. Heeee

  13. @munamuni : hehe. So I've been told! heh. Yup.. wait until u see my room, my notebooks, my closet, my travel notebook, etc etc! Semua nya nak detail! hahaha. Can't help it laa. I'm OCD! lol. Btw, thanks for the doa! AMIN. I hope for the same things as well for you! God bless!

    @ Rosniena : AMIN! Thank you darling!

    @al kisah : haha. Yes, I am a detailed person. Everyone around me knows that! haha. btw, thanks for the doa. AMIN. Inshaallah ;)

    @hanisht : hehe. sure will darling! I will definitely share my journey with all brides to be out there! :)

    @puteri cahaya: thank you! AMINNNN

    @anonymous 1 & 6 : kejap u kata anak org businessman/senang/etc etc tak reti cari duit. then kejap u kata anak businessman yang lain tahu cari duit dan kesenangan pulak dahh? Mana satu ni kak? Macam mana akak tahu saya tak tahu cari duit kak? Sebab saya tak tayang bank account kat sini ke? LOL. Usah compare2 lah. Lain orang, lain caranya. Dan tak semua tentang kehidupan saya akak tahu. Blog ini cuma 15% je dari kehidupan saya. Rasanya saya tak perlu bagitahu akak apa saya buat kot. Yang penting rezeki halal.

    Ayah saya yang nak bagi makan dekat orang ramai. Ini event dia. Bukan saya. Saya cuma the subject of the day je. Usah pertikaikan niat dia. Niat dia baik, nak bagi semua orang makan ke majlis dia. Ok? Akak nak datang makan pun boleh nanti. PM la saya, nanti saya invite and bagi kad :)

  14. @anonymous 2 : thanks sweetie! Yes i am a detailed person. heheee.. I'm perfectly happy being a perfectionist! Although somehow, some people think that that is a wrong thing? LOL :)

    @anonymous 4, 5 & Syaz : firstly, I'm so sorry if you have to open my blog everyday and read every word of it to keep yourself updated with my journey and my life, that it upsets you. Sorry, sebab menyusahkan you untuk baca my "whining" entry? Well I'm not perfect. So I think being stressful for a wedding is perfectly a normal thing unless you're a robot with no feelings and brain? I guess that's why they invented the word "bridezilla" for all brides to be bcuz we WILL become a godzilla and we ARE allowed to be that way! haha. Go google that word if you don't understand it already. (Tapi bagus la kalau u memang tak pernah stress dalam hidup u. Good for u! Alhamdullilah, tuhan bagi u nikmat tak stress dalam hidup :) I wish I can also be like that!)

    Secondly, there's a reason why my parents decided to have a few events. It's obviously not me who planned that. It's not even my guests. It's their guests. So it's up to them. Who are you to pertikaikan why this why that? We have our own GOOD reasons why so and so...that's not for you to judge. i don't think having a doa selamat/baca quran before entering a new place/having a majlis is a wrong thing? And I don't think having a feast for everyone to come and enjoy good food is a wrong thing as well. You too, can come if you want, honey. :)

    Lastly, when I say, "alone", I didn't mean alone, alone.. LOL. I don't think you get what I mean here. So sorry, my mistake if I have made you confused a little bit here! I don't think I need to explain what I meant when I say that because there's a situation I'm facing that I need to handle myself... ;)
    But really, if I already know what I want, then why do I need a "planner" for? I just need to connect all the vendors that I want, and pay and let them do their work?? And let my mom coordinate everything as she's the expert. Cakes, ordered. Baju, tempah. Favors ordered. Cards, designed and ordered. Cameraman booked. Venues booked. Caterers, booked. Bands, booked. Decorators, booked. Etc etc! You know all the details right? Just pick and book! So what's the big deal of picking up what you want? What do you actually mean by saying no one to "help" me out, yeah? In terms of what? To "plan" my wedding? I've already planned my wedding. It's just that I need to follow up with all the details, which my mom yang akan buat later. I was stressing out on the timing, etc. Not on the vendors. So what's there to help if we already have all the vendors. I really don't think you know what exactly I mean when I say "alone" here because you don't know the situation. So really, your opinion memang tak perlu pun.

    About my sisters...Like I said, I don't think they know what to help also, since we already booked everything. They just need to make nice dresses and give opinions for some things if I really need it. So tak perlu nak kesian sangat dekat I. Kesian kan dekat yourself sebab terpaksa buka my blog hari2 like you don't have any other better things to do, just to know my updates and to leave comments lagi. Don't you think I yg patut rasa kesian dekat you? :)

    I'm perfectly happy planning my own wedding! I think it's a privilege that I get to have what I want. Best apa..involved in your own big day? I dunno about you lah, tapi I seronok je? That explains the book la! Duh! hehehee ;)

    @Qashmere : aww thanks! will write everything when I'm free ok? ;)


  16. love to read your blog...
    CONGRATS WANIE...semoge semuanya berjalan dgn lancar..


  17. Congrats waniey...hope that everything goes smoothly..

  18. Awww congrats dear. I ur silent reader. I feel u about being a bridezilla. I time nikah sempat jeling ke khemah nak tengok the caterer dah siap susun ke belum. N after nikah i susun sendiri pelamin i untuk sanding the next hour. Haha. Puas hati ok. Nway njoy ur day dear. Oh ya selagi u mampu itu bukan pembaziran;))

  19. Well said yunk! Anggap je lalat2 ni suka menyinggah dan buat bising. Anyway congrats dear and enjoy the journey okeh!

  20. Salam wanie..

    Wah so happy for you. Haha..memang stress bila kita sendiri plan kita punya wedding. Saya dulu pon macam tu.tapi bila lps majlis dan semuanya berjalan lancar mmg lega sgt2..jgn lupa update majlis tu nanti wani.tak sabar tgk kamu dlm bju pengantin..gud luck ;) mudah2 an semuanya bjalan lancar.

  21. congrats wani. sikit je lagi.. then legaaaa.. enjoy jadi wife and good luck. :)

  22. Salam wani...biarla org kondem u apa pun...u x luak ape2 pun..anyway..
    Moga semua yg di plan go well n hv fun on your wedding day..

  23. 6 days to go wani...tik tok tik tok..dup dap dup dap...hehehe..good luck tau

  24. Im so happy for u!! Im one of ur silent reader.. Semoga semua bjalan dgn lancar!

    Jgnla komen kalau setakat nk type bnda yg mnyakitkan hati.. X baik sgt korang ni. Ish!

  25. Congratzz dear.hope semua pn berjalan lancar.
    Rase mcm cute sgt awk buat buku tu

  26. Hahahah! Syabas Wanie! finally u reply mcm tu. been waiting for you to reply all the nasty comments. I rasa u baik sangat. if i were you, the comments wont even have the privillege to make way in my blog.. hahaha serius lawak. hahaha.. Ok.. Akak nak pegi wedding wanie.. invite me puhlessss... hahahah
    apa pun take care and dont stress out yourself think so much of these losers.

  27. Salam wani.

    Lately I selalu singgah blog u n read about ur W preparation.

    Forget all the ugly comment. If dorang tak suka, tekan je pangkah merah kat situ. Sibuk nak baca entry orang n nak kutuk2 pulak. Pffff. Malulah annoy yg bising2 mcm pakai duit korang. Kalau tak suka pun diam jelah. Kenapa kena sakitkan hati orang?

    Btw wani, hope everything goes smoothly babe. Aamiiin. and Big Congrats!!! :D :D :D

  28. Wah...wani sgt details! Susah nk cari org mcm awak. Kalau saya ada company, saya memang amik org mcm awk keje dgn saya! Btw, gud luck for yr wedding....

  29. i like the way u replied .

    like sarimah always said.. hah hamek kau! ^_^

  30. congratulations from Bristol, UK.. I mmg follow your blog and IG..jgn lupa post gmbr byk2 and update blog secara details ek..

  31. congratulation in advance! wish u have a blissful marriage til Jannah. Btw ur bridal shower at Orchid Room was awesome!

  32. Wani,

    I can't believe you actually spare all that time untuk address comments yang tahape-hape tu. Just focus on your wedding, hunny! but what you said is true. If they don't like it, they can leave. Well you're not here to please them, correct? It is your blog after all.

    Anyways, alhamdulillah u akan kahwin. Hope for the best and moga semuanya berjalan lancar for you and your family. Also for Hazim and his family. Inshallah, semua urusan akan dipermudahkan for you. :)

  33. waa detailnya, so sweet!
    hope the wedding going well ,Insyaallah and congratulation dear.

  34. wish u all the best wanie..semoga sume berjln lancar :) tak sabar nak tgk ur wedding pics..huhu

  35. Have a great wedding, Shazwani :). Semoga jadi isteri solehah, and one day a wonderful mother to beautiful children inshaAllah.

  36. Congrats wani...bile stress time keje I suka bace blog u...hehe..alhamdulillah dah selamat jadi wife org...t8 care :)

  37. Thanks babe for replying to those nasty comments. If not I pulak yg replykan. Sigh. Manusia. Tak dengki tak SAH! Anyway, so happy for you! Alhamdulillah dah selesai. Now I have to start preparing for your baby shower. ;) hahahhaha yusuf wants a friend! See u tomorrow for our sushi session babe! xoxoxo

  38. doa untuk wani: barakallahulakuma, wabaroka a'laikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair....

    saya selalu baca ur blog post. tapi tak pernah baca komen, baru first time baca terus rasa sedih dengan apa yang dibaca.... and mostly from muslim.

    mana akhlak manusia dalam berbicara. Niat, tujuan dan keikhlasan bukan hak manusia utk menilainya. ia hak Allah.

    pengakhiran hidup kita hanya Allah yang tahu. Doakan sesama manusia.


  39. Salam wanie .. tahniah for ur wedding ... saya ur SR ...

    Pedulikan kata2 org yang jeles dgn u tu ... dia org jeles sebab dia org takleh nak wat event byk2 cam u ...

  40. hye wani..congrats for ur wedding..after all..congrats also for replying all those one of ur silent reader..n u've such beautiful wedding..semoga kekal bahagia hingga jannah..amin..:)

  41. Interesting and amazing how your post is. Congratulations on your big day.

  42. Hi Wanie, I really love to read all the articles on ur blog. And u inspired me to be a blogger too.hehe.. Congrats on ur wedding. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin..

  43. asalamualaikum...


    sangat detail...tak dapat bayangkan kalau malaysia ade extreme couponing...mesti akak pun buat jugak....2 la bile tgk binder mcm 2 teringat extreme couponing ni...hahaha...good luck yer...semoga dikurniakan kebahagian dunia dan akhirat bersama-sama keluarga dan suami tercinta, amin....

  44. Assalamualaikum wani!!!

    Firstly,congrats on your wedding.I baca semua comments kt entry u ni.Just ignore dgn org2 yg dengki dengan u tu.

    I suka tgk preparation u.very details and organized.and one more thing,org dengki ni mmg takde keje sbb die ade masa pulak nak singgah blog u & baca semua entry u.

    So,Wani..jgn kisah sgt org2 mcm tu.Setiap org dlm dunia ni dah ade rezeki masing2.Kalau dia dilahirkan dlm keluarga yg senang,itu rezeki dia,tak perlu nak mempertikaikan.

    So,take care of yourself Wani.cepat2 dpt baby.nnt mesti anak2 u comel & fashionista mcm mummy dia! :)

    From:Your silent reader.


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