Friday, November 1, 2013

The Bridal Bedroom

Wedding is a big event. So of course, there would be a lot of tasks associated with the ceremony. From decorations to the caterer, to the shopping, to inviting and hosting, there are so many things to be handled carefully and meticulously in order to have a smooth and perfect ceremony. So it's really important to get a great team that shares the same vision to be working with you. Well I'm lucky to have a really detailed and meticulous mom who would ensure everything is perfect for me! Alhamdullilah. :)

One of the things that I leave my mom to take care of on my big day is the decoration. My mom shares the same taste with me. So this made it a lot easier between us. No petty arguing on which curtain looks better..or which flower matches with the color of the curtain or whatever. Hence no bridezilla moments for me on this part! haha. I love her taste. It's simple, yet modern and elegant. She has a little bit background of an interior design by the way, which is perfect in executing my wedding decorations! ^___^

So anyway, while I was shopping with my fiance to buy our engagement hantaran a few months ago, I got a call from my mom who's in Takashimaya, Singapore at that time.. Excitedly she said she found yet another pretty bedding for my bridal bedroom. I can't help but to laugh at her cute, excited reactions at that time because actually she already bought two bridal beddings for me about 4 months earlier! Hahaha. She called to ask me whether I prefer to have a little bit of laces and frills at the edge of the bedding, or whether I want it to be a full lace. I just said...whatever that you wish, ma. I just follow your taste, cuz you know better..hehe. That time she already bought a silk and an embroidery with pearl detailing bed sheets earlier...but because she saw yet another perfect bedding that looks cute which she thought she need it, so she bought another one! hahah. Comel betul mak saya ni. - She's such a woman! If you know what I mean. Hehehe ;)

As of now...guess how many white beddings that she bought for the wedding??

Well...about this much!  haha

Not one..not two...not three...not four.. But FIVE! 

She said they're all very different! There's white, there's off-white, there's ivory, there's in between and etc... Heheheh. So cute of her!

She bought the duvets from Hallmark, from Oasis Beddings, Da Vinci, Ausino, and Herritage Collection

She's so funny. She'd be so excited bila tengok the word "sale!". Hahah. She said, white bedding can work with a lot of colors to be the essence that would pop the whole thing. So takpe la even if she ter-beli banyak pun, she can still use the duvet, the quilt covers, the pillow sheets, the comforter etc, for other rooms in the house. Not just for the Bridal Bedroom, but for her room, for my room, for the guest room etc. haha. Okayyyy mom. Whatever you say! Heeee xD

By the way, we're not gonna have a luxurious and an extravagant bridal bedroom with a lot of flowers and other accessories though. We're only gonna have a simple modern room. Clean and white room. All white bedding, with a bit of color essence of my choice. 

Next week we're going to see the designer for the soft finishings; the bedhead, the curtains, the headboard, the skirtings, etc! 

Oh, I'm really excited!! :)


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  1. I'm sure you must be really excited with the wedding preparation. Good for you and I love the white tones of the bed sheet :)


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