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Specially For Brides-To-Be!

I just settled ordering my wedding invitations a couple of weeks ago. Man...choosing cards for your big day could be such a challenging task! We spent in the shop for about 3 to 4 hours, just to decide on the type of the cards, the colors, the wordings, the fonts, the materials..etc! haha. I mean, being a perfectionist that I am, I need to make sure everything is in accordance to the theme, the colors, and also with the budget lah, definitely. And whether or not my mom (a.k.a the Wedding Planner/Manager), would approve! (Read: she's a perfectionist. hehe). So all that takes time you know.. I can't just pick anyyyy card on the rack, and then pay! And later realize, I hated the card! I mean..invitation card is one of the FIRST STEPS towards your big day! Of course you'd want it to look decent. 

Anyways, because of the time constraint (they were busy traveling/working) my parents give me the freedom to pick, decide, design, choose, my own wedding card (my mom trusted my taste and my capability of doing wedding works, after seeing My Wedding Book, I think? haha). So I went there the other day with my fiance, to confirm on the design and the type of cards, etc.. Of course, I'm the only one who did all the work.. My fiance just sat there for the whole 3 hours playing his games on his phone, not disturbing me at all or asking me to hurry up. How niceeeeee! Pheww! ^__^ The next time when I go shopping with him, I'll make sure his phone's battery is full or I'll bring a PowerBank with me! hehe. Seronok, tak ada orang kacau/suruh cepat balik bila kita nak pilih-pilih, berjam-jam! hahaha ;p (Thank youuu for being such an understanding man! teehee)

"Ni cantik...tapi yang tu pun cantik jugakkk...alamak, yang tu pun.." - That was the situation for the whole 3 hours. LOL :p

When I asked him which one's better, semua pun "Okayyy", jawapan dia. hahaha. Men! LOL 

After spending a good 3 hours, I've found what I want! hahaha. Yes...I'm one fickle-minded person. Ye laaaa...nak pilih untuk boss kasi approve. Takut nanti kang, salah pilih ke apa kannn..heheh.

I texted my dad, "Are you okay with this?"

"Ok" - Dealing with men to approve, is so much easier, tak ada comment apa-apa! Semua okaaaay sahajaa! hahah


"I want like this.. like that..blablablablabla..", talking with the big boss here. He is a very nice man. Boleh mintak macam-macam! I like him already! hahah's a great deal from a bride to bride, that this boss offer for my bride-to-be readers: For every 1000 pieces cards (ANY TYPE OF CARDS) ordered, you'll get:
  1. FREE 1000 pieces Custom Made Boxes (1 design, 1 color printing)
  2. FREE 50 pieces VIP Door Gift Box
  3. FREE 1 piece of A4 Hard Cover Guestbook (Custom Made to your own preference designs/pictures!)
  4. FREE 1 Banner (5 x 2 feet)
  5. FREE 1 Bunting (2 x 5 feet)
  6. FREE 2 pieces of A3 Arrow Signs
  7. FREE Frame Canvas (1.5 x 2.5 feet)
  8. FREE Thank You Tags
  9. FREE 10 pieces of Button Badge
  10. FREE 1020 pieces of Color Printed Envelopes
  11. FREE Custom Made Design Card
  12. FREE Hotstamping
** Terms and Conditions apply**

By the way, I think, if you have a lesser amount than 1000 pieces, can also get some freebies too kot.... Just try and ask him la ok! He's very flexible and a nice man! hehe. Oh, and when making your order, you just need to mention the code: ShazwaniHamidKad to him, or you could also email me at to find out more on this promotion ok! I will tell you more about it if you're interested! ;) here's some of the cards that I like...

The laser cut cards...

I kinda like this...but my mom disapproved it! She said, the design's too busy/messy. haha

This is my favourite among all the laser cut cards they have!

The cards with some ribbons.. So cute!

The VIP cards.. (with a box some more)

They have lotsa type of cards in here!

The Buku Sekolah type...

The Boarding Pass/Passport types..

...and lots more! 
They would design your card for free, with whatever design that you like!

Here are the pictures of what you'll get in the package:

The VIP Door Gift Box..

Some other design..

The A3 Arrow Signs

The custom made box


I don't know what to call this. But you'll get something much bigger than this... a Bunting!

Some personalized Guest Books

Button Badges

Frame Canvas

Paper boxes

...and some other things as listed above! Banyaaaakkkkk kan??! That's why I decided to make my card here and not in Jakarta! hehe. Price lebih kurang je, after you include all the shipping price, etc.. 

So it's better that you do it here! You get lotsa freebies!

Happy man, after 4 hours in here, we can go makan! haha. I asked him to smile..and this is the face he made for me. Pffft. 

"Ok...dah..jom balik. Choosing cards stress me out.". 

Banyak lagi items in his store! My personal favourites are the portrait simulation and the Fingerprint Wedding Tree. Can't wait for my card to be ready! And get all of the free items he would give me!! Seriously banyaaaaak! hehe. I'm one happy customer! ;)

Oh, did I mention...their card would be ready in 3 weeks upon confirmation! And their price is very reasonable too! Starts from as low as RM 0.30 up to RM 7-9, depending on your card/design/material! Happy choosing your cards, to all bride to be out there!

That's him! He got featured in one of the bridal magazine for the month of November. Can't remember which magazine. So that's his contact number. Go find him k! hehe

So sorry I forgot to mention the name of the company last night when I blogged about it. I thought I did. Mengantuk sangat lah tu.. haha.. It's from KadKahwinMu. The boss' name is Fuson Chin. Go find and hunt him down, alright? hehehe. And do mention my blog/name for the promo stuff, especially if you wanna get the discount! hehe. Their shop is in Pandan Indah area, by the way ;)

Here's the address:

M3-A-3, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A,
Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4287 1572 / 03-4280 3433 
Mobile: 019-240 4448 / 019-377 9325



  1. Wani, good post la! i'm looking for a place to do my wedding card. please let me know what shop is this and the address. thanks!!

  2. choosing the wedding card must be a lot of fun! ^^ i wish i could choose my wedding card, tp time tu tgh kursus jauh, i was not around shah alam. then my mom yg pilihkan semua hahaha (nasib baik lawa! :P) enjoy doing the wedding preparation ya!

  3. kat mana nie wanie. boleh bagi info

  4. Shazzy,

    Apa nama kedai ni and where is it?

    Nak jugak..hehehhe

  5. website nye mane?
    nama kedai nye mane?

  6. What's the name of the shop, Wani?

  7. hi Wani,

    wow sounds like a good deal! may i know where is this shop?

  8. i pun buat wedding card kat cni..dkeat pandan indah..cari je Maybank pandan Indah..kedai dia area situ..

  9. wow...seriously peeps?
    Nama kedai, nama owner, phone no, address semua wani dah letak dlm pic atas tu.. kalau baca ttu nmpk kan? ^_~

    p/s : jangan marah...*peace*

  10. Aww! Yeaa...i still remember this guy. Fuson. I buat wedding card dulu pon dengan dia.... sbb shop dia belakang my office je dulu.Dia mmg rajin melayan customer dia yg macam2 ragam macam i ni. hehehe -Farah

  11. Fyi anonymous,

    Some of us accessed wani's blog from the office, so for some reason not all pictures are loaded even when we refresh the browser. We don't have high speed internet here lol

    Wani, so sorry for asking even when you clearly stated the address and website. Just though it was a very good deal and got too excited hehe


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